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Game Over is the 6th episode in Season 2 of Glitchtale, split into two parts. The first part was released on August 15, 2018, and the second part was released on January 25, 2019.


After Frisk's erasure, Bete Noire plans to attack the city once again. Chara takes Asriel's heart locket to try to save him, as the other Humans and Monsters play their role in stopping Bete.


The Failed Timeline: Chara vs. Asriel

This portion of the episode glances at the final events of Timeline 1.

After Chara and the Dreemurrs retrieve Asriel's locket from their home, they leave for the city. The scene then cuts to the showdown between the two brothers. Chara attempts to help Asriel, but he refuses to listen and attacks him, forcing him to retreat. Confronting Asriel again, Chara shows him the heart locket in hopes of using positive memories to break him free from the HATE. However, HATE causes Asriel to remember Chara destroying the other locket in the underground. Blinded by hatred once again and unable to be saved, Asriel charges forth and rips his blade into Chara's chest. Chara's Determination fades, as the realization that his brother would never be saved dawns on him. He bleeds to death on the ground.

Chara then watches as the timeline begins to erase itself due to the "player" figure being killed. However, still clutching the heart locket, Chara has an idea and regains his Determination, as he uses one of the memory frames to phase back in time. Arriving in Love Part 2, Chara enters the room where Asriel is sleeping and places the heart locket on his desk. Chara soon disappears from existence. Asriel then wakes up, grabs his heart locket, and heads out to find Frisk.

Noticing a different outcome in the timeline’s events, the game creates a second timeline, where two heart lockets exist at once, leaving a chance that Asriel can be saved.

GameOver Locket.png

Part 1

Chara wakes up in bed, late into the day. When Toriel sees him, she rushes to hug him, feeling as if she hadn't seen Chara in a very long time. This is due to Frisk's erasure. When Asgore arrives, Toriel questions Chara about what he was doing with Gaster, saying that they had heard an explosion and found the two unconscious after investigating. Chara, noticeably confused, explains that he doesn't remember any of the events in the lab, which Gaster agrees with. However, when Gaster notices a vial containing Frisk's blood, he leaves the meeting and heads to his lab. Chara then explains to Asgore and Toriel that he has an idea to save Asriel, saying that they will need to obtain Asriel's locket from their home. After forming the plan, they rest until the next day.

Gaster is later seen in his lab, experimenting with the extracted Determination from the blood, attempting to mix it with Monster soul essence. However, all attempted concoctions fail to succeed. While questioning the morals of his actions, Gaster suddenly has an idea of creating a perfect mix. Recalling Undyne's abnormal Determination manifestation, he goes to the crater, formerly The Nullifier Room, and finds a small quantity of Undyne's blood on the ground. Using it as well, he is successfully able to create a stable mixture.
GameOver Experiment.png

Believing that he succeeded, Gaster injects the mixture into Sans with hopes of saving him. However, this injection fails to save Sans from his declining magic supply, and Gaster reflects on how he had only made the situation worse. Due to the Determination, Sans would be forced to melt and die while completely conscious, feeling everything in the process. Gaster scolds himself for his actions, and his mental state worsens further.

In the next scene, Undyne evacuates citizens from a part of the city, as pink blobs attempt to attack. While doing so, she meets Ronan Cass. After introducing themselves to each other, Ronan is called to speak with Rave Rutrow, who wants permission to use his magical technology. Undyne follows him, but when they arrive, Rave only begins to act snarky, calling Ronan a dog and asking to speak with Jessica directly.

Jessica, resting from the pink blob's attack in My Promise, is called by Ronan, who alerts her of the situation, forcing her to meet with Rave directly. As a vehicle is called to arrive at the lab, Jessica is noticed by Toriel. Toriel gives her a teleportation device she found. Papyrus and Gaster then notice Jessica leaving too, and she explains that she needs to leave the city. Papyrus volunteers to protect her, but Gaster disagrees, wanting to keep his son as safe as possible. Papyrus protests, noticeably annoyed.

In an attempt to restrain Papyrus, Gaster tries to tie him up with Patience strings. Papyrus retaliates however, summoning blue bones from the ground to restrain Gaster. Papyrus comments that he’s worried about Gaster too, and says that they need to talk, but Gaster ignores it. He then hallucinates about his battle with Bete, causing him to snap and scream. Ripping one of his arms from the bones, he proceeds to tie Papyrus up and throw him into a wall, before coming to his senses. Papyrus softly scolds Gaster and everyone else for underestimating him, saying that he is fully aware of the situation and wants to get involved in helping more people.

GameOver Gaster Papyrus.png

GameOver Papyrus serious.png

He then pleads for Gaster to let him help, but Gaster believes he doesn't deserve Papyrus' help because of all the mistakes he already made. Papyrus then hugs him, telling Gaster that the only mistake he can make is to not ask for help. Gaster then asks Papyrus to stay at the house with Sans, while he goes with Jessica instead. Papyrus accepts and promises that he will stay safe.

As everyone leaves for their destinations, Bete Noire and Asriel prepare to attack the city again. Blobs are deployed around many areas in the city, including the house Papyrus is guarding. Still bent on forcing the enemy to retreat, she prepares for their onslaught.

Part 2

Mettaton receives a call from Alphys' phone. Believing it is her, his expression quickly turns to delight. However, his expression drops as he hears of Alphys' death from Asgore, which causes him to drop the phone on the ground. Mettaton ends the call, which slightly annoys Asgore. Asgore then looks to see Chara taking the heart locket from Asriel's drawer. Chara expresses his worry over Asriel not listening to him, but Asgore reassures his son by reminding him of their brotherly bond. The two then head to the arena with Toriel.

Jessica and Gaster awkwardly try to start a conversation as they sit silently in the vehicle, bringing them to Rave, and ending in Gaster taking a short rest. When the vehicle arrives at its destination, Jessica goes to talk with Rave. Ronan is then questioned by Undyne on the two's connection. He explains that Noah Rutrow used to be the city leader. However, when he died, his brother, Rave, was still too young to take his position. So. the position was granted to his wife, Jessica. Ronan continues by discussing Rave's grudge toward Jessica for not allowing his family to take in her daughter, Alina.

Inside, Jessica and Rave argue until Rave eventually agrees to wait until he is given permission to use his magical technology, but states that he will take over the city after the current situation is over. Jessica agrees and goes with Gaster to scout the city for pink blobs, as Ronan and Undyne do the same.

Mettaton is seen sitting against his desk, mourning the death of Alphys, when his friend, Isabelle, comes in. He tells her to leave him alone, but she walks over and sits beside him anyway. While he grieves, Isabelle apologizes for not comforting him much and he shows clear annoyance at her presence.

The two soon notice a magical barrier being established around the area. Mettaton, realizing that Bete must have arrived, quickly tells Isabelle to bring him his briefcase. Bete begins her onslaught, slaughtering everyone in sight around the arena’s safe perimeter. However, as she is about to kill Seth, Mettaton interjects to save him. He is then quickly attacked and thrown down into the arena by Bete. As he prepares to fight her, Isabelle arrives with the briefcase, and Mettaton uses it to transform into his NEO form. With his newly unlocked powers, he engages Bete in combat.
Game Over Part 2 MTT.png
While Papyrus watches Sans, he hears a noise from the surface-level floor of the house. Investigating, he is attacked by dozens of pink blobs. Wanting to prove himself worthy to the others, Papyrus fights back with all his effort and demonstrates his power. When he notices blobs attempting to locate Sans, he eventually activates his special attack. He summons massive bones throughout the house. Believing that the house is now safe, Papyrus is caught off guard when more attack. He is quickly restrained and stabbed, and in a last-ditch effort to save himself, he uses multiple blasters to blow up the house.
GameOver Papyrus and Blobs.png

At the arena, Mettaton continues his battle with Bete Noire. However, she utilizes his inexperience to her advantage, distracting him long enough to land a massive hit. However, as she is about to deal the finishing blow, Muffet and Grillby intervene to save Mettaton. Quickly getting annoyed, Bete decides to stop messing around. She launches herself and quickly attacks the two newcomers, leaving them vulnerable. However, just as she is about to kill them, Mettaton powers a massive spotlight and fires it at her. However, due to powering the light with his own body and being wounded, Mettaton cannot power the beam enough to deal significant damage. Bete effortlessly strides through the beam and launches an explosive projectile at the spotlight, blowing Mettaton up and leaving him nearly dead.

Mettaton refuses to die without protecting those he cares for, however. He grabs Bete's leg and tells her that she has to kill him first. When she questions why he continues to fight, he reveals that he was only stalling for time. At that moment, Bete notices Chara charging towards her and is harshly slashed back. Mettaton, Muffet, and Grillby evacuate, as Chara, Toriel, and Asgore prepare to battle Bete and Asriel. However, as their fight is about to begin, Bete confidently warns Chara of another threat.

While Ronan and Undyne scout the area for pink blobs, he notices that she seems to be emotionally suffering and comforts her, explaining how they should use the pain from their grief as energy to help others and make sure they don't ever have to suffer the same as them. Undyne thanks him and soon after, they encounter Ronan's son, Hugo, who had brought a child named Zachery and his mother with him. Zachery explains to Undyne that there's a massive creature forming under the city. He soon notices it moving under the streets Gaster and Jessica are on. As Ronan orders Hugo to take the other two back to the school, he rushes with Undyne to help their friends.

Jessica and Gaster feel uneasy about the situation, before soon noticing The Kumuzilla emerging from the ground. A massive blob filled with hundreds of human souls, and composed of almost as many of blobs. It quickly begins to wreak havoc on the city, causing mass destruction and killing all in its way. It quickly notices the school’s safe perimeter, and being attracted by the magical energy radiating from all the human souls there, it begins to move towards it. Noticing this, Ronan commands all the reinforcements to stop The Kumuzilla as fast as possible. However, their efforts fail as they are quickly slaughtered.
GameOver Kumuzilla.png

While Undyne battles the blobs, she notices one sneaking up on Ronan, but cannot save him due to her PTSD of killing Alphys acting up again. Hugo arrives just in time, however, and saves his father with a magical slingshot. However, a large blob quickly charges behind Hugo, and Ronan jumps in the way to save him from a slash. Watching in horror, Hugo cries out as his father begins to bleed to death on the ground. Meanwhile, Jessica and Gaster are attacking The Kumuzilla when she calls Rave and permits him to use his magical technology. The Kumuzilla then sends the top half of a building raining down on Gaster and Jessica. He attempts to use a Kindness shield to hold the rubble up, but it quickly crushes the barrier. The rubble rains down on Gaster and Jessica, and the two fall unconscious.

Jessica wakes up buried underneath the rubble and finds Gaster motionless. After he wakes up, he attempts to free himself from a part of the building that had crushed his lower body, but to no avail. The two realize the rubble is going to collapse on them soon. Jessica then remembers that she still has the teleporter Toriel had given her and that they could use it to escape. However, Gaster realizes that the teleporter can only be used by one person, and tells Jessica to use it. However, Jessica refuses to let Gaster die and attempts to free him by using her AMR, but it only causes her soul to crack again.
GameOver Rock falls.png

In an attempt to get her to leave, Gaster tells Jessica that he forgives her. However, seeing through his ploy, she activates the teleporter and puts it in Gaster's hands. As he teleports away, Jessica regains her Integrity, and the building begins to collapse. Taking one last glance at a picture of her daughter, she is crushed to death. Jessica wakes up in the afterlife and reunites with her daughter and husband. Sobbing in happiness, she promises them that they'll never be apart again.

Back at the arena, Bete explains her goals to Chara. She believes that by eradicating Monster-kind, she's preventing an inevitable war between it and Humanity. She goes on, saying that once she's finished, she'll take over the entire world. Questioning why they continue to fight her, she prepares to battle Chara and the Dreemurrs in the arena, believing that everyone's efforts to stop her are in vain, and that her domination is inevitable.


  • It wasn’t until the release of this episode that the reason for several things in Love Part 2, released over 10 months prior, was revealed. In Love: when Asriel is falling asleep, the negative frame indicates the exact moment Chara entered the timeline. In the same episode: the locket in the mirror (that wasn’t there before) and the blanket on Asriel, after he wakes up, are also Chara’s doing.
  • When Gaster was experimenting with the extracted Determination from the blood, it says multiple times on screen: "he'll die", in Wingdings.