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Color Purple
Race Human
Magic Type Melee Based Magic

Perseverance is one of the 7 Human Soul traits.

Basic Information

Perseverance is well known for being a stable and powerful kind of magic. It's perfect for cutting through any defenses in combat. This trait also shares the similarity with Justice of being stable due to their magic being related to their own willpower. Even simply having a goal in mind might boost the wizard's magic power. It is unlikely for this trait to lose their magic. However, it will depend on the wizards' goals and if their magic is more or less effective, according to the situation presented. Perseverance is mainly used in close combat, but it can also manifest differently.

- M-BK Volume 1

Powers and Abilities

  • Bladed Weapons: Perseverance grants the ability to manifest bladed weapons, such as Shane's Armblades.
  • Long-Lasting Damage: Perseverance can deal long-lasting damage, making the wounds caused by it very difficult to be healed.
  • Defense Piercing: Perseverance can pierce through defenses easily.
  • Persisting Through Death: As seen with Noah and Rave, Perseverance has the ability to persist through death.
  • Enhancements: Perseverance enhances the user's aura, stamina and endurance.
  • Armor (Noah): Noah can project a magical armor that can cover himself or someone else, as seen with Rave in Animosity.


  • In Game Over Part 2, the 3 Perseverance Wizards using magic as beams isn't considered natural since they were using technology to allow them to do that.
  • Unlike Kindness and Bravery who are respectively, defensively and offensively oriented, Perseverance is a balance between both.