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Undyne infobox.png
Soul/Trait Monster Soul
Species Fish Monster
Gender Female
Status Alive
Theme The Undying
Embodiment of a True Hero
Voice Actor Adox0graphist
GaelRice (Undying Form)

Undyne is a major protagonist and a police officer of the city. She made her first appearance in Continue.



Undyne is an anthropomorphic fish Monster with blue scales all over her body and fins, and a red gradient protruding out the sides of her head. Her hair is a bright scarlet hue and is normally up in a ponytail. In some episodes, she has her hair down, such as in Love Part 2, My Promise, and Animosity. She also has sharp yellow teeth and scleras. Her right eye has a black iris, while she is usually seen wearing a black eyepatch on her left eye.

Appearance Undyne .png

Beginning in Love, the eyepatch is no longer a part of her appearance. When she has it off, her left iris is a pale grey, and it’s shown that she has a scar across that eye as well. Her casual outfit consists of a long-sleeved teal shirt with a yellow collar, dark cyan pants, and brown shoes.

Appearance Casual Undyne.png

In Game Over through Hate, Undyne wears an armor set similar to her Undying armor when she’s out in the city working with Ronan. She wears a dark gray armor set with matching shoulder pads and white gloves. Her armor has a light gray waistline that then protrudes outward in the form of a skirt. Beneath that is a gray under armor along her arms and legs, and a set of white boots.

Appearance Cop Armor.png


In Love Part 1, when Undyne goes into her Undying form, her scleras turn black and her right iris turns bright yellow. Her left eye emits a cyan flashing light in the shape of a spear. However, when Undyne goes into her Undying form in Hate, her scleras are yellow and her irises are red. She wears a new set of darker-colored armor, with a big red soul on her chest plate. She also has a new set of white gloves, which have spikes protruding from their backside, accompanied by boots with pointed toes.

Appearance Undying.png

True Hero

In Animosity, Undyne gains a new form of Undying to fight against The Kumuzilla. She gains an entirely new set of armor that is far more durable than the other form. She has a dark grey helmet that emanates flowing red hair out the back of it, along with bright red eyes. Her armor has three, dark gray, spiked shoulder pads, on each side. It also has a white heart with a red outline on her chest plate, stone gray under armor covering her body from her neck down, a tasset matching her upper armor wrapped around her hips, and a set of white, spiked gloves and boots. Similar to the Undying form, Undyne has a light resembling a flashing red spear coming out of her left eye.

Appearance True Hero.png


Undyne is a very honorable, optimistic character who loves being the hero and protecting others. She cares for both Humans and Monsters, and does what she believes is best for them.

She is shown to care a lot for Alphys, as she runs to The Nullifier Room to rescue her. However, when she accidentally throws a spear at her soul, killing her, Undyne's attitude changes for most of the season. She grows hesitant and less confident in herself, believing that she can't save others. This is shown in My Promise, where Undyne hesitates to throw a spear at a pink blob attacking Jessica, as well as in Game Over Part 2 where Ronan is in a similar situation. However, in Hate, she regains her confidence after Alphys gives her encouragement to move forward, showing more of her old, optimistic self.

Powers and Abilities


  • Spears: Undyne's main weapons are blue spears that she can summon from magic. The bigger her spears are, the stronger.
    • Yellow Spears: She can also use yellow spears that bounce on contact with a solid objects.


By feeling and effectively generating an overwhelming amount of Determination, Undyne can transform into her Undying state, a much more powerful version of her regular self. However, this state is only temporary. Besides retaining all her spear abilities from her base form, Undyne has a few new capabilities.

  • Superhuman Speed: Undyne is capable of fighting with lightning-fast reflexes and agility.
  • Regeneration: Undyne can regenerate and heal herself from any injuries suffered in combat.
  • Spear of Justice: Undyne can create a red spear of pure Determination, that can create a massive explosion and large destruction. This ability was first shown in Love Part 1.

True Hero

Like the Undying form, Undyne's True Hero form is achieved by feeling and generating an even more extreme amount of Determination. This state, also like Undying, is temporary. Compared to the Undying form, the True Hero state has not been shown to possess any unique abilities. Rather, it has been demonstrated to retain all previous powers and can utilize them to an astronomical extent, including creating a Spear of Justice much larger and more destructive than any other previous attack Undying could accomplish.


Season 1


Undyne appears at the beginning of the animation, shown to be talking to Gaster.

Near the end of the episode, Undyne watches the destruction of both the HATE ball and the barrier. She is then seen with Frisk and the other Monsters on the surface.

Season 2

My Sunshine

Undyne first appears when Frisk mentions that she became a police officer soon after arriving on the surface. She was later seen near the end of the episode with Alphys at their apartment, watching the peace treaty signing on television. They appear very worried about the situation when Asgore is asked to explain how he destroyed the barrier.

Do or Die

Undyne first appears at the police station, where Asgore and Papyrus are being held behind bars. Jessica Grey soon asks Undyne to open the cells for both of the Monsters. Undyne refuses at first, not knowing that she is the leader of the Anti-Monsters Department. After learning of her identity, Undyne then opens the door for Jessica, who speaks with Asgore. Jessica is then taken to Papyrus to apologize for playing a part in Sans' death.

Later in the episode, Undyne arrives at Gaster's lab with Papyrus, Jessica, and Asgore. Gaster soon tells Undyne to help fight against Bete Noire's pink blobs to protect the other Humans.

Near the end of the episode, Undyne is seen at Gaster's lab waiting for Alphys to arrive, only to find an injured Gaster, with Jessica and Papyrus helping him. Jessica tells Undyne that Alphys had a plan to kill Bete, and in a fit of worry, she rushes to get to Alphys as fast as possible. However, when she arrives, Bete tricks her by using an illusion to make Undyne hurl a spear at Alphys’ soul, killing her. Bete proceeds to use Undyne's own spear to kill her, but Undyne refuses to die, channeling all of her will and Determination to transform into her Undying form.
Dod Undyne.png


Part 1

As soon as Undyne and Bete begin fighting, Betty is quickly overwhelmed by Undyne's immense strength, questioning how it can feel like she has Determination (as monsters cannot usually maintain Determination). Eventually, Bete activates Rhabdophobia right before Undyne launches around a dozen spears. Undyne, however, is unfazed, saying she can have them, and proceeds to summon countless more. Betty's stolen spears are shredded in the storm of Undyne's. Akumu attempts to protect Bete from the rain of spears, but to no avail. Undyne then jumps into the air and summons her special attack, the Spear of Justice. Launching the attack, Undyne effectively creates an enormous crater in The Nullifier room, vaporizing half of Bete's body in the process.

LOVE p1 Undyne .png

Akumu attempts to revive Bete by consuming the entire HATE vial. Undyne then launches another normal spear towards Akumu in hopes of finishing the job, but black smoke rises from Bete's corpse. She is revived and possessed by HATE.

A HATE-fueled Bete attacks again with her newly-enhanced movement speeds, surprising Undyne. However, Undyne refuses to stop fighting and knocks her away.

Not long after, Bete slashes with her scythe, slicing through Undyne's chest. Bete slowly advances towards her opponent, who is clearly struggling from the wound, and attempts to finish Undyne using a spear. However, Undyne proceeds to punch Bete back into the rubble, and heals her wounds using Determination.
LOVE p1 Undyne2.gif

The HATE then attempts to consume Bete entirely. However, Bete breaks free of its control in time. Taking advantage of Bete's weakened, concerned state, Undyne attacks once again, but Akumu pulls Bete out of the way. Bete states that she doesn't know what's happening to her, and she retreats. Undyne reverts to her normal form and begins to cry over losing Alphys.

Being greeted by Papyrus upon her arrival, Undyne returns home. He then helps her to her bed.

Part 2

During the nighttime, Undyne is seen lying down, asleep in her bed. Later, while she is still lying down, Gaster decides to ask her about her battle with Bete. She explains that everything was going smoothly, but before pulling off the finishing blow, Bete consumed a vial containing a black liquid. Upon Gaster's realization that Jessica had not alerted anyone about Bete having the HATE vial, he lashes out at her and she loses her Integrity again. She is then told to stay with Undyne.

My Promise

Undyne is first seen with Jessica. Undyne tells Jessica that she shouldn't feel bad and that she doesn't blame her for anything that had happened. Jessica replies that not only is the current situation bothering her, but she is also upset over all the mistakes she has made in her life. She brings up that she harmed her daughter, Sans, Gaster, and Alphys. Undyne responds by saying that Alphys' death wasn't because of Jessica. However, Jessica insists that it was her fault because she had let go of the black substance and let Bete get to it.

MyPromise Undyne1 .png

Undyne then admitts that it wasn't Bete who killed Alphys, but rather herself. Jessica, shocked at the truth, quickly assumes that it was an accident, which Undyne confirms. She states that she acted before thinking, and because of that, her love interest was now dead. Undyne then says that the guilt of her killing Alphys is torturing her and questions how she can live with it. Jessica states that she understands what Undyne is feeling, to live with unbearable guilt, and tells her that nobody deserves to feel that way. Undyne utters that it hurts her whenever she thinks about what she did, she wants to forget what happened, but she doesn't want to forget Alphys. Jessica expresses that it isn't about forgetting what happened, but it was rather about accepting how bad it feels and moving on. Jessica then hears someone knocking, and assuming that it's the others returning, she leaves the room to let them in.

Jessica soon realizes that it wasn't the others, but pink blobs trying to break into the house. Undyne then helps Jessica by killing the pink blobs one by one. Jessica tries to kill off one of the blobs using the AMR, but her soul suddenly cracks, leaving her vulnerable.

A blob then jumps on her, but before Undyne can save her, she hallucinates about killing Alphys, causing her to stand paralyzed. The pink blob stabs Jessica before Asgore throws his trident at it, finishing it. Everyone then arrives.

MyPromise Undyne2.png

After that, Undyne is seen again with Asgore, Toriel, and Frisk. Asgore suggesting that Undyne and Gaster take care of the school in the case Bete or the pink blobs attack it again, but Gaster leaves the job to Undyne, believing he cannot leave Papyrus alone in the lab. Asgore then proposes that Undyne might save Alphys, not knowing that her soul shattered. This causes Undyne to remember what happened again. Hesitating to speak her mind after the memory, she is interrupted by an explosion in the city, and everyone leaves to their destinations.

Game Over

Part 1

Undyne is first seen evacuating the civilians as more pink blobs attack. Ronan mistakes her for a normal civilian until she mentions that she is a police officer. Ronan is surprised, mentioning that he has never seen a Monster police officer. They both introduce themselves, before Ronan gets a call from an anonymous person, telling Ronan that Rave Rutrow wishes to speak regarding the use of his magical devices. Undyne watches Ronan, and after the call, he offers Undyne to come with him to Safe Perimeter 01, to which she agrees. She later silently watches as Ronan and Rave briefly argue.

Part 2

Undyne is first seen with Ronan, asking him about Rave. Ronan then explains Rave's connection and issues with Jessica.

Later in the episode, she is seen in the city with Ronan, searching for pink blobs. Ronan notices that Undyne seems to be going through a rough time and questions if she lost someone. He tells her that feeling troubled can weaken a person's magic and that instead of letting the pain and grief hinder her, she should use it as motivation to fight and make sure nobody else has to suffer the same way.

Undyne then meets Hugo, who had brought Zachary and his mother to them. She first yells and questions why they are there, to which Hugo replies saying that Zachary has something important to explain. She doesn't believe them at first, but Zachary's mother tells her that it is important, explaining that Zachary can sense magical energy. Zachary then says that he senses something huge under the ground. The child then notices it moving to the area Gaster and Jessica are in. Undyne then hurries with Ronan to save her friends from the danger they’re completely unaware of.
GameOver Undyne.png

She and Ronan witness the giant Kumuzilla awaken from the ground and soon realize it's heading for the school. After Ronan fires his Justice beams at the smaller pink blobs, Undyne notices another one sneaking behind him. She prepares to throw a spear, but is once again hit with the memory of what happened to Alphys. Ronan is saved by Hugo, however, who is almost hit by a large blob directly after. However, Ronan pushes his son out of the way, taking the blow for him. Undyne is seen looking at Ronan's bloodied body in shock.

In the final scene, she is seen preparing to fight against The Kumuzilla, and protecting Hugo next to an unconscious Ronan.


Undyne shouts Ronan's name as she carries his bloodied body behind a building, with Hugo following. As she places Ronan against the building, Undyne sees the blood on her hands and begins to flashback to when she had dust on her hands after killing Alphys.

Hugo snaps Undyne out of her flashback by calling out to her and asks where they need to go, with her replying that they need to get to the school to get Ronan medical attention as soon as possible. Undyne states the difficulty in avoiding the pink blobs across the city, but Hugo proposes fighting through them. However, Undyne uneasily explains that she doesn't want to risk it, and remembers Alphys' death again as she says that she isn't good at protecting others. She then states that she can only carry one of them.

Ronan then surprises Undyne and Hugo, saying that the solution to the issue is simple: They leave him to die. Hugo disagrees with it, but Ronan shouts that he wasn't asking him and begs Undyne to keep his son safe. Hugo, not wanting to leave his father behind, tries to approach him, but Undyne holds him back.

Directly following this, The Kumuzilla destroys a building, sending a big boulder against another building, which ultimately collapses directly over where the three of them are. While Undyne watches in horror, Hugo escapes through her grip and jumps into his father's arms while crying. Undyne is then reminded of Ronan comforting her and telling her that she should use her pain as energy to fight for others' betterment. At that moment, Undyne musters up her courage, summons spears, and sends them flying upwards, holding the falling rocks up. However, the rocks' massive weight begins to crack the spears, and Undyne is shown clearly struggling to maintain the spears for as long as possible.

Hate Undyne1.png
Undyne, in her mind, talks to Alphys, and begins to realize that she has drifted from what Alphys loved so much about her. Her enthusiasm, optimism, and desire to do anything to help others with a strong passion have been mostly absent. Gaining motivation from her conversation with her lover, Undyne musters up her Determination, transforming back into her Undying form and sending a storm of spears to upward annihilate the entire collapsing building.
Hate Undyne2.png

Ronan and Hugo are shocked by Undyne's immense power. Undyne then tells them to focus on getting themselves to a safe place and assures them that she'd, somehow, be able to deal with the Kumuzilla. As they are about to leave, Rave arrives. Undyne asks if he can bring Ronan to a hospital, but Rave produces a healing device made from Arcinite, a metal that can store magic. This one is charged with Kindness magic and Rave explains how it functions while healing Ronan's wounds.

Rave soon questions how Undyne plans to destroy The Kumuzilla, but is quickly shocked when he learns that she was responsible for destroying the building. With the knowledge of her great power, he asks if she can cooperate with his plan. He proposes that while The Avalon traps The Kumuzilla inside, she would attempt to destroy it with her magic. She agrees, despite her worries, and goes with Rave to confront the beast.


Undyne is first seen stomping on blobs while Ronan talks to Rave.

As Rave and the other Kindness wizards prepare to activate The Avalon upon The Kumuzilla's arrival, Ronan clears the street of blobs to allow Undyne to burst past and leap up onto the roof of a building. When The Avalon is activated, and The Kumuzilla is trapped, Undyne summons a Spear of Justice, throwing it into an opening in the shield. The blast inside clouds her vision, rendering her unprepared for The Kumuzilla retaliating by slicing her with a tentacle. This propels her off the roof and into the side of a nearby building. Ronan, concerned, is ordered by Rave to help Undyne. However, when he attempts to jump up the building, he notices more blobs approaching him and is forced to fight them.

Undyne, bloody and beaten, lying in the side of the building, attempts to get back up, knowing that everything is counting on her to succeed. With one last thought of Alphys, she musters up all her Determination, screaming as she transforms into her True Hero form. She quickly notices Ronan failing to defend against the blobs. She launches a large yellow spear that bounces throughout the street and kills all the blobs in his path.
Animosity Undyne1 .png

Meanwhile, The Avalon containing the Kumuzilla begins to weaken as the Kindness wizards become more drained. The Kumuzilla breaks a hole in the shield, letting several smaller blobs out. The Kindness wizards watch fearfully, but Rave protects them, firing at the blobs with his magical gun. He tells the Kindness wizards to keep any other blobs away from him as he powers The Avalon alone.

Ronan then alerts Rave that Undyne is back up and will try again. Undyne proceeds to grab Ronan and leaps up to the top of another building with him. As Undyne strides forward, Ronan seems concerned for her. She then turns to him, telling him to catch. Without having any time to question what she meant, Ronan watches as Undyne leaps into the air, summoning an enormous Spear of Justice. She throws it into The Avalon and completely vaporizes The Kumuzilla. The massive blast causes The Avalon to quickly drain all of Rave's magic, knocking him unconscious.

Ronan then sees Undyne leaving her True Hero form while midair, and suddenly realizes what she meant as she begins to plummet towards the ground. He's able to grab her hand just in time from the very top of the building as she falls, and pulls her to the roof's surface. Looking satisfied with herself, she rejoices, congratulating herself and the others, despite Ronan's insistence that she did most of the work.


Undyne is first present following the conclusion of The Avalon plan executed in Animosity. As she sits upon a rooftop, Ronan discusses his desire to check on Rave, stating that he hasn't answered his call. Undyne agrees, but states that due to her exhaustion, she wouldn't be leaving the area anytime soon. Ronan however, disagrees with leaving Undyne alone, and comes up with a plan. After hefting Undyne atop his back, Ronan utilizes his magic to propel the two off the edge of the building and safely to the ground level. Knowing that Undyne will be walking to the school’s safe perimeter, Ronan requests she reassures Hugo that his father is safe. Ronan then tells Undyne that he’ll head to the school after checking on Rave, and the two part ways.

Later, following Ronan's possession by the HATE blob, as well as Rave's acquired astronomical wounds, Hugo and Undyne return to the park, witnessing the mayhem around the area. As Hugo calls out for his father, Ronan aims an attack at the two arrivals, which is subsequently diverted by Rave. Following the expulsion of Ronan's HATE, the substance manifests as an enormous blob, threatening to murder the two Humans in front of it. However, at the last moment, Undyne is able to manifest the last of her Determination within a spear and throw it at the creature, destroying it.
Undyne Hope.png

Following this, as Rave and Ronan are treated, and preparations are quickly made to travel to the hospital, Undyne is requested by Rave to carry him to a nearby vehicle.

Undyne is later seen in the credits, enthusiastically cooking with Ronan.


  • Undyne, unlike most other Monsters, can generate Determination.
  • Due to the physical matter obtained from eating human food, Undyne can better handle Determination, with a much less restrictive limit. It is also due to physical matter that she can manifest Determination into attacks, such as the Spear of Justice.
  • At the end of Do or Die, there is a hidden text by Bete Noire saying: "You think your spears are stronger?", clearly referring to Undyne.
  • Akumu has been commonly shown to be capable of enduring large hits, such as Asriel's attack in Love Part 2. Undyne being capable of sending a spear ripping straight through him in Love Part 1 is nothing short of a great feat.
  • Undyne's left eye originally had an eyepatch over it due to her inability to see with it. However, after going into her Undying form in Love Part 1, her left eye appears to be gray, and she no longer wears an eyepatch due to being capable of seeing with that eye. After going into her Undying form again in Hate, and eventually True Hero in Animosity, her left eye is shown to be completely healed.
  • After Undyne used her Spear of Justice in her True Hero form, it notably caused a gray strand of hair to appear.