Shane Goldburn

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Shane Goldburn
Shane profile.jpg
Soul/Trait Human Soul
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased (Present)
Alive (Prequel)
Theme Perseverance
Voice Actor Unknown

Shane Goldburn, the wizard of Perseverance, is one of the Wizard Council members. He is the younger brother of Roy Goldburn.


Shane has purple eyes and hair. He wears a purple shirt with golden armored leggings and is quite physically built.


Shane is described as having a heart of gold, and an unbreakable spirit, which differentiates him from other Perseverance users. Shane is known for standing back up after being knocked down multiple times and becomes stronger the more adrenaline he gains.

Powers and Abilities

  • Armblades: Perseverance magic focuses on close-range combat. Shane's specific application of Perseverance magic is his purple arm blades.
    • Long-Lasting Damage: Perseverance magic is known for dealing wounds that take a long time to heal. Shane's magic is extremely potent in this regard.
  • Enhancements: Since Shane possesses very powerful Perseverance magic, his resistance and endurance are enhanced remarkably.


This character does not have any history yet.


  • Shane appears in Love Part 2 during a flashback from Asgore, appearing to comfort Roy after an upsetting experience.


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