Human Soul

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A Human Soul is a vital component for the human species, as they need it to live. This type of soul is very intriguing, with it being able to possess different traits and types of magic, revolving around 7 traits: Perseverance, Kindness, Integrity, Bravery, Patience, Justice and Determination.


Traited Souls

A Traited Soul is when a human has a certain type of magic. It is defined generally in their young childhood or a bit later. All Traited Souls have all 7 types of traits in it. However, during the process of defining it, only one of those traits is most prominent in their soul, making that their main and only magic. There's the possibility of a Traited Soul getting 2 traits or more, with those being the Dual-Traited Souls.

Traited Souls have an affinity to use magic at will or even make weapons out of it. All magical abilities vary from soul to soul. Each follows a set pattern, but manifests differently depending on the person or condition. All traited humans possess a magical aura acting as a body shield, assisting the human in resisting the damage of magical attacks. Whenever any traited human feels their trait more, they gain supplementary magic and added power.

Traitless Souls

A Traitless Soul is when a human does not possess any magic. They're completely devoid of it and their souls, as a result, can't withstand magic. It's rare for a condition like that to happen, with only around 2% of people in the entire population with this soul type.


  • Because of Determination being part of their composition, Traited Souls can persist after death for up to around 2 minutes before shattering.