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Love is the 4th episode in Season 2 of Glitchtale, split into two parts. The first part was released on May 30, 2017, and the second part was released on October 4, 2017.


After Gaster fails to destroy the Bete Noire, multiple subsequent attempts are made. Frisk reveals a secret he has been keeping since Monsterkind had been liberated.


Part 1

While unconscious, Gaster recalls an old memory of himself, Sans, and another person operating within the CORE. An accident causes Gaster to fall into the depths of the facility, leading to his appearance in The Void. Gaster soon wakes up to find himself in Papyrus' and Jessica's care. When he is told of the situation, he believes that they need to assist Undyne. However, he discovers that he’s bleeding. Because Monsters are normally composed entirely of magic, they shouldn’t be capable of bleeding. He then concludes from this that Undyne has the potential to defeat Betty.

Bete Noire prepares for battle within The Nullifier Room, believing that Undyne will fall as the other Monsters have. However, to her surprise, Undyne outclasses her in every regard thanks to her empowered state. Bete Noire barely manages to avoid fatal damage, and any attempts to attack or defend are met with overwhelming strength. Undyne's wounds heal before any real damage can be dealt. Even Rhabdophobia is useless against Undyne, as no matter how many of her spears are taken, she can effortlessly make many more. All the while, Betty is unable to comprehend how Undyne can possess Determination, as Monsters should be unable to.

At the climax of their battle, Undyne unleashes a powerful attack that destroys the room and vaporizes more than half of Betty's body. However, Akumu was shielded from the attack and discovered the vial Bete Noire acquired from Jessica. Bete Noire is seemingly revived after using it, now in a semi-possessed state, with increased strength and speed. The two fight once again, but soon find that neither seems capable of fully destroying the other. Undyne even mocks Bete Noire's attempt to wound her mortally.
Love Part1 Undyne vs Betty.png

Before their fight can escalate any further, Bete Noire is able to regain control of her body, but sees that HATE carries risks and decides to retreat with Akumu. Rather than pursuing, Undyne falls to the ground and reverts to her normal form. She then weeps over the death of Alphys.

The Bete Noire has taken refuge in an unknown, decrepit wooden shed. Here, she discusses with Akumu that consuming HATE all at once has led to her losing control over her own body. She's afraid of the substance and what might happen if it's able to take over completely. After this, many pink blobs return from their assault on the school. Akumu them consumes the creatures and claims the collected souls for itself and Bete Noire.

Frisk appears somber and demoralized after the many deaths he had seemingly failed to prevent. This is only made worse after he discovers that Alphys had been killed. His personality has shifted drastically, and he has become more quiet and passive-aggressive than ever before.

Later, Frisk has a private conversation in the backyard with Asriel. The latter questions Frisk about his change in character. Frisk reveals that the promise he made to Sans about moving on with the future was no more than a lie. Even more than that, he had hoped to discover a method to reset the world once more since the button had been broken. Frisk also reveals his plan to fight Betty alone and ignores Asriel's urgings to wait. Following this revelation was a short but intense argument between them, which ends with Frisk calling out Asriel's cowardice. Asriel then leaves Frisk's side, and Frisk's LV rises.
Love Part1 Frisk being mean.png

Part 2

This part begins with Papyrus looking at the stars, Undyne resting in bed, and Asgore watering flowers. Toriel prepares a sandwich, and Jessica caresses a set of ballet shoes that Frisk gave her, which previously belonged to her own daughter.

Frisk experiences flashbacks of the fights he took part in. Toriel interrupts him and offers him food. However, Frisk rejects the offer and is rude to Toriel. Meanwhile, Jessica talks to Ronan Cass, a police chief, through the phone about a magical barrier deployed around the city.

Once morning arrives, Frisk walks to the door. Toriel attempts to stop him from leaving, but Frisk lashes out violently and cuts her hand. He then leaves, rejecting the notions of familial relationship. Following this, Asgore approaches Asriel about what he believes to be troubling his son. Asgore offers words of advice to deal with his emotional troubles, which Asriel thanks him for. Asgore also reveals that he once had a friend named Roy and that things may have ended up differently for them all had he talked to him more.
Love Part2 Asgore Asriel.png

At a similar time, Gaster reviews footage recorded at the time of the barrier being broken. He discovers that the AMD had captured a then-unknown entity and put it in storage. He also discovers that Jessica had been aware of this same entity since it was captured. He then questions Undyne in front of both Jessica and Papyrus, and confirms that the substance was HATE itself. He is furious that Jessica had not informed him about it and berates her before leaving. This strips Jessica of her trait once more.

Asriel finds himself conversing with a mental recreation of Flowey. Here, Flowey mocks Asriel's current predicament and encourages him to be more cold-hearted like he used to be. However, Asriel chooses to accept both his past and present, and move towards the future. Then, with a locket in hand, he leaves the house to find Frisk and lend his aid.

Frisk eventually locates the Bete Noire and engages her in battle. This is a noticeably uphill struggle, and Frisk struggles to hold his own against his enemy. Bete Noire even toys with Frisk by showing Frisk visions of his past sins. It’s only thanks to Asriel's timely intervention and subsequent defeat at the hands of the Bete Noire, that Frisk finds the strength to gain the upper-hand. However, his domination over the battle is brief, as he soon finds himself in a bind due to Bete reviving Sans and controlling him through the power of HATE.
Love Part2 Frisk vs Betty.png

Through a telepathic link, Gaster and Papyrus are both alerted that Sans is once again alive. Despite Gaster's pleas, Papyrus runs off to find Sans. Toriel notices Asriel is missing before she, Asgore, and Gaster depart for the battlefield as well.

Frisk struggles to defeat the Bete Noire while Sans is present, but before Sans can finish the fight with a Gaster blaster, Papyrus intervenes. As Asgore, Toriel, and Gaster arrive, Bete Noire creates a dome that seals the four of them off from the outside world. Here, Papyrus attempts to pacify Sans through words rather than violence, while Frisk engages Bete Noire once more. After a short amount of time, Papyrus is able to free Sans from his current circumstances, and the dome is destroyed. Bete Noire manages to escape while everyone turns their attention to the now-unconscious Sans. Frisk asks Papyrus how he has managed to continue to act as he always has, and Papyrus' answer leads to him devising a way to rescue Asriel using the power of love.


  • It wasn’t until the release of Game Over Part 1, over 10 months later, that the reason for several things in this episode were explained. When Asriel is falling asleep, the negative frame indicates the exact moment Chara entered the timeline from Game Over. The locket in the mirror (that wasn’t there before) and the blanket on Asriel, after he wakes up, are also Chara’s doing.