Rave Rutrow

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Rave Rutrow
RaveRutrow infobox.png
Soul/Trait Human Soul
Perseverance and Justice
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Alive
Theme None
Voice Actor Dr. EojPuerte

Rave Rutrow is the CEO of Rutrow Industries. He made his first appearance in Game Over Part 1.


Rave has spiky, blonde hair on the top and purple hair on the bottom, pale skin, and yellow and purple irises. He wears a dark purple vest and occasionally wears goggles.

Appearance Rave.png


At first glance, Rave has a rather arrogant personality and doesn't seem to take most things too seriously, even warnings from a higher authority. Regardless, he still has empathy and expresses an apparent grudge towards Jessica due to her role in causing Alina's death. He also shows care for people which is shown when he apologizes to Ronan for being rude after saving Ronan's life.

Rave is also rather asocial, as he is well-known for not liking to be around people and preferring to be in his laboratory over being around others and leading them. He is incredibly intelligent, despite primarily being taught at home, and seems to excel in this aspect. This is especially shown when he was being scolded by Noah during a flashback when he was younger. Here, Noah was explaining why his mother hates him and points out one of the reasons is because he failed his college application, despite fully being able to pass, further demonstrating his intelligence.

Powers and Abilities

  • Gadgets: When running Rutrow Industries, he has access to many weapons and devices.
    • Handguns: Rave possesses a pair of handguns. One is purple and utilizes Perseverance magic, while the other is yellow and uses Justice Magic. He can also combine his guns and make new one as seen in Animosity; this gun shoots Justice mixed with Perseverance beams.
    • Arnicite Kindness Device: Rave possesses a special device, made of arnicite, that stores Kindness magic and allows anyone, regardless of soul type, to use it.
    • Avalon: Mentioned in Hate, and used in Animosity, this technological creation is able to convert magic fueling it to project a magical shield in the shape of a dome.
  • Persisting Through Death: Due to Rave's Perseverance, his soul is able to involuntarily and instinctively hold out against death, allowing him to survive slightly longer than normally. This ability was shown in Animosity.


Game Over

Part 1

After Ronan and Undyne introduce themselves to each other, Ronan gets a call from one of his men that Rave has arrived in the city and would like to speak with the one in charge. They then proceed to go to the "Safe Perimeter 01" area, the place where Rave is waiting for them. Rave greets both of them and says that he saw on the news that there is a problem with something in the city and wishes to help. Ronan then cut him off and told him that he knows why he's here, and he can't use his weapons here because of city rules. Rave just gave him a strange smile and said that he's aware, but then insults Ronan by saying, "I said I wanted to talk to the one in charge. Not her dog." He then asks Ronan where Jessica is. After that, the screen fades to black.

Part 2

During Part 2, Rave is seen in his backstory that Ronan tells Undyne about. Rave was the younger brother of Jessica's husband, Noah Rutrow. After he died, Jessica had taken the rule of the city because Rave was too young. Rave's family wanted to take care of Alina, but Jessica was stubborn and kept her. It was too late when she had noticed that she couldn't take care of her daughter and her job at the same time, as Alina had run away to the Underground.

Jessica tells Rave to wait for a signal from her or her subordinate to allow him to use his weapons. Rave asks to wait for what and says that her officers have no magical training and are dying left and right. Jessica says she'd be responsible for more deaths if Rave let his people in.

Rave makes a comment saying that this isn't the first time someone dies under her care, referring to Alina. He says he will wait, but when everything is done, he will take proper care of the city.
GameOver Rave.png

He is then last seen being called by Jessica, who allows him to use his magical weapons after seeing the giant blob created by the Bete Noire.


Rave is seen waiting for Jessica as she said that they will talk later. Suddenly, he notices that there is an injured monster in his lab, and soon he finds out that it's Gaster, who is also a very important person.

Rave remembers that Gaster went along with Jessica, which causes him to suddenly turn pale with worry, wondering as to why Jessica isn't with him. He asks Gaster about her, but he ignores this and tells him that he has been promoted to the leader of the place. Rave recommends that Gaster stays and rests before healing his injuries with the arnicite Kindness Device. Rave asks Gaster for ideas about how to destroy the large blob created by the Bete Noire. Gaster simply states that Rave looks smart and he should figure it out himself. Rave starts investigating the topic and soon gets an idea. He makes a plan about how to destroy or trap the giant pink creature. Rave, later on, informs the army about the procedure.

Hate Rave.png

Afterwards, Rave is seen near the arena and rescues Ronan. He again uses the Kindness Device to heal Ronan's wound. Rave then asks Undyne if she can help to lure away the monster with her magic.


As Rave goes to the location where the Avalon will be set, he daydreams about the fatal accident that killed Noah and how bitter his mother was towards him afterward.

After setting up the Avalon, Rave tells Undyne that he's ready for her strike. However, Undyne's strike isn't strong enough to destroy the large blob and there are heavy casualties as many wizards are drained powering the Avalon. After numerous people's souls are drained, Rave decides to power the Avalon himself.

After Undyne's power-up, she sends a spear into the Avalon, which destroys the large blob, and completely drains Rave's soul of magic, sending him into a state of near-death.
Animosity Rave1.png
Rave arrives in the afterlife, but an invisible wall prevents him from passing through. As Noah walks over to him, Rave begs him to let him through, but Noah reminds him that he can't go back if he goes through and he has a city to lead. Rave comments that "this part" of Noah's job is terrible and is then sent back to the living world.

Here, he wakes up coughing and asks what happened, where he gets told he was too reckless for his own good.
Animosity Rave2 .png

As a means of justifying this action, he defends himself by saying the wizards could've all died with that hit and he can't put his people in danger, as it's not what a good leader would do. Finally, he concludes by thinking to himself on how he wants to go back to his laboratory, as the screen dims after.


Rave first appears in this episode in the park, following the Avalon's destruction. After being found by Ronan, the two briefly discuss their current conditions, with Rave additionally requesting of Raven to recharge the arnicite Kindness device. As the two are left alone, Rave notices Ronan expressing concern regarding the exertion of the other wizards, responding that while the situation had been dire, they had all survived. Ronan subsequently portrays worry over his friend's stability, to which the latter responds uneasily, stating that he had been forced to individually power the Avalon.

Ronan immediately expresses prominent surprise and immense concern upon this revelation, to which Rave responds that such was a necessary action, of which had ensured the survival and safety of everyone within the area, and that taking personal risks was a responsibility demanded of his position. Ronan merely replies that Rave should value his life alike that of others, to which the latter merely responds that the police chief lacks a proper comprehension of the situation's dire circumstances, adding that Undyne had known the risks entailed by her final attack, but had acted regardless. Ultimately, Rave concludes himself by requesting that Ronan thank Undyne for him.
Rave Hope 1.png

Immediately following this, HATE's awakening provokes a great explosion from the other end of the city, casting a pink sky across the district, of which is noted by everyone in the area. Meanwhile, Rave notices a disintegrating blob morphing into a black form, immediately calling for Raven to return them to a safer location. However, before anyone is able to react, the blob launches itself towards Rave, rapidly piercing through a momentarily-summoned shield from Raven. Before the creature is able to possess Rave, Ronan jumps in the way, subsequently being stabbed, and causing the body to gain control of his body.

As Ronan's form stands against them, Rave and Raven quickly realize the extremity of the situation. The blob quickly recognizes how to utilize Ronan's magic, subsequently launching a barrage of projectiles towards the opposition, immediately destroying Raven's shield and barely missing the two humans. Before the creature is able to use Ronan to attack again, Tobias acts, summoning a morphing shield around the Justice-traited's arm and restricting his movement. However, the blob merely retaliates by snapping Ronan's arm, provoking Tobias to disperse the shield.

As Ronan continues to rampage the streets, Rave quickly formulates a plan to utilize the arnicite device to trap Ronan long enough for reinforcements to arrive, additionally allowing the evacuation of the remaining Kindness wizards. Quickly launching into action, Rave sprints towards Ronan, momentarily utilizing the device to defend against an attack, and preparing to advance further. However, before Rave is able to get close enough, Ronan's following barrage destroys his shield, causing the Justice-traited's projectiles to rip into the dual-traited's body, subsequently knocking him to the ground.
Rave Hope 2.png

As Ronan prepares a finishing attack, Rave apologizes to Noah for failing to avenge his legacy, before Raven summons a shield between the two entities, sending Ronan slamming into the ground. As Raven and Tobias quickly leap into action, formulating a defense that is rapidly destructed, Rave suddenly realizes that applying sufficient force to Ronan, and consequently knocking the man unconscious, could expel the HATE from him. However, before anyone is able to act, Hugo and Undyne appear, the former crying for his father, who immediately attacks with minimal hesitation.

Right before Ronan is able to attack, Rave recalls Noah's words on the night of his death, provoking a momentarily burst of motivation that allows the dual-traited to leap upwards, deflecting the path of Ronan's attack, and subsequently ramming his head into his friend's.

The blob is immediately expelled, and stands against the two powerless individuals, possessing an enormous form sustained by Ronan's consumed magic. However, before the creature is able to attack, Undyne manifests the last of her Determination to erupt it. Rave then collapses, unconscious. As the dual-traited man drops to the ground, Raven immediately rushes to heal him, quickly realizing that he had already lost an excessive quantity of blood, and urgently requires extensive medical attention. Escorting Rave to the vehicle and reassuring Ronan that he was not at fault, the team quickly travels towards a nearby hospital to save the dual-traited from his injuries.
Rave Hope 3.png

During the aftermath, Rave is first seen waking up in a hospital bed. Sitting up, he notices a preoccupied Ronan, who quickly becomes aware of his presence. After being notified of the city’s survival and ongoing reconstruction, Rave endures immediate guilt for sleeping through everything as district leader, stating that the city requires his presence. Ronan disagrees, however, stating that he had already handled most of Rave’s matters, and requests that he keep resting.

Rave responds by questioning Ronan’s presence, quickly realizing that he had remained next to him the entire time, awaiting him to wake up. Ronan answers quickly, stating that he hadn’t minded doing so and that Rave required someone to watch over him. Rave, still not understanding, states that others could’ve done so instead. However, he quickly realizes that Ronan had felt the responsibility to do so, due to his guilt of causing the mayhem within the park. Ronan, mutually understanding Rave’s thoughts, merely responds that he’s glad his friend is well.

Following this, Ronan exits Rave’s room to request a nurse. However, as Rave continues to lay in bed, he notices of his mother, Grace Rutrow, walking through the hospital. Wanting to speak to her, Rave exits his room and follows Grace, the latter quickly noticing his presence. She immediately directs her orders to Rave, stating that he’ll be revoking his position as district leader. Her son, clearly agitated, responds that he had already accepted leadership and handled the situation. Grace, however, belittles Rave for his numerous failures throughout the plan, stating that excessive death and destruction were consequences of his incompetence.

As Rave attempts to justify himself, Grace suddenly screams in anger, stating that his plan had almost killed himself, causing the dual-traited to lose his will to argue against her. Meanwhile, as Grace continues to belittle Rave for his inaction, stating both him and Jessica as incompetent, unreputable leaders, Ronan notices the commotion, quietly entering the hallway. Ultimately, Grace concludes her speech by stating that Rave only possessed the position of district leader because nobody else qualified remains, adding that Noah was the only person who truly deserved the seat, deeply wounding Rave.
Rave Hope 4.png

However, before Grace is able to leave, a furious Ronan steps forward protectively in front of Rave, and begins to scold his mother, stating that her son had been successful in protecting many from death. Grace stably responds, stating that the situation had only become of astronomical danger due to Rave’s incapability, to which Ronan retaliates, stating that Grace hadn’t seen anything that her son had done. He then states, without hesitation, that Rave had saved everyone’s lives singlehandedly. Grace attempts to combat this argument, only to be interrupted once again by the Justice-traited, who proclaims Rave’s intense care towards his people and district. He goes on to state that he would much rather have him as the district's leader than someone like her, and that her perception of a strong leader is inaccurate.

Rave watches as Grace, defeated, silently exits the hospital. As Ronan turns to face his friend, Rave, exhausted, collapses into his arms. As Ronan carries his friend back towards his room, he states that he’ll be willing to assist Rave through all of his matters as district leader, promising to forever act as an advisor and ally, to which Rave warmly agrees.

Rave is later seen within the credits, first beating Hugo in video games, and later, hesitantly conducting a speech regarding the newly constituted Wizard Council.


  • He focuses on creating devices that combine magic with technology using arnicite, which is a special metal that can store trait magic.
  • The reason he uses arnicite technology, instead of regular trait magic, is due to the fact he has not trained his magic to reveal a specific Dual-Traited manifestation.
  • Rave admires W.D Gaster, as he's read about him in a history book before. This was shown in their conversation in Hate.
  • In Animosity, he survived his soul's magic being drained entirely, something monsters cannot survive without “falling down”.