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Color Cyan
Race Human
Magic Type Strings

Patience is one of the 7 Human Soul traits.

Basic Information

This trait's magic is extremely flexible and unpredictable. While the other traits have a common theme upon their abilities, Patience's magic may manifest differently between different wizards. It can also have properties of "Time Manipulation" and is commonly used as a type of defensive magic. The wizard can slow the time of people and objects around them for a short period of time. This alone has endless applications for multiple aspects. It all depends on the ratio and distance the wizard can cover. Sometimes, the magic won't rely on the distance covered but on the number of objects being manipulated. The limitations and conditions of this type of magic are still unknown.

- M-BK Volume 1

Powers and Abilities

  • Strings: Patience guarantees strings. Depending on the overall power of the wizard, they will be able to make their strings thinner until they become razor-sharp or thick tentacles, as seen with Gall and Rin, respectively.
  • Time Manipulation: A type of rare magic that allow wizards to cast a forcefield and manipulate the speed of people/objects in that range. However, this ability is scarce and its limits are unknown.


  • Rin, Gall, and Ellie are wizards that excel with Patience: Ellie has time manipulation and great control of her strings, Gall can make his razor-sharp, and Rin can make thick tentacles to use in combat.
  • Time Manipulation's power is similar to time distortion under extreme levels of gravity like seen near spinning black holes. However, this means Time Manipulation is unable to reverse time or stop it completely, although it can theoretically slow it down to the point where it looks like time has stopped.