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Megalomaniac is the 1st episode in the entire Glitchtale series, and was released on February 28, 2016.


Frisk confronts Sans in the judgment hall, but it seems like Chara is still in control.


The episode begins by stating the meaning of a megalomaniac, defining it as a person who has an obsessive desire for power. The animation then cuts to the final corridor, where Frisk and Sans are about to engage in combat. Sans begins the battle by sending forth a barrage of bones, which Frisk manages to dodge, but gets caught off-guard when a group of Gaster Blasters materializes behind him and blasts him to death. Frisk returns to the battle again, thanks to his SAVE point, and this time, he immediately attacks Sans with a knife, but misses. Sans counterattacks by slamming Frisk into the wall with his magic, then lines the wall with bones to impale him, killing him again.

Frisk comes back yet again, but his image soon begins to flicker between Chara's and his own. His soul also starts to grow black tendrils around its edges. Seemingly oblivious to this, Sans and Frisk briefly recollect their moments of bonding in the previous timelines before they return to fighting again. As he fights, Frisk repeatedly shifts between Chara and himself, while the black tendrils branch out further and further. In the midst of the battle, a flashback appears which shows how Chara, who was controlling Frisk's body, mercilessly killed Sans' brother, Papyrus. The lattermost firmly believed that Frisk could change from his murderous ways.
The scene then returns to the present, in which Sans kills Frisk five more times, with the last being the infamous dunk-kill. Frisk reappears at the load screen and begins to feel regretful about his actions.

He reaches for the RESET button, but to his shock, HATE pulls his arm away, fully envelops his soul, and entraps him, allowing Chara to take full control upon loading Frisk's save file. Chara is now the one facing Sans. The latter appears to somewhat notice the change, but continues to fight Chara all the same. The two are neck and neck, while Frisk has to watch everything happen through a wall of HATE. Chara appears much more skilled in combat than Frisk, eventually managing to tire Sans out and preparing to strike the final blow. However, at this moment, Frisk manages to break out of his prison and blocks the fatal hit with his own body.

Frisk apologizes to Sans for what he did and asks him to fix his mistakes one last time, leaving behind his soul, which Sans quickly absorbs before Chara could snatch it for himself. By absorbing Frisk's soul, both of Sans' irises turn blue, his stats receive an immense boost, and control of the RESET and CONTINUE buttons switch over to him. He proceeds to kill Chara with ease by impaling him with a large bone and then blasting him with a group of Gaster Blasters, before resetting the timeline. He finishes the fight and the episode with the new phrase: "get dunked on, you megalomaniac."


  • 678 days after release, the animation reached 10 million views.
  • The song playing is Aria Rose’s Megalomaniac cover.
  • On February 28, 2018, a re-animated version of Megalomaniac was published for the second anniversary of Glitchtale, by Jakei Peñaloza and Super Youmna.