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Soul/Trait Boss Monster Soul
Species Skeleton Monster
Gender Male
Status Alive
Theme Bonestrife
Voice Actor Citrus

Papyrus is a skeleton monster, who's also the son of Gaster and the younger brother of Sans. He first made an appearance, through a flashback, in Megalomaniac, and then an official appearance, in Continue.


Papyrus is a relatively taller and slightly slimmer skeleton than his older brother, Sans. He wears a red scarf, a chest plate with yellow trim, and a golden symbol on the left side of his chest. He also wears grey clothing covering his arms, hips, and legs. Lastly, he wears red gloves and blue briefs, both with a yellow trim, and red boots with black stripes.

Papyrus battle body.png

Ever since Game Over, he’s seen in a much more casual outfit due to his “battle body” being broken. He is wearing a brown shirt in this one, but still wields his signature scarf. After his fight with the pink creatures, his shirt is seen to have many more holes in it, and after his fight with Betty, his scarf is cut.

Papyrus current outfit.png


Papyrus is a skeleton with an egotistical personality. He has shown to be noisy and obnoxious at times, such as when he was yelling at Sans in Continue. His ego is easily displayed because he sometimes refers to himself as "The Great Papyrus".

Despite his self-centered views however, Papyrus has proven to have a very pure heart. He is a very forgiving and sympathetic monster, as shown in Do or Die, when he forgave Jessica Grey after she apologizes for playing a role in Sans' death. However, he tends to forgive others way too quickly. For example, when Frisk approached him while in the genocide route, Papyrus still believed that he could become a better person and offered him mercy. Frisk used this opportunity to kill him easily, and even after he decided to kill him, Papyrus still believed that he could redeem himself. He is also thought of to be somewhat naive by the other characters, but not dumb, as shown in Game Over Part 1.

Regardless, Papyrus is no longer as egotistical or naive as he once was in the Underground due to him being around many events in the series. He has developed a way to not think of himself as perfect, but show the purity in his heart to the point where he knows he must help and comfort everyone. This has led him to the brink of using his full power in Game Over Part 2, as he will do anything to protect his loved ones.

Papyrus also hides his insecurities and sadness when faced with a conflict, as shown in Love Part 2. He mentions that others depend on him to make them happy, so he hides his sadness to comfort them more adequately.

At the beginning of Hate, Papyrus faces issues with his self-esteem. We see this when he wonders if he's truly the Great Papyrus. These feelings, however, were shelved with Sans' return.

Powers and Abilities

  • Bones: Papyrus' main weapons are bones, which he uses to fight enemies.
    • Blue Bones: Papyrus is also able to summon blue colored bones, which can only hurt someone if they move while within range of them. This attack is better for restraining an opponent.
  • Gaster Blasters: As shown in Do or Die, Papyrus can summon blasters that can be used as shields. He can also fire powerful energy from their mouth, as seen in Game Over Part 2.
  • Healing: Papyrus has the ability to cast healing magic on others, as shown in LOVE Part 1, when he heals Gaster after his battle with Bete Noire. He's also capable of healing himself, as shown in Hate, when he heals himself after his battle with the pink creatures.
  • Telekinesis: Papyrus can move people and objects from a distance by grabbing and commanding their movements.

Special Attacks

  • Big Bones: Papyrus is capable of summoning abnormally large bones offensively.


Season 1


Papyrus makes an appearance in a flashback. He appeared during the line: "Even after what you did, he still believed in you. Till the end." On said line, he was seen offering mercy to Frisk, but Frisk crushed his head in response.


Papyrus plays a minor role in this episode. When it starts, Papyrus is seen waking up a sleeping Sans. He is seen when the gigantic black ball is broken and at the surface with Frisk and the other monsters.

Season 2


In this episode, Papyrus is seen when Frisk and Bete come to his house to get him, Sans, and Asriel for Mettaton's first live performance.

A few scenes later, Papyrus, Sans, Asriel, Frisk, and Bete are seen at Mettaton's first live performance. Papyrus soon spots a girl stuck atop the crane. He then attempts to help her by doing what she said for him to do, not realizing that the girl is an illusion, resulting in him accidentally dropping large beams of steel on the people in the area. He is then seen with Asriel before being arrested.

Do or Die

In the episode, he first appears when Jessica Grey arrives at the jailhouse, where Asgore and Papyrus are imprisoned. She soon apologizes to him for playing a part in his brother's death and he forgives her, causing her to regain her trait: Integrity.

Later in the animation, Papyrus is seen with Undyne, Asgore, and Jessica, when they arrive at Gaster's lab. Out of pure anger, Gaster then attempts to kill Jessica. Luckily, Papyrus summons a Gaster blaster to protect her. Near the end of the episode, he is healing Gaster with his healing magic.


Part 1

Papyrus is seen using healing magic on Gaster when the episode starts. He then is seen sitting on the couch as Jessica is warning the city's citizens about Betty's blobs. Papyrus gave her permission to do this through Gaster's computer, which he didn't approve of.

Part 2

Later, Papyrus was looking at the stars during the night, wondering why Gaster liked them so much. Next, Papyrus and Gaster start to have a conversation with each other. Gaster asks him why he forgave Jessica so easily and that it almost seemed to Papyrus like she didn't do anything wrong. Papyrus proceeds to say that while the times might be hard, he can't let himself look sad because people look to him to comfort them and that he has to try as hard as he can to do that. Papyrus believes that nobody has an excuse not to accept someone's apology when they have made so many mistakes themselves. Papyrus then gives Gaster back the broken mug he had managed to fix. Gaster still doesn't feel comfortable about forgiving Jessica just yet, but Papyrus allows him to take his time and wait until he can forgive her.

During the battle between Frisk and Bete, Papyrus protects Frisk from an incoming Gaster Blaster from Sans, who came back through HATE. Papyrus then begins to "battle" with Sans while Frisk takes on Bete. However, Papyrus refuses to fight back against his brother. Papyrus begins to take damage from Sans and gets hit into a wall, damaging his right shoulder. Sans begins to question why Papyrus refuses to fight back as he spawns a bone and gets ready to attack him; Papyrus then says that Sans is his brother and will never hurt him.
LovePt2 Papyrus.png

Papyrus' words start to remove the HATE from Sans, forcing Bete to flee from the battlefield. However, after being freed, Sans falls into a comatose state. Papyrus believes that Sans will be awakened from his coma because he believes Sans is a powerful monster. Frisk then asks Papyrus why he treats everyone with kindness, even when death is a possibility. Papyrus responds that while not everything can be resolved with kindness, he knows he has to hold onto his hopes for things to get better, and by doing so there, he was able to save his brother.

My Promise

Right after the blobs attack Jessica and Undyne, Gaster asks Papyrus to come with Sans back to his lab in the Underground to check on Sans' condition.

When they arrive at the lab, Gaster asks Papyrus to lay Sans down in a special ICU-like bed and then asks Papyrus to get him some supplies. While Papyrus is busy, Gaster views Sans' condition on the screen. Sans is in the state of Fallen Down (the audience is later informed that "Fallen Down" means Sans' condition is essentially terminal and that he will turn into dust soon). Gaster is horrified at the results, staring at the screen in disbelief.

When Papyrus gets back, Gaster hastily shuts off the computer to ensure that Papyrus doesn't see his brother's diagnosis. When Papyrus asks about the results, Gaster lies to him, saying that Sans' condition is stable and that he will recover. Papyrus was relieved because he said he could barely feel his brother's soul.

A few seconds later, Gaster asks Papyrus to stay and watch Sans while talking to Asgore and doing more research. Papyrus proposes that he helps Gaster, but Gaster continuously rejects Papyrus' offers until threatened by Gaster's hands, scaring him to stay with Sans.

Game Over

Part 1

Papyrus is first seen noticing that Jessica seems to feel better. Then, when he offers to go with Jessica, Gaster says he isn't going and has to look after Sans. Papyrus then gets mildly annoyed and says that if Gaster isn't going, then there's no reason why he shouldn't go either and that Gaster said he was done looking for things. Gaster angrily replies, saying that it's too dangerous, but Papyrus says that that is why he wants to go, to help Jessica and the other humans and monsters that need them.

In an attempt to restrain Papyrus, Gaster tries to tie him up with Patience strings, saying that he only wants Papyrus to be safe. Papyrus then retaliates, summoning a bunch of blue bones to restrain Gaster. Papyrus comments that he is worried about Gaster, too, and says that they need to talk, but Gaster ignores it. Gaster then hallucinates back to his battle with Bete, causing him to scream: "LET GO OF ME", and rips one of his arms from the bones. He proceeds to tie Papyrus up and throw him into a wall, hurting him, before coming to his senses.
GameOver Papyrus.png

He then pleads for Gaster to let him help, but Gaster believes he doesn't deserve Papyrus' help because of all the mistakes he has made. Papyrus then hugs him, telling Gaster that the only mistake he can make is to not ask for help. Gaster then asks Papyrus to stay at the house with Sans while he goes with Jessica instead. Papyrus accepts and promises that he will stay safe. Papyrus is then seen at the end of the episode, as blobs sneak near the house.

Part 2

He is seen in the lab with Sans as he looks at him with worry. He then goes upstairs and into a room at ground level when a pink blob attempts to attack him from behind, to where Papyrus attacks back with a bone. He then strikes the incoming blobs, avoiding their attacks as they jump at him.

More blobs jump in through the window, and Papyrus continues to send bones at them. Then, a bigger creature comes from behind him and grabs him. Blobs begin to leap at him, but he performs a Bone Spin attack, destroying all of them.

Continuing the fight inside the house, Papyrus is eventually knocked outside to where a large pink blob attempts to attack him. He defends with a half Gaster Blaster, which then turns into a full one, blasting the blob to pieces. He then uses his blue magic, throws some blobs into bones, and then spawns in a half-blaster. The creatures jump on it, but Papyrus flies bones into them from behind. He then goes back inside to where he performs his special attack, where he summons massive bones striking throughout the house.
GameOverPt2 Papyrus.png
Finally, he calms down, as he believes that he has gotten rid of them all, but he sees that some are still alive. He is then stabbed behind the back, and his arms and legs get held by other pink blobs. He's stabbed in the back again and punches the ground with a blue aura, which spawns in blue attacks on the creatures, and then blows up the house with several blasters. He was still inside the entire time, but Papyrus spawned a blaster above himself as a shield.
GameOverPt2 Papyrus .png


Papyrus appears in the episode’s beginning, recalling every time he’s been doubted because of his innocent nature. He wishes to show everyone he can fight, but also failed to protect the house when he was trusted to.

He wakes up, noticing the house’s state. This brings him to tears, knowing he had failed his mission and wondering if the others really were right about him. Meanwhile, Sans appears, noticing Papyrus crying, and asks if he is alright. Papyrus, surprised to see Sans awake, considering he could feel him being dead, runs to him and asks if he was dead as well. Sans casually responds that they're both alive, but that he doesn’t have much time left. After Sans apologizes for Papyrus' "battle body," Papyrus responds that he liked his shirt until it became filled with holes.
Hate Papyrus.png

Papyrus then falls, clearly hurt due to his fight. As he heals himself, Sans asks him where everyone is, with Papyrus stating most of them are at the arena. Sans asks where the "kid" is, where he states that Chara is in the arena. However, Sans asks if there was another kid, which Papyrus does not understand as he isn’t able to see traces of someone missing. Papyrus is eventually fully healed, having an idea of how to get to the arena. He then summons a blaster and uses the blast as an engine to move.


Papyrus first appears with Sans at the city. Bete tries to take his soul, but Gaster intervenes. Papyrus and Sans see Gaster and they all embrace each other. Bete then tries to attack Papyrus again, but to no avail, as Papyrus summons a huge bone to attack her, which sends her flying into a building. Gaster then punches Betty through it.

When Bete summons multiple projectiles at the surrounding buildings, making pieces of rubble fly down at the skeletons, Sans and Gaster use their magic to defend themselves, but Papyrus takes the initiative and uses blue bones to stop Bete from escaping. He then dodges multiple hits from her before getting hit by her shapeshifted giant hand and crashes into a building, leaving him wounded. Soon after, Bete grabs Papyrus with her arm, using him as a hostage. She begins to crush him before getting blasted away by Sans. Gaster then heals Papyrus' wounds with his magic.
Animosity Papyrus.png
Papyrus witnesses Sans melt due to overusing Determination and dying from running out of magic. He cries and mourns his brother's death. Enraged, Gaster reverses the link between himself and Papyrus, taking back the magic formerly being supplied to his son and draining around half of Papyrus' soul magic. He uses this power to kill Bete once and for all. Afterwards, he stops his assault due to knowing that it'll kill Papyrus if he continues, sees Bete's corpse as husk, and falls unconscious in his son's hands after telling him that he's tired.
Animosity Papyrus .png

At the end of the episode, Papyrus witnesses an illusion in which Gaster turns to dust, leaving Papyrus in shock. While he is distracted, HATE, having consumed Bete's body, tries to kill him. However, at the last moment, Chara jumps in and takes the hit for Papyrus, revealing Gaster dying to be an illusion. Asriel joins them, and Chara, then tells Asriel and Papyrus to stay behind him.


  • Papyrus' eye showed a different aspect in Game Over Part 2 when summoning the blue bones - the pupil is colored while the iris retains its normal color - this implies exhaustion and also had a similar appearance to Gaster's eyes in the previous part.
  • All three skeletons can use their blasters for defensive and offensive purposes, but Papyrus will only use it on something that can't feel any remorse, such as the pink blobs.


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