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Color Blue
Race Human
Magic Type Gravity/Platforms

Integrity is one of the seven Human soul traits.

Basic Information

While Integrity seems to make up the majority of the population, it is the trait that is the most likely to lose its magic and result in what is known as a "Grey soul". It's within Human nature to lie or to break your own morals to do something. Even when it's the right choice, an Integrity wizard's magic can be affected by it. Compared to the other traits, their stability is fragile. However, a good Integrity wizard will become aware their own limits. While some of them might break after a difficult situation, another wizard's emotional strength may help them overcome much harder moral challenges. If an Integrity wizard is both morally and emotionally strong, they might turn into one of the most powerful kind of magic user known to date.

- M-BK Volume 1

Powers and Abilities

  • Gravity Manipulation: Integrity users can manipulate gravity using platforms to propel themselves. Other than platforms, there are many ways to use this ability, such as altering your own gravity, like Seyv.
  • Kinetic Energy Manipulation: Certain Integrity users seem to have the ability to manipulate kinetic energy, such as Seyv Dypal. He is able to absorb it from impacts and release it in one massive burst.
  • Weapons: Depending on the wizard, they can make special weapons, an example being Kody and his rapier.


This soul doesn't have any trivia.