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Animosity is the 8th episode in Season 2 of Glitchtale, and was released on July 20, 2020.


As Undyne destroys the Kumuzilla, and Chara saves his brother from the HATE, the skeleton trio reunites for a final battle against Bete Noire. In the end, she is eventually consumed by HATE entirely, with Chara and Asriel left to finish it.


The episode begins with two of Rave's employees driving to the park, where the Avalon is being set to trap the Kumuzilla while running over a few smaller ones along the way, treating the activity as a game. Rave strictly tells them to stop as people's lives are at stake.

Rave proceeds to drop Undyne and Ronan off slightly farther back and tells Ronan to be more careful this time, to which Ronan casually agrees. As Rave closes the door and drives away, he begins to recall a flashback of the death of his brother, Noah.

While in a vehicle with him, Rave complains of how their mother, Grace Rutrow, doesn't talk to him anymore, despite only seeing him occasionally, leading Noah to recount everything Rave had done to anger her purposely. However, despite all those things, Noah believes the larger reason Grace is mad at Rave is because of how much he could do if he put in more effort, but he wasn't interested in it. Noah continues by saying that recently, Rave had insisted on coming to his meetings despite finding it hard to be around people. Noah then ends the conversation by telling Rave that he'll talk with their mom next time, reassuring them that she'll be proud of him as well, and also offers to watch a movie with him.

However, a truck suddenly crashes into their vehicle, sending it over the edge of a cliff they were driving along. When Rave awakes from the wreckage, he watches in horror as his brother dies in front of him. Later, when Rave's mother arrives, she lashes out at Rave, angered that Noah died instead of him.

Rave then snaps out of his flashback as a Kindness wizard alerts him of them reaching the Avalon's location. As the Kumuzilla nears the area, Ronan clears out a path for Undyne to attack it. As she prepares an attack from a rooftop, the Avalon is activated, trapping the creature within it. Undyne then summons a Spear of Justice, throwing it into an opening in the shield's projection. The blast inside clouds her vision, so she is unable to prepare for the Kumuzilla retaliating by slicing her with a tentacle, propelling her off the roof and into the side of a nearby building.

Ronan, concerned, is ordered by Rave to help Undyne. However, when he attempts to jump up the building, he notices more blobs approaching him and is forced to fight back. Undyne, bloody and beaten, lying within the side of the building, attempts to get back up, knowing that everything is counting on her to succeed. With one last thought of Alphys, she musters up all her Determination, screaming as she transforms into her True Hero form. She quickly notices Ronan failing to defend against the blobs and launches a large yellow spear bouncing through the street, killing all the blobs in his path, while he stares at her in surprise and disbelief.
Animosity UTTH.png

Meanwhile, the Avalon containing the Kumuzilla begins to weaken as the Kindness wizards become more drained. The Kumuzilla is able to break a hole in the shield, letting several smaller blobs out. The Kindness wizards watch fearfully, but Rave protects them, firing at the blobs with his magical gun. He tells the Kindness wizards to keep any other outside blobs away from him as he powers the Avalon alone.

As Ronan alerts Rave that Undyne is up again, she leaps to the top of another building. Ronan watches as she summons a massive Spear of Justice, sending it straight into the Avalon and effectively vaporizing the Kumuzilla. However, the massive blast causes Avalon to quickly drain all of Rave's magic, knocking him unconscious. As Ronan catches Undyne as she plummets towards the ground, the Kindness wizards desperately attempt to save Rave.

Rave awakes in the afterlife, and his brother notices him, surprised to see him. Rave desperately tries to reach Noah, but a barrier separates them. Rave demands Noah to let him pass the barrier that separates the two, but Noah replies that he won't be able to come back to life if he comes there. Although Rave states that he misses his brother, Noah assures him that the city needs him more. As Rave begins to cry, he leaves the afterlife and is brought back to life. As the Kindness wizard saving him scolds him slightly for his recklessness, he states that it is his responsibility as the leader to protect others.

Chara battles against Asriel again across the rooftops and eventually confronts him with the heart locket. Asriel, expressing slight confusion over the existence of the second locket, is quickly overtaken by the HATE as positive memories begin to flow through his mind. Possessed once again, he charges at Chara with his blade. However, Asriel, fighting against the HATE's control, is able to prevent Chara from being killed. He is unable to resist for long, however, and Chara is forced to battle his brother. Soon, Asriel begins using large attacks on his brother, angered at everything Chara had done to him that led to him becoming Flowey.
Animosity Chara.png

However, when Chara apologizes for his actions, it reaches Asriel again, and he again fights against the control of HATE. However, Asriel tells his brother that he has to kill him to finish the HATE inside of him. HATE then lashes out at Chara and pierces his soul, linking the brothers' consciousnesses.

In a physical representation of Asriel's mind, Chara meets Flowey. Flowey attempts to convince Chara that he needs to kill them to stop the HATE from consuming them entirely, but Chara refuses and explains how Asriel had shown him before what hope could do. Chara then proceeds to let HATE into his soul as Flowey watches, terrified. Overwhelming HATE with his will, Chara is able to tame the substance as it enters into him. As it leaves Asriel and into Chara, the two brothers rejoice, crying as they embrace each other.

Toriel, fleeing from Asgore's body and being chased by illusions from Bete, is very nearly killed before Gaster intervenes, causing Bete to flee the arena quickly. Gaster then looks at a badly injured Asgore, stating to Toriel that she can do more for him than he can as he confronts Bete Noire. As Bete attempts to flee through the streets, she is attacked by Sans and Papyrus. Gaster quickly reaches her and notices his two sons. As they happily reunite, Bete attempts to attack Papyrus but fails to damage any of the skeletons as she is hit back even harder. Quickly realizing the severity of the situation, she attempts to retreat by distracting the skeletons by blowing up a building, but Papyrus chases her down and is able to stop her for long enough for Sans and Gaster to catch up. As Bete attempts to defend herself from the blows, HATE momentarily almost takes over, and she is forced to use its power to save herself from the blasters of the two skeletons.

As the reflected blasts cloud the vision of the blasting skeletons, Bete is able to grab Papyrus, using him as a hostage. She begins to crush him with her shapeshifting hand but is quickly blasted away by Sans. As Gaster begins to heal Papyrus, Sans angrily uses his special attack, Gaster Blastermination, with the full intent to finish Bete. However, Bete, retaining enough magic, can successfully perform Rhabdophobia, stealing Sans' attacks and firing them at him. Luckily, Gaster successfully encases Sans in a Kindness shield with his two Duality hands, shielding him from the blasts.
Animosity Rhabdophobia Blasters.png

However, soon after the blasting stops, the hands break and Gaster falls unconscious. As Papyrus rushes towards him, Bete aims Sans' attack at the two. Just as Papyrus is about to defend, Sans teleports in front of him, summoning a second Blastermination. The two forces clash as Sans begins to melt from the Determination, and as he successfully fires Bete and her attack into a building, he dusts in front of his family, and his soul shatters.

Papyrus collapses to his knees and begins to cry as Gaster begins to remember all of his efforts to save Sans and how it was all pointless in the end. Gaster then snaps entirely just as Bete launches an explosive projectile at Papyrus, shielding him with a Kindness Chroma hand. Gaster proceeds to unconsciously reverse the link between himself and his son, sending the magic formerly flowing into Papyrus back into Gaster, along with his own. Gaster then taunts Bete, causing her to run forward to attack him, and he slowly begins to wear her down as her attacks are demolished.

Gaster, seemingly expecting more from Bete, observes her weakened state and prepares to activate his ultimate attack, Polychromatism. With a roar, he summons a Blastermination blaster, two Duality hands, and seven small hands. He quickly rips Bete apart and begins to vaporize her by firing Determination beams at her. However, before Gaster is able to finish Bete, Papyrus selflessly cries to him as he feels Gaster's soul begin to crack. Gaster, realizing that continuing would drain his son of too much magic to be able to survive, drops the beams and leaves Bete's body as a husk.
Animosity Polychromatism.png

The link then returns to normal, and part of Gaster's magic once again begins to flow into Papyrus. Gaster then falls unconscious, and Papyrus catches him as he drops to the ground. However, soon after noticing the remains of Bete crumbling away, Papyrus comments that he feels something is wrong and attempts to leave.

However, due to not being entirely vaporized, Bete's corpse is consumed by HATE. As the being awakens, it creates a dome that casts an illusion on Papyrus, making him think that Gaster had died in his arms. Papyrus, paralyzed in both grief and fear, cannot move as HATE raises a blade to kill him. However, just in time, Chara is able to jump in the way and take the blow. Asriel arrives behind him as Papyrus notices Gaster still alive in his arms. Chara then challenges HATE to a final battle in the city.
Animosity Slash.png


  • Sans says "Heya" to Gaster in this episode, which is a callback to Your Best Friend, when Sans was able to transport Gaster out of the Void.
  • Chara takes the hit for Papyrus when HATE attacks, which is a callback to Season 1 episode Megalomaniac, in which Frisk takes the hit from Chara to save Sans.
  • When Chara refuses to kill Asriel, Flowey replies with, “I’ll kill everyone you love.” - this is a reference to when sparing him in Undertale.
  • Animosity is "tamed" HATE as Chara can put his will over HATE's goals.
  • Papyrus attempted to stop Gaster from blasting because he didn't want his father to die, and Gaster stopped because he didn't want his son to die.
    • If Gaster did not stop blasting and entirely vaporized Bete, both skeletons would have died in the process.