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Mettaton infobox.png
Soul/Trait Monster Soul
Species Ghost Monster
Gender Male
Status Alive
Theme Metal, Metal Crusher
NEO Fear
Voice Actor Rev897

Mettaton is ghost Monster, who was given a robot body to inhabit by Dr. Alphys. He first appears in My Sunshine.


Mettaton has black hair with a pink tip, pink eyes, and a gray body, with a pink plate as the torso. He also has a black-winged top, and a blue plate directly below the chest, with the design of a pink soul.

In his NEO form, the bottom halves of Mettaton's legs become covered in pink armor. His pink plate now covers the entirety of his upper body, with a pink soul and Monster soul design in its center. Lastly, pink edges are added to the black-winged tops.


While Mettaton cares very much for the attention and appreciation he gets from his fans for being a celebrity star, he is shown to have a deeper, more caring side beneath his confident personality. He cares immensely for Alphys, and was deeply hurt when learning of her death in Game Over Part 2. He strives to help people as best as he can and is, deep down, shown to be admirably selfless.

Powers and Abilities

While Mettaton doesn't have many abilities in his main form, his NEO form unlocks much more offensive capability.

  • Lasers: Mettaton has the ability to use his arm like a cannon to blast his opponents with projectiles.
  • Jet Rockets: Mettaton can levitate and fly with rockets attached to his back and feet.
  • Powering Spotlights: Mettaton can use himself to power spotlights to damage his opponents.


My Sunshine

Mettaton is briefly seen at the end of this episode, with a clearly worried expression while watching Jessica's outburst over Asgore killing her daughter.


Mettaton is briefly seen when Frisk, Bete, Papyrus, Sans, and Asriel go to his first live performance on the surface. Bete soon decides to talk to him, while using an illusion to manipulate Papyrus. He was seen meeting her before Papyrus accidentally dropped the crane's contents on the surrounding area’s people.

Game Over

Part 2

Mettaton first receives a call from Alphys' phone. Believing it is her, his expression quickly turns to delight. He seems disappointed and worried to hear Asgore's voice, then when he hears of her death, he drops his phone in shock, cracking it on the floor.

He is later seen sitting against his desk, mourning the death of Alphys. When his friend, Isabelle, comes in, he tells her to leave him alone, but she walks over and sits beside him anyway. While he grieves, Isabelle apologizes for not comforting him much, and he shows clear annoyance at her presence.

The two soon notice a magical barrier being established around the area. Mettaton, realizing that Bete must have arrived, quickly tells Isabelle to bring him his briefcase containing his NEO form.

As Bete is about to murder a fleeing child, Mettaton uses a magical spotlight on her. She falls to the ground and pieces of her body start disintegrating. While she suffers, Mettaton orders the child to hide, saying he'll stall for time. Bete then destroys his spotlight, grabs Mettaton, and slams him into the ground of the arena. As Bete lunges at him with her scythe, Isabelle arrives with the briefcase and throws it at Mettaton, which he catches as he leaps to avoid Bete's attack. The briefcase and Mettaton shine as he transforms into his NEO form. As Bete attempts to claw him, he catches her off guard and fires a projectile directly into her face.
Mettaton GameOver Part2 1.png

Not long after, Mettaton continues firing his cannon, but Bete manages to dodge the explosions while launching her own projectiles. He continues dodging her attacks while failing to do any damage. When Mettaton uses the smoke from an explosion to his advantage, Bete still avoids his attack and leaps into the air towards him. He attempts to kick her, but she grabs onto his leg. Before she can do any significant damage, he sends the two of them blasting down to the ground. Using Mettaton's strategy, Bete launches a projectile to distract him, allowing her to send a spear through his wing. This move also acts as a distraction for her last attack. As she leaps into the air, chuckling at Mettaton's inexperience in combat, she sends him crashing into the ground, breaking parts of his body and leaving him incapable of action.

As Bete readies herself to deal the finishing blow to Mettaton, Muffet prevents her from attacking him. Grillby also intervenes, blasting Bete with fire and sending a constant wave against her shield. Mettaton notices them and protests their presence, ordering them to leave, but they insist that they can't leave him to die. While Bete attacks Muffet and Grillby, nearly killing them almost instantly, Mettaton is able to make his way to another, much larger spotlight, and using his own body to power it, lets it fire at Bete. However, Bete effortlessly walks through the beam, barely affected. She fires a projectile at the spotlight, causing a massive explosion and destroying most of Mettaton's body.
Mettaton GameOver Part2 2.png

Mettaton appears nearly dead, weak, and starts powering off. Isabelle looks horrified, shocked, and begins to cry. However, as Bete is about to advance, Mettaton grabs her leg, saying she has to kill him first if she wants to hurt anyone else. As she stares at him amused, she questions why he fights so hard when he knows he can't beat her, with him responding that he was only fighting to buy time. Shocked, Bete notices Chara arriving, ready to attack her. She attempts to run, but Mettaton holds onto her leg, keeping her in place. After Chara hits Bete into the arena wall, Muffet picks up Mettaton and evacuates with Grillby.


In this episode, a severely damaged Mettaton is first seen in the arena, as Kindness users attempt to utilize their magic to heal him. However, as his former ghost body is merged with a robot body, these magical efforts are deemed ineffective. Following Toriel and Asgore's discussion, a group of reinforcements arrive at the arena, having been ordered to the safe zone by Rave in Animosity. A member of the reinforcements is a Traitless mechanic, who is able to revitalize Mettaton through magical electricity. As the man explains that the temporary solution will be able to sustain the robot for enough time to be properly repaired, Mettaton and Isabelle stare at each other in relief.
Mettaton Hope.png

Mettaton and Isabelle are later seen in the credits, with the latter giving the former a makeover.


  • When Mettaton grabs Bete's leg, his eye gleams red, showing the generation of Determination.