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Color Green
Race Human
Magic Type Shielding/Healing

Kindness is one of the 7 Human Soul traits.

Basic Information

In terms of quantity, Kindness is the rarest out of the 6 traits. This is merely because of the cruel nature that the human species possesses. While all humans possess Kindness, very few will decide to practice it and live by it with enough willpower to make it their trait. Kindness wizards, while very rare, are extremely powerful. Their defensive and healing magic is unique and highly-valued among their allies. Ironically, as powerful as it is, the wizard itself is quite vulnerable when confronting an enemy. Due to their soft heart, a Kindness wizard in combat is more likely to get killed by their enemies.

- M-BK Volume 1

Powers and Abilities

  • Shields: Kindness can project shields at will. They can generally be more barrier- or personal shielding- oriented, but they can be projected as bubbles around the user or used to protect others.
  • Healing: Healing works by using the person's own energy to heal them, hence why they feel exhausted after being healed. If the wizard is strong enough or is very attuned to their own trait, they can use their own energy to heal someone; however, only a few wizards can do that.
  • Shield Manipulation: An ability to manipulate their shields, not common amongst normal wizards, although some may have it and they can change its shape at will. They can make nearly anything and some can even shape it into weapons and use it for combat, like Mila.


  • Mila is one of the strongest kindness wizards of her time, having both shield manipulation and the ability to use her own energy to heal others. Due to her selflessness, she's very attuned to her trait, making her one of a kind amongst Kindness users.
  • Kindness souls also have an innate resistance against HATE, as shown with Cam.