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Hello and welcome to the official Glitchtale Wiki! We, the Wiki Staff, have collaborated with Camila Cuevas herself to provide fans with accurate and helpful information about the series as a whole. This website is still under construction, but wait patiently and all of the information you need will be right here.



Glitchtale is an Alternate Timeline of Undertale created by Camila Cuevas! In this series, a different outcome of a genocide run changes the route of the timeline forever. Old characters return, new characters and environments are explored, with many more new things to come!

Animation/Direction: Camila
Co-Writers: Veir and Devour
Sound Designer: Strelok
Soundtrack: NyxTheShield

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Glitchtale is an original web animation based off of Undertale, a game made by Toby Fox - check it out on Steam.

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