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Color Yellow
Race Human
Magic Type Projectiles/Ranged

Justice is one of the 7 Human Soul traits.

Basic Information

A Justice Wizard can be easily identified in a group according to their personality. They'll also usually show and manifest their traits at a very young age. Justice's magic will rarely be affected negatively by a situation since the wizard relies on their own morals and decisions to boost their magic even when the decision might be considered wrong by the rest. If it looks like the right thing to do for the wizard, it will not affect their magic. It's about their perspective. This trait is usually seen among the royalty or in charge of military and political issues.

- M-BK Volume 1

Powers and Abilities

  • Projectiles: Justice users can use various types of projectiles. For example, Roy can use bows and arrows and Ronan utiliizes magical pellets that can spin and make disks of magic.
  • Telekinesis (Jessee): Normally, all Justice users would have projectiles. However, Jessee's magic manifested itself very differently than most. Jessee gained the ability to use "Telekinesis"; being able to levitate and use physical objects as projectiles. A good analogy would be if he was a bow while the external physical objects were his projectiles.


  • Jessee's way to manifest his magic is really unique, as no one can currently do what he does.