Ronan Cass

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Ronan Cass
Ronan infobox.png
Soul/Trait Human Soul
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Alive
Theme Corruption
Voice Actor Strelok

Ronan Cass is the police chief of the Pacienco district, and is brought in by Jessica Grey to protect the city from the invasion of the Bete Noire. He made his first appearance in Love Part 2.


Ronan wears a gray-yellow beanie and brown pants. His prominent uniform is a long-sleeved grey sweater with yellow triangles and diamonds lined on the sides and sleeves. He has brown hair, white skin, and yellow eyes corresponding with his Justice soul.

Appearance Ronan.png

While possessed by the HATE blob during Hope, Ronan retains an incredibly unnatural posture, shifting abnormally and carelessly abusing his magical capabilities. Over time however, the blob possessing him begins to develop better control of his powers, allowing more direct and precise movements. Additionally, within this state, Ronan retains black sclerae and darkened yellow irises.

Appearance HATE Ronan.png


Accordingly with his Justice soul, he shows a personality reflecting his trait, being fair and equal to everyone. Alongside this, Ronan also displays a lot of care for others, like when he expresses concern to Jessica by offering help in dealing with Bete. He is also shown to be friendly and willing to cooperate with Monsters like Undyne to fight against Bete's blobs and protect the citizens of the city.

With an easygoing nature, he is shown to be forgiving. He doesn't hold grudges against people for any foul encounters, shown when he accepts Rave's apology for his overly rude attitude earlier.

His bravery and compassion shine through him at desperate times, such as when he defeats a blob about to attack a woman, and also when he takes a violent hit for his son, Hugo Phenix. Ronan is even willing to sacrifice his own life to save others. A prominent example is when he begs Undyne to take Hugo away from the area, despite being heavily injured and unable to move to protect himself.

Powers and Abilities

  • Bullets: Ronan can create magical bullets out of thin air and launch them in different directions.
  • Laser Rings: Creates a ring of several bullets, spinning in a circle around his wrists, that fires bright yellow lasers when he throws punches. They can also have their size changed. Along with the wrists, they are also seen forming near his ankles when he is about to go help Undyne after she crashes into a high building.
  • HATE Substance: In Hope, a HATE blob ended up stabbing Ronan and taking control of his body. While possessed by HATE, his strength is increased immensely.



Part 2

When Jessica asks Ronan to give her a status report of his progress, he replies that the HSO military forces have set up a barrier, run by Kindness wizards, around the city to prevent Bete from escaping. He asks her if this is suitable and also offers her help, but Jessica declines as she doesn't want more casualties when there's no real strategy to deal with the threat yet. Their conversation ends when Ronan states he will call her if he or his men notice anything suspicious.
Love Ronan.png

My Promise

Soon after Jessica weakens her soul with the AMR, trying to defend herself against a pink blob and getting stabbed, Ronan tries to call her. Asgore answers instead, telling him she could not answer due to being healed. Upon hearing this, he quickly becomes concerned about what happened, with the former king responding to him that she was attacked by a pink creature.

Asgore then tells Ronan he’s concerned about everyone inside the city, so he asks him for a favor, which is to find a place where people can evacuate to and stay safe. Ronan agrees, acknowledging his suspicion that the threat is much bigger than what Jessica had expressed the night before, and offers to put up defenses around both the school and the arena. Asgore begins to agree, but Toriel interrupts him and disagrees, arguing that it would make the school more likely to be attacked. Asgore brushes her her off and tells Ronan to proceed with the plan, as their conversation ends.
MyPromise bullets.gif

Ronan is later seen saving a woman from one of the pink blobs by disintegrating it with his magic. He then orders her to go to the school. He summons a wall of magical bullets, stating that he would not let the creatures destroy the city.

Game Over

Part 1

While Undyne is directing people in the city to safety, Ronan notices and mistakes her for a normal civilian by directing her to return to the refuge. Undyne explains to him that she was a cop for the city, much to the police chief's surprise. Before she becomes heated at the possibility of a Human questioning her authority, Ronan apologizes and explains that he doesn't see many Monsters from the city of Pacienco, where he works, and that even fewer of them worked as police. Clearing up the misunderstanding, the two introduce themselves to each other and shake hands. A moment later, Ronan receives a phone call and asks why Rave Rutrow is in the area. After directing an order to bring him to a safe location, he allows a curious Undyne to join him and leaves the area to his men.

At Safe Perimeter 01 near the school, the two cops enter a tent to meet Rave. After continuously talking about himself, Ronan interrupts him and asks to get to the point, bluntly stating that he knew why Rave had come. According to city rules, he could not allow the usage of his magical weapons. Despite this, Rave arrogantly laughs and retorts that he wanted to discuss the situation with Jessica directly.

Soon after, Ronan calls a weakened Jessica. After expressing concern about her health, he reluctantly explains that Rave is demanding to meet with her personally or else he may lose control of the situation. Jessica agrees to his request and orders for her field suit and transportation to the location.

Part 2

Near a tent, Ronan is seen conversing with Undyne about who Rave was and his relation to Jessica. He explains that after the previous city leader, Noah Rutrow, died, Rave was to inherit his position but was not old enough back then to legally obtain it. Instead, his wife, Jessica, took over the job. Ronan also hints at a personal grudge Rave has against Jessica, elaborating how Rave and his family wanted to take care of Alina after Noah’s death, but Jessica strictly refused. On top of this, by the time she realized she could not care for both her daughter and her job at the same time, Alina had already run away.

Later on, while patrolling the city, Ronan notices Undyne's sorrow and describes the relationship between one's magical strength and emotions; If someone is troubled, their magic weakens as a result and it affects their abilities to help others greatly. To comfort her, he suggests that she take those feelings of pain and turn them into energy to fight so that nobody else would have to experience that kind of suffering. Undyne gratefully accepts the advice and thanks him as her mood lifts.

Immediately after, Ronan questions about the strange disappearance of pink creatures in their area, and Undyne agrees, so he calls Jessica, who is partnered with Gaster, and learns of their similar situation. During the discussion, a group consisting of Hugo, Zachary, and his mother call Undyne nearby and desperately ask her to listen to them about an important issue. Zachary, although blind, can sense magical energy, and he fearfully notices small dots under the city gathering together. Ronan suddenly interrupts and angrily reprimands Hugo for being in the dangerous area before Undyne stops him to explain another bigger problem.

After the ground shakes and Zachary claims the large being underground is moving towards Jessica and Gaster's location, the two cops rush over to them, but not before Ronan orders Hugo to go back to the school with his group immediately. When The Kumuzilla emerges and attacks Gaster and Jessica, the police chief realizes the giant monster is turning its attention towards the school, where a large gathering of magical human souls are. He calls in reinforcements to stop it before it reaches the location. However, the additional support is ineffective at fighting back and the reinforcements are slaughtered by smaller pink creatures spawned from the big one.
GameOverPt2 Ronan1.png
While the duo is fighting off small pink creatures, Undyne spots a blob approaching an unsuspecting Ronan from behind and tries to throw a spear at it, but is once again stopped by her PTSD of accidentally shattering Alphys' soul. Luckily, Hugo arrives and shoots it with his slingshot, but fails to notice a larger pink creature creeping up behind him. Before he gets hit, Ronan pushes him out the way and takes the hit as he crashes into a wall and fatally injures his head. Before he can recover, the creature smacks him again, even farther away as Hugo cries out for his badly beaten father.
GameOverPt2 Ronan2.png

At the end of the episode, Hugo is seen near his father's body, as Undyne tries to protect the two of them from the larger threat.


Rave briefly calls for Ronan after his conversation with Jessica suddenly cuts off, but gets no response.

<div Undyne carries Ronan to a safer area away from the pink creatures, with Hugo clinging close by. As Undyne carefully puts him down on the ground, she glances at her gloves stained with Ronan's blood and suddenly remembers a traumatizing flashback of Alphys' death. She snaps out of her trance when Hugo questions what to do next but she is unsure; She doesn't believe she is strong enough to fight back while protecting an injured father and son.

A weakened, but barely alive Ronan manages to regain consciousness and suggest the unthinkable: To leave him behind as Undyne takes Hugo back to the school for safety. His son protests at first, but Ronan quickly shuts him up. He admits to Undyne that Hugo is everything in his life and that his final wish is that he be safe and protected. Distraught, Hugo cries out and tries to reach for him, but Undyne painfully pulls him back.

Suddenly, The Kumuzilla collapses a building on the three. Hugo pulls away from Undyne's distracted grasp and races towards Ronan. Remembering his advice before and seeing a heartbroken Hugo wanting to stay in his father's arms, Undyne summons many blue spears above them.
Hate Ronan.png

She struggles to hold the debris up and her spears begin to crack. However, after her motivational inner talk with Alphys, an amazed Ronan and Hugo witness her regain her Determination and completely obliterate the rubble into dust. The explosion attracts Rave and his team driving nearby, so they stop to heal Ronan with the Arnicite Kindness Device and create a plan to utilize Undyne's immense power to destroy The Kumuzilla for good. Before parting ways, Ronan leaves Hugo with Rave's officers, to be returned to the school.


Riding in the back of Rave's van to the park, Ronan discusses their plan of attack. Rave reminds him of their direction and asks Ronan to be careful this time. He gives a cheerful smile and a thumbs up to Rave, and is left at the blob-infested street with Undyne.

Once Rave reaches The Avalon, with The Kumuzilla quickly approaching, Ronan is directed through an earpiece as he and Undyne prepare to get into position. Ronan clears the path for Undyne by obliterating several blobs with ringed laser blasts from his punches, while Undyne dashes ahead. Ronan then notifies Rave to prepare the shield. After the giant creature is trapped, Ronan and Rave watch with anticipation as Undyne throws a Spear of Justice into The Avalon's encasement. To their horror, The Kumuzilla manages to survive the hit and sends Undyne flying into a building.
Animosity Ronan.png

Ronan calls for Undyne to no avail and considers powering his feet with magic to jump up the building and find her, but is surrounded by blobs and chooses to fight back instead. Exhausted and on his knees, he witnesses the powered up and armored Undyne flawlessly destroy many blobs in the street. He informs Rave to prepare for her second spear. Without warning, Undyne carries Ronan in her arms and leaps all the way up to a high building to drop him off. Ronan jokingly asks for a warning next time as he catches his breath. As Undyne makes her way to the edge of the building, she tells Ronan to "Catch". She leaps into the air and the resulting, intense rush of wind forces him to shield himself. With her armor disintegrating, she summons a much larger and more powerful Spear of Justice, to both Ronan and Rave's utter shock, and fires it into The Avalon, successfully eliminating The Kumuzilla.

Recalling her only response, Ronan spots Undyne passing out mid-air and plunging to the ground, so he dashes over and miraculously grabs her arm before she falls to her death, as the two precariously dangle near the edge of the building. After pulling Undyne up and generously thanking her, Ronan tries to call Rave and let him know of their state, but is suddenly worried when he doesn't respond.


Ronan and Undyne are on the same rooftop as before, following the former’s failed call to Rave. After telling Undyne that Rave hasn’t responded, Ronan tells her he wants to return to the park to check on him. Undyne agrees, saying that she won’t be leaving the building soon anyway, due to physical drainage. Ronan, however, disagrees with leaving Undyne alone, and comes up with a plan. After hefting her atop his back, Ronan utilizes his magic to propel the two off the building and safely to the ground level.

Knowing that Undyne will be walking to the school’s safe perimeter, Ronan requests she reassures Hugo that his father is safe. While speaking about how his son worries for him, Ronan is suddenly discomforted by a memory. After brushing it off, he tells Undyne that he’ll head to the school after checking on Rave, and the two part ways.

Ronan locates Rave and questions him about his current state, to which the latter responds that he and the Kindness wizards in the area are fine. Rave then requests of Raven to recharge the Arnicite healing device. She agrees and leaves to treat the others, while Ronan and Rave sit on the ground.

As Ronan spectates the nearby Kindness wizards, analyzing their apparent exhaustion, he expresses concern over Rave’s condition. He worries even more when he learns of him powering the Avalon alone. Rave, however, tells his friend that he merely acted on what was necessary to ensure the plan’s success, regardless of the consequences he could’ve suffered from it. He expresses that as the new district leader, undertaking such responsibilities is expected of him. Despite this argument, Ronan persists and states that Rave should value his own life as much as he does the others’. However, Rave simply replies that Ronan lacks an understanding of the situation’s gravity. He adds that Undyne was also aware of the consequences, as her final attack could have killed more than just the monster, but she also accepted such as a necessary risk. He concludes the conversation by requesting that Ronan thank Undyne for him the next time the meet.

Suddenly, a pink explosion is seen bursting from the opposite side of the city, spreading a pink glow across the sky. At the park, the disintegrating corpse of a pink blob begins to reform into a black shape. Rave immediately notices this alteration, yelling towards Raven to escort everyone to a safer location. However, the blob senses the power of Rave’s Dual-Traited soul and charges towards him. Raven immediately reacts, summoning a shield to protect Rave. However, the blob easily shatters it, before Rave is pushed out of the blob’s path by Ronan. As a result, he endures the creature’s blow instead.
Ronan Hope 1.png

Everyone in the area watches with horror as Ronan’s body collapses limply to the ground. Ronan’s eyes begin to blacken rapidly, and a shockwave of HATE erupts from his body. Ronan then stands, unnaturally twisting around to face the wizards. Raven immediately expresses her worries, while Rave recognizes that the blob had taken complete control of Ronan’s body. Suddenly, Ronan summons a volley of beaming projectiles, which are rapidly shot towards the wizards. Raven quickly reacts by summoning another shield, protecting Rave and herself. However, one of the projectiles easily pierces through the middle of the shield, barely missing the two Humans.

While Ronan prepares to direct another barrage of magical attacks, Tobias shapes a shield around the former’s arm to keep him still. However, Ronan retaliates by snapping his arm at an abnormal angle and brutally breaking it. Tobias and Rave react quickly and the shield around Ronan’s arm is unsummoned. Rave quickly begins to realize the severity of the situation and the danger this threat poses.

Within an illusion, conjured by the blob’s inherited Fear capabilities, Ronan awakes next to a hospital bed, where his former wife, Zoe Phenix, is resting. While an initially comforting interaction ensues, Ronan quickly begins to realize that, in the real world, chaos is erupting. Quickly deciding that the others require his assistance, he attempts to leave the illusion. However, Zoe, sensing this, transforms into a horrific abomination, utilizing Ronan’s buried guilt of leaving her side in the past, and orders him to remain. This succeeds, as Ronan agrees to stay, promising to never abandon her again.
Ronan Hope2.png

As a projectile whizzes by Rave, Raven and Tobias return to him and offer the charged Arnicite device. Rave then states he will utilize the device’s shield generations to trap Ronan within one, allowing for the evacuation of the wizard team and also stalling for reinforcements. Rave quickly dashes toward Ronan, utilizing the device’s shields to protect himself from more projectiles. However, the shielding is still not enough to block Ronan’s attacks, and they are successfully able to shatter the barrier. While the Arnicite device manages to slightly alter the trajectory of the bullets, they still rip into Rave’s body. The Dual-Traited Human attempts to remain standing, but quickly collapses to the ground.

Meanwhile, within the blob’s illusion, Ronan decides to once again leave Zoe and retrieve control of his body. However, due to Ronan’s immense emotional instability, Zoe is successfully able to restrain him against his own will, effectively rendering his attempts useless.

In the real world, Ronan charges up a final blast to kill Rave, and fires. At the last moment however, Raven summons a shield between Rave and the blast. The barrier is successfully able to endure the explosion, which erupts back into Ronan, slamming him into the ground. As Rave realizes that the HATE-controlled Ronan appears disoriented, Tobias is called upon to summon a box shield around the figure. However, the creature quickly regains control of Ronan’s body, and erupts the shield while within it, causing Tobias’ soul to crack in the process. A recovering Ronan launches a single projectile towards Raven, who is barely capable of summoning a shield to defend herself.
Ronan Hope 3.png

Within the illusion, Ronan is shown desperately fighting to regain bodily control. However, before he is able to escape, Zoe appears above him, manifesting a pink shard. Scolding Ronan for once again breaking his promise, Zoe stabs his back with the blade, causing the blob to regain complete control.

Meanwhile, Rave, recounting the events so far, suddenly realizes that applying sufficient force against Ronan’s body could expel the HATE from him. However, before he’s able to act, Hugo and Undyne arrive. Hugo calls out to his father, who momentarily stares, blankly, before charging an attack meant for the two arrivals. Rave, watching the event unfold in horror, remembers Noah’s final discussion with him as a child. Rave is able to find the strength to quickly get up and push Ronan’s arm in another direction, saving Undyne and Hugo. He subsequently rams his head into Ronan’s, with the force slamming the blob out of his body. As the two fall to the ground, Rave watches in horror as the blob, having consumed much of Ronan’s magic, stands before them as a malicious and enormous form.
Ronan Hope4.png

Just as the creature is about to attack, Undyne manifests the last of her Determination within a spear, and throws it at the blob, exploding it into mere smoke.

As Ronan wakes up, following the blast, Rave drops unconscious, prompting Raven and Tobias to quickly rush to attempt to treat him. While they’re successful in regenerating the holes in his body, Raven realizes that he has already lost an excessive amount of blood, and asks Undyne to carry him to a nearby vehicle. Meanwhile, Raven comforts Ronan, assuring him that none of the situation was his fault, also saying that he needs medical attention too. The team then evacuates the area, urgently travelling towards the hospital to save Rave.

Three days later, Rave wakes up in a hospital bed. Sitting up, he sees a preoccupied Ronan, who quickly notices him. After being notified of the city’s survival and ongoing reconstruction, Rave endures immediate guilt for sleeping through everything as district leader, stating that the city requires his presence. Ronan disagrees, however, stating that he already handled most of Rave’s matters, and asks him to keep resting.

Rave responds by questioning Ronan’s presence, quickly realizing that he had remained next to him the entire time. Ronan states that he hadn’t minded doing so and that Rave required someone to watch over him. Rave, still not understanding, states that others, such as Raven and Tobias, could’ve done that instead. However, he quickly realizes that Ronan had felt the responsibility to do so due to his guilt of causing the mayhem at the park. Ronan, mutually understanding Rave’s thoughts, merely responds that he’s glad his friend is well.
Ronan Hope 5.png

After Rave and Grace argue in the hallway about the former's level of success in the recent situation, and how fit he is for his position, a furious Ronan steps in front of Rave and begins to scold her. He states that her son had been successful in protecting many from death. Grace calmly responds, stating that the situation only become of astronomical danger due to Rave’s incapability. Ronan retaliates, stating that Grace hadn’t seen anything that her son did. He adds that Rave single-handedly saved everyone’s lives. Grace attempts to combat this argument, only to be interrupted once again by Ronan, who proclaims Rave’s intense care towards his people and district. He goes on to state that he would much rather have him as their leader than someone like her, and that her perception of a strong leader is inaccurate.

Grace, defeated, silently exits the hospital. As Ronan turns to face Rave, the latter is exhausted and collapses into his arms. As Ronan carries his friend back to his room, he states that he’ll be willing to assist Rave through all of his matters as district leader and promises to forever act as his friend. Rave warmly agrees.

Ronan is later seen during the credits with Raven, cheering on Hugo and Robin during The Wizard Council's constitutional ceremony.


  • Ronan is an excellent chef, and is very patient when teaching enthusiastic people like Undyne to cook.
  • In Game Over Part 2, a yellow aura can be seen around Ronan. This is an example of a magical aura, which all Traited users possess.
  • As shown in Hope, Ronan is the former husband of Zoe Phenix.