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Sans infobox.png
Soul/Trait Boss Monster Soul
Species Skeleton Monster
Gender Male
Status Alive
Deceased (In Animosity)
Theme Megalovania
Voice Actor Strelok (Season 1)
Zedrin (Dust)
Djsmell (Love Part 2 Onwards)

Sans is a prominent character in Glitchtale, being one of the main protagonists of Season 1, and playing a more supportive role in Season 2.


Sans is a relatively short Monster that resembles a skeleton. Sans wears a blue hoodie, a white t-shirt underneath, and black shorts with white stipes. After Hate, however, Sans's iconic white shirt is now a cyan-like shirt with a turtleneck.

Sans is almost always seen with a smile on his face. Rather than eyes, he has white dots in black eye sockets. When his magic is active, his left eye glows blue while his right eye vanishes. However, if he has Determination in him, both eyes will glow blue.

Appearance Sans.png


Sans typically presents a lazy and apathetic attitude, teasing others with pranks or horrendous jokes.

While usually easygoing and agreeable, Sans is known to show an eerily serious side of him at times. This is demonstrated when he lashes out as Frisk in Dust for giving the idea of resetting.

Sans develops an extreme sense of pessimism during his time in the underground. Being aware of resetting, he knew any progress he or anyone else made would eventually be erased. When Frisk breaks the RESET button, assuring Sans a future, Sans begins to genuinely care about people and events even more than he did when there was nothing waiting for him, which is shown in his conversation with Asriel in My Sunshine. While wanting to live, he is willing to put down his life for others as well. This is shown in Dust when he takes Betty's spear attack in Asriel's place, and in Animosity when he summons a second set of Gaster Blastermination to protect Papyrus and Gaster.

Sans tends to hold anger and grudges against those who have wronged him and his loved ones; However, he is also willing to move on from those grudges, as shown with Asriel.

Powers and Abilities

  • Bones: Sans is able to summon bones which can be used in several ways during battles.
    • Blue Bones: Sans can also summon blue-colored bones, which cause harm to anything that isn’t stationary.
  • Gaster Blasters: Blasters that release beams of energy from the mouth. The blasters themselves can be used as shields as well.
  • Telekinesis: Sans can manipulate gravity and use it to move things without contact, even souls.
  • Teleportation: Sans can transport himself and others between places instantly. There seems to be no limit on range, but it tires him easily.

Special Attacks

  • Gaster Blastermination: Sans summons a wall of blasters; This is immensely powerful and can severely hurt or kill nearly every character. However, this attack severely tires him out.

It should be noted that when Sans has Determination, all these attacks are boosted in power, and Sans can summon more without getting tired.


Season 1


Sans confronts Frisk within the Judgement Hall and kills him repeatedly. Frisk is unable to defeat him and concedes defeat. However, Chara takes control of Frisk's body and quickly overwhelms Sans in battle.

Before Chara can kill Sans however, Frisk is able to come to his aid, taking the hit for him. Sans then takes his soul and defeats Chara before resetting the timeline.

Yet Darker

After resetting, Sans is surprised by Frisk at his sentry station in Waterfall.

When Frisk arrives, Sans invites him to Grillby's. However, when he teleports himself and Frisk, Gaster uses this opportunity to direct Frisk to him. Sans soon notices and arrives to save Frisk. Sans finds himself unable to teleport away from Gaster and then breaks him and Frisk out of the room by force. Sans tries to absorb Frisk's soul, but Gaster hits him before he can do so. Before Gaster can fully take the soul, Frisk refuses, and his soul flies to Sans.

Sans is then empowered once again and uses his power to overwhelm Gaster. He is able to break all of his hands. Sans tells Gaster that his attempted murder is wrong before killing him in self-defense. He then resets again, telling Frisk to take his time in the Ruins.


The episode begins with Sans playing the hot dog game with Frisk and then telling him that they can't continue to tamper with the timeline. He explains that it will cause glitches in the timeline, and things that shouldn't exist will appear. Sans then leaves before Frisk goes into the True Lab. He returns to Snowdin, where Flowey later informs him of Frisk's predicament.

Both Flowey and Sans fight against Chara, although they are unable to make much headway. Shortly thereafter, Chara narrowly manages to capture the Determination extracted from Frisk's soul. Sans and Flowey retreat, with Frisk in hand.

Your Best Friend

Sans succeeds in bringing Gaster back after hundreds of failed attempts. They reunite and then leave to acquire the six human souls. Sans gives to Flowey, saying that Flowey would be more useful with them, despite the hostility between the two. After that, Chara appears, ready to fight the three of them, with the Determination from the past Determination experiments.

Sans, Flowey, and Gaster fight Chara, managing to hold an advantage over him despite the Determination he possesses. Things really turn in Chara's favor though, when he launches an attack on Frisk and Sans attempts to take the blow instead. Gaster does this for Sans and nearly dies. Sans then uses his special attack, Gaster Blastermination, which kills Chara, but exhausts him. Chara's soul is revived through HATE's power and another attack renders Sans unconscious. Flowey is then soon defeated, with Chara ready to win. However, with Frisk's help, Flower is reborn as Asriel to face Chara.
YourBestFriend Sans.png


Sans wakes up with Papyrus next to him. Papyrus tells Sans that he was worried as he couldn't find him. Papyrus asks about the HATE sphere that is present, and Sans says it's a long story.

After Asriel breaks the barrier, Sans is seen with all the other characters looking out to the surface. However, he remembers what Frisk has done, due to a glitch, and asks to talk with him privately. Sans doubts that Frisk will not reset the timeline and asks Frisk to tell him whenever he's going to. To his surprise, Frisk breaks the RESET button. Sans proudly proclaims that he and Frisk were truly friends, after all.

Season 2

My Sunshine

Sans is seen having a conversation with Asriel, with Asriel telling him that he's sorry for his past misdeeds and wants to move forward. Sans responds, calling this hypocritical, as Flowey forced him to live in the past for a long time. Asriel knows this and doesn't ask for justifications, but just for Sans to see him differently than Flowey. Sans replies, saying that it's a good start, with him immediately making flower puns after. Asriel leaves, and Sans remarks to himself that he can look forward to a future now.

Sans and Asriel are seen later on hanging out with each other near Grillby's. They notice Frisk is there and meet up with him, while meeting Betty as well. She reveals her pink soul, and the scene cuts to Sans and Gaster attempting to figure out what it is. Frisk comes to the house, telling Sans he wants to move forward and giving him a bracelet.


Sans is seen giving Asriel a flower when he's down, trying to lighten up Asriel's mood after Asgore's arrest. Him, Asriel, Frisk, Betty, and Papyrus head to Mettaton's live report.

Later on, Sans notices that Papyrus isn't there with them, when the heavy equipment is moving. As Papyrus drops metal beams onto people nearby, Sans attempts to hold them up with his magic, but is shot by Jessica with the AMR, effectively canceling his magic and making him unable to keep them up any longer. This potentially kills some people, and Papyrus is arrested shortly after.

They then meet up in the house, where Sans and Asriel formulate a plan to go to the AMD camera room to look for information on what's happening. Sans also asks Frisk what his idea is, to where Frisk says he wants to find a way to reset. Frisk's plan, however, immensely angers Sans, as he doesn't want his future torn away from him again. This angers him to the point where he threatens to kill Frisk and where Asriel has to step in. Sans then teleports himself and Asriel to the camera room.

Here, they watch clips of Bete, noticing that Frisk shielded Betty from nothing, proving that the car was an illusion made by her. They also see Betty walking out of the house when the meeting is happening, after making Kumu pretend to be her sleeping.

They then realize that Betty was the one behind everything and Sans tells Asriel they need to warn everyone; however, Betty comes into the room at that time and Sans tries to teleport out, but Jessica shoots him the AMR again. Betty then makes Asriel fall under an illusion, trancing and freezing him with Chara's supposed presence. She then tries to throw a spear at him, but Sans takes this fatal hit. Betty takes his soul, and he dusts away, asking Asriel to enjoy the future for him. Asriel is about to fight in revenge, but flees after remembering what Sans said about warning the others.
Dust Sans.png

Do or Die

Sans makes no physical appearance in this episode, as his soul was taken by Betty, who drains it of its magic. However, Frisk finds out about his "death" and is devastated by it.

Later, when Frisk is outside with Gaster, a pink blob attempts to shapeshift into Sans to mess with Gaster; however, he destroys it anyway.


Part 1

In Gaster's flashback, Sans is seen, where he tells Gaster to get out of the unstable room. Gaster, however, stabilizes the device before beginning to leave the room with Sans. However, a pipe nearly pushes Sans off, but Gaster pushes him out of the way. Gaster is pushed into the void as both are struck with lightning that gives them the teleportation ability. He is later mentioned by Frisk when he tells Asriel specifically why Sans was so mad about his suggestion to reset.

Part 2

In this episode, Betty uses HATE to resurrect Sans, effectively having him under her control. Sans tries to kill Frisk, but Papyrus intervenes. He attacks Papyrus, who refuses to strike back, which Sans questions. During this fight, Sans himself actively is trying to fight back against the HATE; however, its influence is more significant. Papyrus tells Sans he's his brother, which makes Sans begin to remember his memories with him, allowing him to break out of the HATE and saving him. However, with his soul now empty, Sans falls into a coma.
LovePt2 Sans.png

My Promise

Sans is brought into the True Lab, where Gaster checks his state. He is Fallen Down, meaning he will soon die due to losing all of his magic.

Game Over

Part 1

Gaster makes a decision out of desperation and injects Determination into Sans, using Undyne's blood as a mixture, which only prolongs the inevitable.

Part 2

However, this wakes him up at the end of the episode with a short time to stay alive, as the Determination allows him to.


Sans shortly after sees the Determination vial, realizing that he doesn't have much time to live. He teleports out of the True Lab, where he meets a crying Papyrus, who is very surprised by his appearance. Sans explains that he won't be here for long and apologizes for breaking Papyrus' "battle body" while being taken over by the HATE. He asks where everyone is and also asks where "the other kid" is. He and Papyrus then head to the arena on a blaster.


Sans is first seen in this episode arriving at where Bete is, blasting her through the street. Betty starts to taunt them. However, she is interrupted by Gaster punching her with a Duality hand. He and Gaster reunite, and all three skeletons hug, before bracing to fight Betty.

She attacks Papyrus first, but he fights back, slamming her into a building. The skeletons continue to attack Betty, with her being unable to touch them. Betty retreats, with Papyrus chasing after her. After Papyrus is punched by Betty, Sans and Gaster blast Betty from both sides, with the HATE beginning to take a more considerable influence on her. She fights back against it, saving herself from HATE and destroying the blasts.

Animosity Sans1.png
Betty grabs Papyrus as a hostage, whom she attempts to crush; however, Sans blasts her in retaliation. After this, Sans summons his special attack, Gaster Blastermination, in revenge. However, Betty uses Sans' ignorance of the abilities she gained during his coma to her advantage, as she then takes over the blasters using Rhabdophobia. The blasters then attempt to blast at Sans but are blocked by Gaster's Duality. This takes a toll on Gaster, but he refused to let go until Betty stopped blasting, breaking Duality and rendering him unconscious.
Sans Animosity Blastermination.gif

Sans watches in terror as this happens, and then Bete goes on to attack Papyrus, who tries to summon magic, but is interrupted by Sans casting Gaster Blastermination again, clashing against Betty's blasters. This, however, makes him push past his limit, consequently making him begin melting, which Gaster awakens to witness.

After successfully blasting Betty back, Sans feels a fatal moment of relief as his eyes fade to white. He speaks to his family for the last time, asking if they're okay, before turning into dust. This was the last push Gaster needed to kill Bete with his naturally immense power.


Sans appears momentarily during Papyrus' monologue in the aftermath. He states that Sans was forced to protect the family independently, due to his own lacking of violent intent.


  • Sans does not remember Frisk. All he knows is that there had been another kid at some point.
  • While Sans is Cami's favorite character, it was decided that the focus of the story should be given to other characters in Season 2.
  • Sans shows the ability to generate his own Determination for a short period of time, shown in Dust as he teleports to sacrifice himself for Asriel.
  • Gaster is still able to use Duality in Animosity since Sans is supposed to be dead and therefore, doesn't have the Boss Monster link with him anymore.