Jessica Grey

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Jessica Grey
Jessicas infobox.png
Soul/Trait Human Soul
Grey (Formerly)
Species Human
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Theme Life in Grey
Life In Blue
Voice Actor MEMJ0123

Jessica Grey was one of the antagonists of Season 2, before transitioning into a main character in Do or Die. She's the director of Anti-Monsters Department (AMD). She made her first appearance, through a cameo, in Continue, and then an official appearance, in My Sunshine.


Jessica is a middle-aged woman who wears a short blue dress that ends above her knees. She is shown to be much taller than Frisk, but shorter than Papyrus and Gaster. Her hair is primarily black, with a certain portion being grey. Over the course of the season, it transitions back and forth between grey and blue. Her eyes transition between grey and blue as well.

Appearance Jessica.png

Early Life

Jessica Grey once had a husband and a child, but her husband died in a car crash. Occupying a high-level position in the AMD and taking care of a child by herself, Jessica was very busy. As a result, she didn't get to spend very much time with Alina, her child.

One fateful day, Jessica made a promise to Alina that she would come to her dance recital. However, when she arrived, she realized that she was too late; the dance recital ended, and her daughter was missing. This led to Jessica losing her Soul trait of Integrity, resulting in a Grey Soul.


Jessica is initially very reluctant to cooperate with monsters, which is evidenced by her position as the Director of the "Anti-Monsters Department". The reason for this cold behavior seems to be the result of her daughter's disappearance in the past.

Jessica has been displayed to be prone to sudden outbursts and quick to actions without consideration. This is visible when she lashes out at Asgore after he confirms the death of her daughter. She also accepts the offer made by an anonymous individual, who claims that they can and will commit an act of genocide on the monsters. This lack of emotional stability resulted in her later rejecting the original agreement and siding with Frisk and the monsters against Bete Noire.

This unstable nature should also be apparent in the fact that Jessica has transitioned between having a Soul of Integrity and having a Grey Soul multiple times, implying that she doesn't possess a solidified sense of self and acts erratically.

Powers and Abilities

  • Gadgets: From various sources such as the AMD, Jessica utilized several technological gadgets throughout Season 2.
    • AMR: Jessica formerly utilized the Anti-Magic Ray while taking revenge on the monsters, and later on Bete's blobs. Her continuous use of this weapon, along with its danger due to cancelled development, caused her soul to crack the more she used it.
    • (Justice) Magic Ray: Jessica was shown to utilize this weapon against the Kumuzilla in Game Over Part 2. Alike the AMR, this gun utilizes magic from the user's soul to fire it.
    • Teleporter: Jessica was given a teleporter ball (that could teleport two people) by Alphys in Do or Die to save Gaster. She was later given a new one by Toriel in Game Over Part 1, which she used to save Gaster in the second part of the episode.


Season 1


Jessica only made a short cameo in the after-credits scene. She was seen saying that humans are superior and that the thought of humans and monsters being equal was idiotic.

Season 2

My Sunshine

As AMD's (Anti Monster Department's) leader, her job is to monitor the monsters and if they attempt to do bad things, the AMD will send out a hand to detain the monsters and help humans as much as they can.

Frisk tried to get Jessica to come to the reunion to sign a peace treaty between monsters and humans. At first, she refused, but when Frisk mentioned her family and offered to show her that monsters were harmless creatures, she agreed.

Frisk took Jessica and Bete to Gaster's laboratory, where Gaster explained his work on the CORE and its purpose. He impressed Jessica that not only the bills would be cheaper, but that if the CORE expansion is finished, then nobody would have to pay for electricity anymore.
MySunshine Jessica1.png

Next, Bete, Frisk, and Jessica go to Toriel's new school, showing Jessica how humans can control their soul powers. This is where Jessica had a flashback about her daughter. She then left the school crying.

The next day at the HSO HQ, she tells Frisk that she has decided to sign the treaty as she believes it's time for a change. During the meeting held about whether the monsters would be allowed to stay on the surface, it is revealed that Jessica's daughter was the last human child to be killed by Asgore.

When Jessica learns that Asgore killed her daughter, this worsened the relationship between monsters and humans and led to her making a deal with a shadow-like creature to avenge her daughter by destroying all monsters.
MySunshine Jessica .png


While Frisk, Sans, and Papyrus are at Mettaton's show, an illusion of a girl is seen on top of a construction crane and crying for help, attracting Papyrus' attention. Simultaneously, Jessica is in a dark alley holding the AMR, which disables a monster's powers, but may also crack the user's soul. Since Papyrus is unaware of each button's function, the illusion tricks him into pressing a green button, letting go of the heavy concrete beams the crane was holding. Sans uses his Telekinesis powers to stop them from falling on the humans, while Frisk tells everyone to leave. Jessica then fires a bolt at Sans, draining his magic and causing him to drop the concrete beams.
Dust Jessica.png

Later, Sans and Asriel are looking at camera footage in the AMD building for clues, they watch a camera feed of Frisk opening a shield in front of Bete to protect her from nothing (in the previous episode, a "car" was shown, about to hit Bete). During all of this, Gaster is reading a story about two siblings who created the barrier. The three of them all find out that Bete is the one behind the show incident and Sans tells Asriel that they have to warn the others.

At that moment, Bete comes in and reveals her true self. Sans prepares for to teleport himself and Asriel away, but gets shot by Jessica, nullifying his powers again. Bete deceptively turns into Chara through an illusion she casts on Asriel and prepares to attack him while he's in a trance. However, just before Bete's attack takes his soul, Sans teleports in front of him with the little energy he has, shielding Asriel, taking the hit, and getting his soul eaten by Akumu. Asriel starts fighting, but suddenly remembers what Sans said to warn the others. He then escapes, leaving only Jessica and Bete in the room. Bete asks for the vial of HATE that Jessica is holding, but Jessica refuses. She then experiences a horrifying illusion of her daughter, Alina, covered in scars, as Bete smiles horrifyingly.

Do or Die

Jessica goes to the prison where Asgore and Papyrus are held behind bars and asks Undyne to open the cells, but Undyne refuses. Jessica reveals her AMD card, allowing her to see Asgore. Both of them talk about how sorry they were, then Jessica goes to Papyrus' cell and tells him how she was sorry about the role she played in Sans' death. Papyrus forgives her, which allows her to gain her trait of Integrity back. Jessica and the others then go to Gaster's home when Bete's pink blobs were attacking the city. She almost gets blasted by Gaster's red chroma, but Papyrus summons a Gaster blaster to shield her from the attack.
Dod Jessica1.png
Later in the episode, Jessica, Dr. Alphys, and Gaster come up with a plan to fight Bete and Akumu in the Nullifier Room. Jessica watches with Alphys, but when Gaster nearly loses his life, Alphys goes in and sacrifices herself to kill Bete with the Nullifier.

Alphys, before clicking the button, told Jessica to leave with Gaster using a teleporter that teleports humans and monsters. They teleport to Undyne and Papyrus where they see an injured Gaster and Jessica.
Dod Jessica2.png

Jessica tells Undyne that Alphys remained behind to kill Bete and Undyne, being worried about Alphys, rushes into the Nullifier Room as fast as she can. She arrives after Alphys' plan failed and is tricked into shattering Alphys' soul before powering up to fight Bete.


Part 1

Gaster regains consciousness after his fight with Bete and reacts negatively to Jessica, telling her to keep her hands off him. Later in the episode, Papyrus grants her permission to use Gaster's Control Panel to alert the humans of Bete's creatures, telling them to only go out of their houses in the company of a monster. Frisk also gives Jessica her daughter's clothes (the tutu and the ballet shoes). The following text then appears which shows her reaction to her daughter's disappearance: "What do you mean she's not here??! She was performing an hour ago!! My Sunshine?!?? Where are you?! Please..." She then says that Frisk is a "nice and kind" child. But Frisk denies this, which shows his personality change.

Part 2

At the beginning of the episode, Jessica speaks with Ronan Cass, a member of the HSO military forces. She is informed that their best wizards are making sure that anything magical can't get in or out. Jessica then says that no one knows how to deal with Bete and sending out men to fight may cause more casualties.

Later in the episode, Gaster becomes suspicious of Jessica and discovers that she has something to do with HATE. Gaster then finds out that Akumu had eaten the HATE vial during the battle between Undyne and Bete, letting Bete survive the fight.

Gaster then explains Jessica that he doesn't want to hear any more of her excuses or apologies. He just wishes that he had never met her. This causes her hair and eyes turn grey again.
Love p2 Jessica.png

During the battle between Frisk and Bete, Jessica is left with Undyne to watch her as Toriel, Gaster, and Asgore follow Papyrus.

My Promise

Jessica is seen with Undyne, who is still lying in bed. The two talk, but it's interrupted when Jessica hears a sound at the door. She decides to go check it out, only to find a bunch of blobs, who successfully brake into the house.

To defend herself, she picks up the AMR, which was on a nearby table. A blob slammed her against the wall, but she destroys it by firing the AMR. Undyne joins Jessica as more blobs begin to come in.

While fighting a blob, Jessica fires the AMR in its direction, but it dodges. However, it's now cornered, and Jessica tries to kill it by firing the AMR, only for the attack to fail and her to collapse. After the blob stabs Jessica in the chest, the blob is killed by Asgore, who hurled his trident at it.
MyPromise Jessica.png

A bit later, Jessica is seen unconscious in bed while Toriel tries to heal her.

Game Over

Part 1

She appears when Ronan calls about Rave Rutrow. Being told the situation, she looks around, finding that Toriel offered her clothes in case she needed to go outside. Jessica tells Ronan to bring her a car and her field suit before hanging up. Jessica then puts on Toriel's clothes and tries to get out of the house.

Toriel then calls Jessica, taking her by surprise. Jessica, embarrassed about wearing Toriel's big clothes, answers, saying that she's much better and thanks her for the clothes. Jessica then hopes their car will get there before more people see her, but Papyrus then comes in, embarrassing her more and says Jessica should be feeling much better.

Jessica is okay until she looks beside Papyrus, where Gaster is standing, increasing her embarrassment. Toriel then asks Jessica why she is out of bed since she should be resting.
GameOverPt1 Jessica.png

Jessica tells her that her men need her at the center of the city. When Toriel argues that it's too dangerous for Jessica to leave while injured, Papyrus offers to go with her. Gaster, however, refuses to let Papyrus go, saying it's too dangerous for him. This causes a small fight between the two, which Jessica watches in surprise.

After the fight passes, Jessica hears her vehicle arrive and says that it's time to go. Gaster offers to go with her instead of Papyrus and tells Papyrus to protect the lab, which he happily agrees to.

Part 2

Jessica goes on a train with Gaster after finishing a phone call, confirming to the person she's speaking to that Ronan's in charge. She explains to Gaster that they must head to the school to help Undyne keep everyone safe. The train grows silent for a bit, but then they both talk at the same time. Jessica insists for him to go first, to which Gaster replies he wants to talk, but he's unable to put his thoughts into words and needs a nap.

She questions if he'd be comfortable or even able to sleep on the train, but before she finishes asking, he's already asleep.
GameOverPt2 Jessica1.png

Once she arrives, Rave brings up her past and current failures and Jessica states that she doesn't want anyone else to die. He uses the fact that she couldn't keep both her job and daughter against her, which leads her to permit him to rule over the city once the situation is dealt with. She plans to help Ronan evacuate citizens and stares down at a teleporter as the scene ends.

As Jessica and Gaster travel to the school, Jessica notes that she can feel the ground moving. Both of them come face-to-face with the Kumuzilla. Jessica shouts to run, and Gaster holds a shield up to protect them. As they fight the Kumuzilla, Jessica calls Rave and grants him permission to use whatever he brought to help. Jessica notices Gaster visibly straining, unable to hold the shield for much longer shortly before he loses all energy and faints. She shouts his name as the building begins to collapse.

When she wakes up, she notices Gaster unconscious and wakes him up, asking if he's injured. He tells her that he isn't injured much but is stuck. Jessica notices she still has her teleporter and suggests using it. However, she notices Gaster's distress and asks him what's wrong. He responds by saying that it's a teleporter for only one person. He insists that she uses it, to which she refuses. Jessica attempts to lift the rock, trying to free Gaster. He asks why she's even bothering showing kindness to him, commenting on how awful he's been to her. Jessica pulls out her gun and amplifies the magic output as an attempt to destroy the rubble, but her soul cracks before she can use it. She begins throwing up blood, and Gaster instructs her to leave, saying if she doesn't, they'll both die. He pretends to forgive her for everything to get her to leave as the place is about to collapse completely. She smiles and asks if she can say one more thing before they part ways.

She then activates the teleporter, forces it into Gaster's hand, and tells him to make Bete suffer. Her eyes and hair have turned fully blue and regains her Integrity one last time. Gaster realizes what she did and his eyes become full of terror and shock.

Unable to stop it, he teleports away and Jessica is left alone, crying but still smiling as she looks at her picture with Alina. A rock is seen above her, and as it crashes down, she closes her eyes and smiles.
The Integrity Returns.gif

After dying, she sees her daughter, Alina, and her husband, Noah Rutrow. She appears to be in some afterlife with her deceased family. Alina comments that they missed her and asks if she's done working and if they can play together. She touches Alina's face and asks if she can hug her. As they hug, Jessica holds her daughter tight, apologizing. She promises that they will all be together forever, and they fade away into the light.


Jessica makes a minor appearance in the Gaster and Rave scene. Rave is seen talking to Jessica with a worried face, where Jessica's voice could be heard. Suddenly, the signal is lost after the sound of falling rocks is heard. Soon after that, Rave sees the teleporter; it triggers a flashback of a conversation with her, which shows Jessica giving Rave paperwork to sign and placing the triangle on a table. She apologizes about Alina before saying that Noah would be proud of him. She then leaves the tent and says: "We will talk later", not knowing this would be the last time she would see him.


While Rave talks to Noah, Jessica can be seen as a silhouette playing with her daughter. However, she does not say anything.


  • Her last name, Grey, might be describing her current state as a character: depressing and tragic. The intermediate shade grey, itself, usually means depression and dullness. Before she was redeemed, she was a neutral character, and grey is a shade that stands between black and white, which means it is a neutral shade.
  • Jessica appeared to be slowly dying because she used the AMR multiple times, as shown when her soul partly cracked in Dust and LOVE Part 1.
    • This is further supported by the fact that she coughed out blood in the latter episode.
    • Also, in My Promise, Toriel states that she doesn't know if she can fully heal her.
  • Jessica's soul would've only stopped cracking if she stopped using the AMR. As a result of all the cracking, her lifespan had shortened.
  • In Game Over Part 2, Gaster supposedly refused to actually forgive Jessica for her past transgressions. Jessica seemed to understand this, as her hair did not immediately change color. However, despite Gaster not forgiving her, she still chose to sacrifice herself in order to save his life.