Rin Winterway

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Rin Winterway
Rin profile.jpg
Soul/Trait Human Soul
Species Human
Gender Female
Status Deceased (Present)
Alive (Prequel)
Theme None
Voice Actor Unknown

Rin Winterway, the wizard of Patience, is one of the Wizard Council members. She is the younger sister of Ellie Winterway.


Rin has long grey hair with cyan highlights in her bangs, along with cyan-colored lips. Her eyes are a bright cyan, and her skin resembles a light pale tone. She normally wears a grey cloak with cyan diamonds along the sides of her torso and in the inner parts of her arms.


As seen in Kanashi's Origins, Rin is seemingly a serious and reserved person. She is also often criticized for her position on the Wizard Council, as people believe there are Patience wizards better fit for the seat than her.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strings: Rin's strategy typically consists of controlling a minimum of four thick Patience strings while in combat, although this is usually not a very practical application due to the large magic consumption. She is the first Patience wizard to apply this approach in battle successfully.


Glitchtale Origins: Kanashi Fukitsu

Rin appears at the end of this episode after Kanashi's flashback, pushing her older sister, Ellie, along past Kanashi and his uncle, while giving a brief wave as they walk by.


  • Ellie and Rin have a bodyguard named Kanashi.




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