Noah Rutrow

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Noah Rutrow
Noah infobox.png
Soul/Trait Human Soul
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Theme None
Voice Actor Citrus

Noah Rutrow is Jessica Grey's husband, the brother of Rave Rutrow, and the son of Grace Rutrow. He made his first appearance in Game Over Part 2.


Noah appears as a middle-aged male with purple hair, eyes, and a purple beard. He appeared to be wearing a red sweater at the time of the fatal crash. In the afterlife, he is shown to be wearing a black shirt with grey pants.


Noah has been shown to have a very lighthearted and comforting personality. He shows immense love and cares for his family, with a willingness to protect them at all costs.

Powers and Abilities

  • Armor: Noah can project a magical armor that can cover himself or someone else, as seen with Rave in Animosity.
  • Persisting Through Death: Noah is capable of holding out against death, allowing him to survive slightly longer than normally.


Game Over

Part 2

At the beginning of the episode, Ronan Cass mentioned Noah when he told Undyne who Rave Rutrow is. Ronan said that Noah had been a commander of the city. When Noah died, Jessica had taken his post due to Rave being too young at the time.

Noah appeared again at the end of the episode. He was standing silently when Jessica was talking to Alina. After that, he hugged his family as Jessica promised her daughter that they would never be alone ever again.


Noah appears briefly in this episode. He is seen in a family photo in Rave’s suitcase, which Rave is saddened over. He then appears in Rave’s thoughts when he heals Ronan.


While staring outside of a window, Rave begins having a flashback where Noah asks him if young Rave had heard what he said.Rave replies, telling him he did not, and comments on how he sounds like their mother, who is completely ignoring him even though they only see each other a few times a year. Noah then asks him if he knows why and then begins recounting that Rave had done bad things to annoy her. But despite all those things, Noah believes the larger reason Grace is mad at Rave is that he can do so much more to help others if he put effort into it, but he wasn't interested in it. Noah continues by saying that now, Rave has insisted on coming to his meetings despite finding it hard to be around people. Noah then ends the conversation by telling Rave that he'll talk with their mom next time, reassuring him that she'll be proud of him as well.

After hearing this, Rave thanks Noah and his brother offers to watch a movie with him after. Seconds later, a truck suddenly crashes into them, knocking their vehicle off the edge of a cliff. Luckily for Rave, Noah thinks quickly and saves his little brother by shielding him with his magic.

After the car had fallen and Rave ends up on the ground unconscious, Noah manages to wake him up after yelling his name and tells him not to move because he could become more injured.

At this moment, Rave looks at Noah and becomes terrified by Noah's condition, as many parts of the car wreckage had immensely impaled him. Noah tries to lighten the mood by commenting on how Jessica will be mad. He tells Rave not to cry for him and that his own wounds don't hurt.

He then comments on how he feels a bit cold before dying soon after.

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Later in the episode, Noah appears once more after Rave had appeared in the afterlife. Rave wants to pass the barrier that separates the two, but Noah tells him that he won't be able to go back if he comes there. Rave refuses to understand this and tells Noah that he misses him, but Noah responds that while he knows that, the city needs him more because it's his job as the leader now. As Rave begins to cry, he tells Noah that the job sucks, making Noah laugh and agree with him in response. Noah states that regardless of that, Rave was still brave enough to take it, which made him proud. As Rave begins to return from the afterlife, Noah advises him to try breathing again.


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