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Toriel Dreemurr
Toriel infobox .png
Soul/Trait Boss Monster Soul
Species Goat Monster
Gender Female
Status Alive
Theme A Familiar Theme
Dreemurrs United
Voice Actor Oolay Tiger

Toriel Dreemurr was the former queen of the monsters. After the death of her two children, she abandoned the kingdom and went to live in the Ruins until the Barrier was finally destroyed in Continue. After returning to surface, she became the principal of a school for children, which trains them in the arts of magic and soul traits.


Toriel is a Boss monster with a goat-like appearance. She has rather tiny horns, a snout, floppy ears, white fur, and brown eyes. She wears a long purple robe with grey sleeves that has the Delta Rune located on her chest. This is expected since the Delta Rune is the official sign of the Underground royal family.

Appearance Toriel.png

The outfit she wears at her school has undergone some changes throughout the series. At the beginning of My Sunshine, her uniform was a long blue robe with long lavender sleeves. She was also seen wearing reading glasses. Later in the episode and in the rest of the series though, she doesn't have her reading glasses and her uniform is instead a long, light blue robe.

Appearance Toriel .png


Toriel is known to be overprotective, as seen with the kids and Frisk in Season 2. She's really caring and affectionate with them, although she still holds a grudge against her former husband, Asgore. She's also very sensitive, being really impacted when Asgore reminds her of her mistakes.

She can't let go of her past: not forgiving herself for her mistakes, while not forgiving others and tends to run from consequences constantly. As the season progresses, she improves her behavior towards Asgore; however, the dreading feeling and anger she held deep inside herself due to his actions back in the underground never dissipated from her mind.

Powers and Abilities

  • Pyrokinesis: Like her former husband and her son, Toriel has the ability to create and manipulate fire.
  • Healing: Toriel is capable of healing her allies, in case they get injured. Examples of this is My Promise and Hate, when she heals Asgore.


Season 1


Toriel has a minimal role in this episode. She is seen watching as the gigantic black ball of HATE is destroyed, with Asriel and Frisk coming out alive. She and Asgore are seen crying tears of joy upon seeing Asriel again.

Toriel was also seen watching the Surface's sunset, along with Frisk, Sans, Asriel, Asgore, Undyne, Alphys, Gaster, and Papyrus.

Season 2

My Sunshine

During the episode's first few scenes, Toriel appears with some of her students when Frisk mentions he is proud of Toriel becoming a teacher.

Later, Frisk takes Bete and Jessica Grey to Toriel's school. Here, Frisk hopes to show Jessica how Toriel's students can use their magic so Jessica will sign a peace treaty between monsters and humans. Upon finding Toriel, Frisk greets her with a hug. He then asks her to provide a demonstration of how her students can use their magic. Cam volunteers to help provide the demonstration. During the demonstration, she sees that Cam's soul has gotten stronger. She remarks on this and then says, "I'm so proud of you, my little sunshine." Jessica suddenly remembers how she addressed her daughter with the same endearment, "my little sunshine," and she suffers a flashback of her disappearance. Due to this flashback, Jessica runs away in tears.
MySunshine Toriel.png

Toriel apologizes, assuming she said something to upset Jessica, but Frisk dismisses it. She then introduces herself to Bete, meeting Akumu accidentally when it lunges out, almost harming Toriel as it thinks Bete is in danger. Toriel then tells Frisk to check on Mrs. Grey and that she will talk more with Frisk and Bete later on.

Later, her former husband is put on trial, but Toriel doesn't seem to be present.

Do or Die

After Robin saves both Cam and Abigail from one of the pink creatures, Toriel thanks Robin for being so brave and tells her and the other children to find a safe place as she creates a fireball and prepares to protect the remaining children.


Part 1

In this episode, Toriel is seen fighting some pink creatures, defending Robin and Lily this time. She confronts a creature that is too huge for her magical capabilities and she becomes frightened. Soon, however, Asgore saves her by firing one fire shot at the creature. Despite Asgore's help, she begins to get angry at Asgore for bringing Asriel to school, saying Asriel could be hurt or killed. Frisk soon appeared, and Asriel offers to help him, causing Toriel to get angry at Asriel as well.

Part 2

She first appears to check on a crying Asriel, who was insulted by Frisk, is attempting to cope with the deaths of those around him, and the traumatic events that are happening to him in general. She soon brings a sandwich to Frisk, with the various food in the sandwich arranged in a smiley face, but he coldly tells her to knock on the door next time.

The next morning, as Frisk insists on leaving to kill Betty once and for all, Toriel tries to prevent him from leaving the house. Frisk then summons his sword, as a warning to Toriel. She then tells him that if he doesn't put that sword away, he will be grounded for the entire month. In response, Frisk uses his sword to cut Toriel's left hand open. He heartlessly tells her he isn't her child and that she "sure as hell" isn't his mother. This causes her to cry, especially because Toriel knows Frisk isn't her biological child.
LovePt2 Toriel.png

During Frisk's battle with Bete, she makes Frisk see an illusion of his terrible actions during the genocide route. The first part of the illusion shows how he mercilessly slashed a knife across her torso.

After the battle, Toriel appears along with her husband, witnessing Sans' revival, and uses her healing magic to attempt to heal Sans. She informs her allies that Sans is alive and well, but in a coma and may not wake up.

My Promise

After the events of previous episode, Toriel, Asgore, Gaster, Papyrus, Sans, and Frisk come back to the house. When they arrive, they meet Undyne (reactionless due to the whole situation) and an injured Jessica. Without a hesitation, Asgore attacks the blob who harming Jessica and Toriel immediately starts healing her.

Sometime later, the scene switches to a worried Toriel, concerned that Jessica might not be healed fully and that things aren't looking good, while Asgore picks up a call on Jessica's phone. Ronan answers, looking for Jessica. When informed that she's injured, he and Asgore flesh out a containment and safety measure, which Toriel disapproves of due to the big risk of attacks happening in those places with a high amount of souls. Asgore doesn't listen and asks Ronan to go with the plan, making Toriel discontent with that; she even tries to argue but is soon turned down as Asgore tells her that she's in no position to argue. She then continues to heal Jessica with tears in her eyes.
MyPromise Toriel1.png

The scene after has the Dreemurrs, Undyne, and Frisk, discussing what has happened in these times. Gaster arrives not too long after and they start to plan something to deal with the whole issue. The Dreemurrs and Frisk are assigned to take care of the arena, while Undyne takes care of the school. An explosion interrupts the conversation, making them act and go after Bete.

Encountering Bete in the city, she signals a HATE-possessed Asriel to leap down and confront his parents. Toriel attempts to use happy memories of Asriel's childhood to free him, but due to being blinded by the HATE, he is able to negate her efforts with his hatred, insulting her for her hypocrisy and for leaving Asgore when monsterkind needed her the most, and striking her with lightning. After Asgore is stabbed in the shoulder by Asriel's blade, Frisk realizes that the three of them need to retreat. However, Toriel protests, not wanting to leave Asriel possessed. Frisk angrily replies, stating the danger in remaining in combat, and his group urgently evacuates as Bete lets them go.
MyPromise Toriel2.png

Game Over

Part 1

Toriel enters Chara's room as soon as he wakes up. Toriel looks surprised, then hugs him saying how much she missed him, even though they supposedly weren't apart for long. When Asgore shows up, Toriel asks Chara what he and Gaster were doing and also how Chara will save Asriel. When Asgore offers to help Chara, Toriel agrees.

Toriel later calls Jessica, and asking if they feel better, saying her clothes fit her perfectly, with a laughing smile. While Jessica hopes not to be seen again, Gaster and Papyrus come in.

Toriel witnesses Gaster and Papyrus briefly fight. After all the commotion, Toriel asks Papyrus if he'll be okay.

Part 2

Toriel is seen healing Grillby's wounds after Mettaton fights Betty. She is also seen in the final scene preparing a fire attack.


Toriel appears along with Asgore and Chara in the stadium, battling against Bete. Chara tells Toriel to switch her attack towards Asriel to block him inside the firewall in order to prevent him from being injured from the attack. Chara attacks Bete and then throws Asriel away from the battlefield in order to switch opponents with his parents. Bete then gets impaled by Asgore's trident, and surrounded by Toriel's fire magic.

Later in the episode, Toriel can be seen healing a wound on Asgore's back. Bete tries to mess with the two by hurting them with words. This angers Asgore a lot, and so he sends a wave of tridents towards Bete, but she avoids them. Toriel and Asgore then shoot fire magic towards Bete, but she blocks the attack and reflects with more strength towards them. Bete then finds finds a good way to hurt Asgore; she manipulates Toriel with an illusion, which recreates the scenes when Asgore kills the six children that fell into the Underground. This leads to Toriel getting very angry and throwing a powerful fire blast towards Asgore, which nearly kills him.
Hate Toriel fireball.gif

Toriel then snaps out of the illusion, and realizes the damage she has done to Asgore. Even Bete is surprised, mentioning that she didn't expect a strong hit like this from Toriel and asking if she really hated him that much.


As Flowey talks to Chara about Asriel, he holds a photo containing Toriel, Asgore, Chara, and Asriel. Soon after, she's seen again in a flashback Chara was having when describing what Asriel had done for Chara and how he helped him learn what hope can do.

Toriel is later seen in the arena as she frantically runs down the arena's halls, blinded by the illusion. As she turns a corner, she sees Asgore staring at her, much like a ghost, asking her why she did what she did. This causes Toriel to scream at the top of her lungs, and run further. She soon falls to her hands and knees, and stares at the floor in absolute fear and horror, with her eyes shaking. She then snaps out of the illusion, only to realize that Bete has snuck up right behind her with her arm scythe right to her throat.
Animosity Toriel.png

Just as Bete attempts to behead Toriel, her arm gets ripped off by Gaster's blue chroma and Bete gets blasted by his orange chroma. Then, Gaster comes and attempts to blast Bete with six red chroma hands, but only one lands and Bete blocks it while escaping through one of the holes that one of his attacks created.

After this happens, Gaster looks over at Asgore worriedly and Toriel asks Gaster where he's going. This, of course, prompts Gaster to merely respond that she can do more for him and asks Toriel, for the sake of Asgore, to pretend that she cares about monsters this one time, which shames Toriel.


As Toriel attempts to heal Asgore from his acquired wounds, she begins to break down, explaining how she had been unable to recognize the broken nature of her own mind. She had resolved, following her abandonment of the kingdom, to remain by Chara's corpse, regardless of the consequences, including allowing the six human children past the Ruins. Toriel continues by stating that while her hatred seemed to be directed towards him, it was actually towards herself. Asgore then fully awakens. Toriel notices and expresses that she understands Asgore's potential hatred of her, stating that her actions had resulted exclusively from hopelessness and internal desperation. She adds that she had only recently recognized that he had acted exclusively upon the betterment of his kingdom.

However, to Toriel's surprise, Asgore merely responds that nothing could've broken the bond that they had formed over their lives together, and apologizes for his own past actions. He states that losing everything he had loved most had provoked an immensely dark mentality. As Toriel attempts to dissuade Asgore's apologies, the male Dreemurr interrupts her, stating that he had never stopped loving her. He elaborates, explaining that he is aware the scars of their pasts will require a great duration to heal, but states that he desires to act as a friend to Toriel, helping her through her own struggles.

Toriel responds, surprised that Asgore doesn't hate her, to which he responds that he never did, concluding by stating that he's glad the two finally made up. The two are then called by an arriving Kindness wizard, who offers medical assistance. Not long after, however, HATE awakens, causing the sky to glow pink and a shockwave to resonate throughout the area. Regardless, the two Dreemurrs look towards the city, unafraid. While Asgore states that he's glad that they can face their fates together, Toriel dissuades his concerns, stating that she believes in Chara and Asriel to save them.

During the aftermath, Asgore is seen at Toriel's home, thanking her for being invited, to which she responds that he is always welcome. The two then notice Chara concluding a call with Ronan, of which Toriel questions. Chara responds that Ronan had been requesting his service within the district's new Wizard Council, to which Toriel reacts understandingly, stating that the Determination child had grown greatly, and subsequently asks if Chara will consider the offer. Chara momentarily expresses an uneasy glance, before being reassured by Asriel that the two will make the world a better place.


  • There was an acting clip made in between Dust and Do or Die that demonstrated what the cast wanted to say "given current events" revealed a snippet from her. In the snippet, she said: "Sans, no, no, you can't be d-...I..." before crying and yelling Sans' name. The voice-acting video has been deleted, however.