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Muffet infobox.png
Soul/Trait Monster Soul
Species Spider Monster
Gender Female
Status Alive
Theme None
Voice Actor None

Muffet is a side character, who's the owner of Muffet's Bakery. She made her first appearance in My Sunshine.


Muffet appears as a spiderlike monster with three sets of two hands, five eyes, and her hair tied up on the opposite sides of her head. In My Sunshine, she is shown to wear a maroon bow tie on her chest, and in Game Over Part 2, she is shown to wear a maroon short-sleeved shirt and light-maroon leggings.


Muffet is seen as competitive (as shown with her restaurant competition with Grillby), and often viewed as almost unsettling and even slightly sadistic at times, such as Frisk's encounter with her in Undertale. However, she has a more caring side, helping her friends and others when it is necessary, as shown when she saved Mettaton from death as Bete Noire was about to strike him. She did this with the help of Grillby, despite their former rivalry.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strings: Muffet is able to utilize purple strings, which she typically applies to restrain her opponent.


My Sunshine

Muffet was seen glaring at Grillby as Sans and Asriel watched from nearby, reflecting on the rivalry of the two due to them both having the most popular restaurants in the city.


Part 1

Muffet is seen with her pet while Jessica broadcasts a message to the city, telling humans of Bete Noire and warning them to bring a monster with them if they must leave for any reason.

Game Over

Part 2

Muffet is first seen at the beginning of Bete's attack on the arena. She overlooks the arena from the side as Mettaton is thrown down into it by Bete's shapeshifting hand.

She is later seen restraining Bete Noire, saving Mettaton from being stabbed with the finishing blow. With Grillby assisting, Bete is shot back and held from attacking the trio. Mettaton demands Muffet and Grillby to flee from the battle and save themselves, but Muffet insists that they couldn't let him die. Bete, deciding to stop playing around and attacks Grillby and Muffet, quickly leaving them vulnerable on the ground. However, just as Muffet is about to be killed, Mettaton saves her by using himself to power a magical spotlight on Bete, distracting her.
GameOver Muffet.png

When Chara arrives and attacks Bete, Toriel and Asgore assist Muffet, Grillby, and Mettaton in evacuating the arena.


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