My Sunshine

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My Sunshine is the 1st episode in Season 2 of Glitchtale, and was released on October 25, 2016.


Monsters have integrated well with the rest of the Humans, after arriving on the surface. However, the Anti-Monsters Department (AMD) director, Jessica Grey, remains untrustworthy of them. Frisk does his best to convince her that the two races can coexist.


A month after being released from the Underground, the Monsters seem to be living in harmony with Humans. Undyne became a police officer, Gaster was recognized for his scientific brilliance, and Toriel became a teacher who helps develop children's soul traits. Only certain human children appeared to be capable of obtaining magical abilities. Seemingly due to the outlaw of magic for an extended time. Of all the Humans on the surface, Frisk is the only one who has a Determination Soul.

Frisk agreed to be the Monsters' ambassador but isn’t experienced enough, so Asgore mainly handles the political meetings. The Anti-Monsters Department is against Monsters mingling with Humans and Frisk tries to convince Jessica Grey, the AMD director, that Monsters mean no harm.

On his way to the AMD headquarters, Frisk meets Bete, who is crossing the street and almost gets hit by a car. Frisk stops the vehicle with a broad Determination shield, and Betty thanks him before eagerly introducing herself. After subtly implying she wants to hang out with him more, Frisk offers her to come with him.

Meanwhile, after calling him to a meeting, Asriel talks with Sans. Asriel apologizes for everything he did to him when he had control over the timeline as Flowey, and wants to move forward. Angered, Sans points out the hypocrisy of Asriel wanting to move forward, remembering when he forced Sans and every other Monster in the Underground to be trapped in time for his own amusement. Asriel tells Sans he isn’t asking for forgiveness or looking to justify his actions, just that he wants to be seen as himself and not what he was as a flower. Sans says he sees this as a good start.
MySunshine Sans and Asriel.png

Seeming to be on better terms, Sans jokes about Asriel eating Papyrus’ spaghetti to redeem himself, as the goat Monster hastily leaves. Sans begins to question if he can move on with his life as well.

After Jessica adamantly refuses to take any part in the reunion, Frisk tells her that the Monsters are his family and asks if Jessica would want her own family to live peacefully as well. Jessica begrudgingly agrees to take Frisk and Betty to Gaster’s house to see if Monsters are the kind creatures that Frisk says they are.

Gaster is reading “Human History Volume 1” when the three arrive at his house. Gaster spits out his coffee in surprise upon seeing Jessica, to the lack of amusement from the director.

Gaster then informs Jessica of the expansion of the CORE and its possible benefits to Humankind. He simplifies to her that it generates electricity with heat from Hotland as a “non-polluting, unlimited, self-sustaining, power source”, and would mean no cost in electricity for anyone. Gaster tells her that the AMD would shut down this technological advancement if she didn’t agree to sign the treaty and this causes Jessica to have second thoughts in her decision. Gaster slyly winks at Frisk before they leave his house to go to Toriel’s school.

Frisk then brings Jessica to Toriel to show her a demonstration of Toriel teaching children magic. A young Kindness-traited boy, named Cam, volunteers. Toriel shows how she reveals people's traits. In the process, something comes up Bete's sleeve, and she hastily pushes it back down. When Toriel is finished showing Cam's trait, she praises the boy by calling him her "little sunshine", triggering Jessica's memories of someone whom she affectionately referred to with the same nickname. The sudden memory causes Jessica to tear up and leave the room.

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Toriel then tries to check Betty’s soul trait, when a spherical pink blob appears out of Betty’s sleeve to defend her from what it perceived to be a threat, to everyone’s surprise. Betty apologizes and tells the others that the creature is named “Akumu”, or “Kumu”, for short. Toriel tells Frisk that she should check on Jessica and tells him to stay safe as he leaves the school.

Asriel and Sans are later hanging out outside, and the latter informs Asriel that Grillby and Muffet were competing for customers since they run the most popular restaurants in the city. Sans teases Asriel with bad flower puns before they spot Frisk as he’s looking for Jessica. After Frisk introduces Betty to the two, she tells them that she had visited the school, but didn't fit in since she was the only person who had a pink soul, much to the others' shock. Gaster and Sans are later searching for the pink soul trait in Gaster's lab, who neither recognize with their limited knowledge of the surface. After ceasing their search for the moment, Frisk arrives after learning of Sans’ talk with Asriel and says that he also wants to move forward, regardless of what he did. Frisk gives Sans a blue bracelet with their faces on it and the words "Don't Forget". Sans smiles and thanks Frisk for the gift.

At the headquarters, Jessica tells Frisk that she decided to sign the peace agreement. She decides that maybe it was time that Humans changed and adapted to Monsters. She reminisces about her daughter and how she didn't spend enough time with her due to her job, which caused her to run away. Jessica hopes that she is making a better life for herself.

During the conference, a man asks Asgore how the magical barrier was broken. He responds that they used the souls of the Humans who fell into the Underground, and that they were all children. Frisk is horrified at the realization that Jessica's daughter was one of the Humans killed. In response to being asked about the arrival and appearance of the last human who fell, Asgore says that it was 20 years ago, and that it was a girl with a pink tutu and blue eyes. Realizing that Asgore was talking about her daughter, Jessica angrily calls him a murderer and is escorted out of the building, to the sorrow of everyone watching.
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Blinded in revenge and grief, Jessica tells herself that she will make the Monsters pay. A shadowed silhouette behind a tree then reveals itself. They offer Jessica a chance for the “perfect revenge” against the Monsters with a plan to eradicate them, but that she needed something from Jessica in return. They then tell her they will meet her at her office at the AMD. After the person leaves, Jessica states that the Monsters' fate was sealed when they killed her daughter, and that she would avenge her death no matter what.


  • Akumu means "nightmare" in Japanese.
  • The “car” that almost hit Betty was an illusion made so Frisk would save Betty, and so that she could gain his friendship.
  • It’s possible that the main reason Akumu appeared to defend Betty was in fear that people would learn what she really was.
  • The “Don’t Forget” bracelet that Frisk gave Sans refers to the picture in Sans’ workshop in Undertale, with the same phrase written on it.
  • In the background of Gaster's lab, there are three boards that contain Wingdings.
    • On the first board, it says: "The Barrier was created by seven Human wizards. It explains why we only need the equivalent of seven Human souls to open it. I've been reading Human history to get more information about its creation and to see if I can find something useful."
    • On the second board, it says: "All children seem to divide within the basic six traits known... However only Frisk has a Determination soul, and its percentage is higher than usual."
    • On the third board, it says: "CORE Expansion - The CORE will be the main source of power for the city. Its expansion is already effective in some places. I'm figuring out why the CORE is related to resets. Though it is unclear. I think it may be my fault."