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Hope is the 9th and final episode of Glitchtale’s second season. It was released on December 3, 2021.


Papyrus attempts to evacuate Gaster, as Chara and Asriel make their final stand against HATE. Meanwhile, Rave and Ronan face an unexpected threat of their own.


The episode begins with Ronan and Undyne on a rooftop, following the former’s failed call to Rave. After telling Undyne that Rave hasn’t responded, Ronan tells her he wants to return to the park to check on him. Undyne agrees, saying that she won’t be leaving the building soon anyway, due to physical drainage. Ronan, however, disagrees with leaving Undyne alone, and comes up with a plan. After hefting her atop his back, Ronan utilizes his magic to propel the two off the building and safely to the ground level.

Knowing that Undyne will be walking to the school’s safe perimeter, Ronan requests she reassures Hugo that his father is safe. While speaking about how his son worries for him, Ronan is suddenly discomforted by a memory. After brushing it off, he tells Undyne that he’ll head to the school after checking on Rave, and the two part ways.

Ronan locates Rave and questions him about his current state, to which the latter responds that he and the Kindness wizards in the area are fine. Rave then requests of Raven to recharge the Arnicite healing device. She agrees and leaves to treat the others, while Ronan and Rave sit on the ground.

As Ronan spectates the nearby Kindness wizards, analyzing their apparent exhaustion, he expresses concern over Rave’s condition. He worries even more when he learns of him powering the Avalon alone. Rave, however, tells his friend that he merely acted on what was necessary to ensure the plan’s success, regardless of the consequences he could’ve suffered from it. He expresses that as the new district leader, undertaking such responsibilities is expected of him. Despite this argument, Ronan persists and states that Rave should value his own life as much as he does the others’. However, Rave simply replies that Ronan lacks an understanding of the situation’s gravity. He adds that Undyne was also aware of the consequences, as her final attack could have killed more than just the monster, but she also accepted such as a necessary risk. He concludes the conversation by requesting that Ronan thank Undyne for him the next time the meet.

Suddenly, a pink explosion is seen bursting from the opposite side of the city, spreading a pink glow across the sky. Individuals across the city are seen staring with concern, including Undyne and Hugo. Moments later, the Justice child dashes away from the area, sprinting back towards the park.

At the park, the disintegrating corpse of a pink blob begins to reform into a black shape. Rave immediately notices this alteration, yelling towards Raven to escort everyone to a safer location. However, the blob senses the power of Rave’s Dual-Traited soul and charges towards him. Raven immediately reacts, summoning a shield to protect Rave. However, the blob easily shatters it, before Rave is pushed out of the blob’s path by Ronan. As a result, he endures the creature’s blow instead.
Hope Ronan stab.png

Everyone in the area watches with horror as Ronan’s body collapses limply to the ground. Ronan’s eyes begin to blacken rapidly, and a shockwave of HATE erupts from his body. Ronan then stands, unnaturally twisting around to face the wizards. Raven immediately expresses her worries, while Rave recognizes that the blob had taken complete control of Ronan’s body. Suddenly, Ronan summons a volley of beaming projectiles, which are rapidly shot towards the wizards. Raven quickly reacts by summoning another shield, protecting Rave and herself. However, one of the projectiles easily pierces through the middle of the shield, barely missing the two Humans.

While Ronan prepares to direct another barrage of magical attacks, Tobias shapes a shield around the former’s arm to keep him still. However, Ronan retaliates by snapping his arm at an abnormal angle and brutally breaking it. Tobias and Rave react quickly and the shield around Ronan’s arm is unsummoned. Rave quickly begins to realize the severity of the situation and the danger this threat poses.

Within an illusion, conjured by the blob’s inherited Fear capabilities, Ronan awakes next to a hospital bed, where his former wife, Zoe Phenix, is resting. While an initially comforting interaction ensues, Ronan quickly begins to realize that, in the real world, chaos is erupting. Quickly deciding that the others require his assistance, he attempts to leave the illusion. However, Zoe, sensing this, transforms into a horrific abomination, utilizing Ronan’s buried guilt of leaving her side in the past, and orders him to remain. This succeeds, as Ronan agrees to stay, promising to never abandon her again.

As a projectile whizzes by Rave, Raven and Tobias return to him and offer the charged Arnicite device. Rave then states he will utilize the device’s shield generations to trap Ronan within one, allowing for the evacuation of the wizard team and also stalling for reinforcements. Rave quickly dashes toward Ronan, utilizing the device’s shields to protect himself from more projectiles. However, the shielding is still not enough to block Ronan’s attacks, and they are successfully able to shatter the barrier. While the Arnicite device manages to slightly alter the trajectory of the bullets, they still rip into Rave’s body. The Dual-Traited Human attempts to remain standing, but quickly collapses to the ground.

Meanwhile, within the blob’s illusion, Ronan decides to once again leave Zoe and retrieve control of his body. However, due to Ronan’s immense emotional instability, Zoe is successfully able to restrain him against his own will, effectively rendering his attempts useless. In the real world, Ronan charges up a final blast to kill Rave, and fires.

At the last moment however, Raven summons a shield between Rave and the blast. The barrier is successfully able to endure the explosion, which erupts back into Ronan, slamming him into the ground. As Rave realizes that the HATE-controlled Ronan appears disoriented, Tobias is called upon to summon a box shield around the figure. However, the creature quickly regains control of Ronan’s body, and erupts the shield while within it, causing Tobias’ soul to crack in the process. A recovering Ronan launches a single projectile towards Raven, who is barely capable of summoning a shield to defend herself.

Within the illusion, Ronan is shown desperately fighting to regain bodily control. However, before he is able to escape, Zoe appears above him, manifesting a pink shard. Scolding Ronan for once again breaking his promise, Zoe stabs his back with the blade, causing the blob to regain complete control.

Meanwhile, Rave, recounting the events so far, suddenly realizes that applying sufficient force against Ronan’s body could expel the HATE from him. However, before he’s able to act, Hugo and Undyne arrive. Hugo calls out to his father, who momentarily stares, blankly, before charging an attack meant for the two arrivals.

Rave, watching the event unfold in horror, remembers Noah’s final discussion with him as a child. Being reminded that his brother was proud of who he had become, Rave is able to find the strength to quickly get up and push Ronan’s arm in another direction, saving Undyne and Hugo. He subsequently rams his head into Ronan’s, with the force slamming the blob out of his body. As the two fall to the ground, Rave watches in horror as the blob, having consumed much of Ronan’s magic, stands before them as a malicious and enormous form. Just as the creature is about to attack, Undyne manifests the last of her Determination within a spear, and throws it at the blob, exploding it into mere smoke.
Hope Rave n Ronan.png

As Ronan wakes up, following the blast, Rave drops unconscious, prompting Raven and Tobias to quickly rush to attempt to treat him. While they’re successful in regenerating the holes in his body, Raven realizes that he has already lost an excessive amount of blood, and asks Undyne to carry him to a nearby vehicle. Meanwhile, Raven comforts Ronan, assuring him that none of the situation was his fault, also saying that he needs medical attention too. The team then evacuates the area, urgently travelling towards the hospital to save Rave.

Meanwhile, at the arena, as those present receive treatment, Kindness wizards attempt to use healing magic to save Mettaton, as Isabelle watches in concern. However, everyone quickly realizes that, due to Mettaton being merged with a physical, robotic, body, Kindness magic lacks any form of effectiveness on him. The realization begins to set in that they could lose Mettaton if they can’t find a solution soon.

In the middle of the demolished fighting area, Toriel, healing Asgore, begins to break down. She speaks to him about her motives for leaving the kingdom behind, and remaining alone in The Ruins. She states that she couldn’t recognize her own broken emotions, and instead resolved to reside next to Chara, promising to never leave him again, regardless of what was necessary to do so. This included allowing the six Human children to continue into the underground. Toriel concludes by stating to Asgore that Bete was wrong about her emotions, as the entire time, she had truly only despised herself rather than him.
Hope Toriel Dreemurr.png

As Asgore regains enough strength for sight and speech, Toriel says that she understands if he hates her, stating that she had remained hopeless since the conclusion of the war. She has only recently understood Asgore’s emotions, and how he had done everything in pursuit of his kingdom’s betterment.

As Toriel continues to apologize, Asgore speaks to her, stating that nothing could ever shatter their bond together. He the. apologizes for his own actions at the time, stating that he had lost everything that meant the most to him. Toriel quickly responds, stating that he lacks a need to apologize, but is quickly interrupted, as Asgore states he had never stopped loving her. He explains that he’s aware the scars of the past may take a long time to heal, but that he still wishes to be Toriel’s friend to help her through her own. Toriel only smiles, surprised that Asgore isn’t angry with her, to which he responds that he never was, and is just happy that they were able to make up at last.

The two are then interrupted as an arriving Kindness-Traited calls from the sidelines, offering assistance. The scene transitions to Mettaton waking up, as the humans around him applaud a Traitless man’s efforts to save him. The man explains that, due to Mettaton’s composition, he is capable of being powered by magical electricity. He goes on to say that although the solution is merely temporary, it will be sufficien enough until he receives proper reconstruction.

As Isabelle watches Mettaton in relief, the other humans prepare to assist the others in the area. However, before they’re able to act, HATE awakens in the distance, causing the sky to become pink and the arena to rumble. Outside, Toriel and Asgore watch, concerned, although unafraid. Asgore states that, regardless of the world’s fate, he’s glad that the two can face it together. Toriel, however, dismisses his concerns, stating that she believes Chara and Asriel can save them.
Hope Arena.png

Meanwhile, in the streets, Chara and Asriel stand together against the opposing HATE. As both sides await a move from the other, Asriel notices the condition of a terrified Papyrus, still holding Gaster, and alerts Chara of the situation. Chara tells Asriel to evacuate them from the area. Asriel, however, argues against leaving Chara alone, causing his brother to turn away from HATE to respond.

The creature immediately recognizes its opportunity and instantly dashes forward, attempting to slash a distracted Chara with an Inverted Perseverance claw. However, at the last moment, Papyrus activates his Telekinesis, pulling Chara away from the attack just in time. Asriel quickly acts, subsequently summoning a fireball and blasting HATE down the street. He then quickly agrees with Chara to evacuate the skeletons, adding that he’ll return to his brother immediately after.

As the two brothers agree with the plan, Asriel utilizes a star platform to lift the skeletons away. Chara stands against the opposing creature alone, as it materializes a Fear-charged claw. It then thrusts it toward the Determination human. Chara retaliates by summoning a large shield between the two, which is quickly penetrated by the relentless claw. As the hand’s fingertips begin to grow brighter, Chara suspects a follow-up attack. He then erupts the shield, detaching the claw from HATE just in time for it to explode in the air.

HATE, advancing towards Chara, splits its lower-body to form legs, standing once again against its foe. Chara expresses his worry, recognizing that HATE’s power is already overwhelmingly destructive, and notes that he lacks any knowledge of its full power. Before he can form a plan, HATE plunges a tentacle into the ground, activating Special Hell. The child barely reacts fast enough, summoning a shield to endure the blast. Chara quickly realizes that the current environment is unsuitable for him to fight, stating that a more open area is necessary to unleash his full capabilities. Chara quickly begins to sprint down another street, as the creature erratically leaps across buildings from behind in pursuit.

The cracks around HATE’s face enlarge drastically, subsequently shattering like a shell, revealing a roaring being of Determination underneath. The being quickly charges a blast of inverted Justice magic and launches it toward Chara, who narrowly dodges the attack. While the Determination child attempts to rest momentarily, HATE activates an inverted Integrity attack, using a downward gravitational force on Chara and slamming him into the ground. As Chara struggles against this force, HATE summons a large inverted Integrity platform next to him, and punches it with extreme force. Chara is able to summon a spherical shield around himself in time, but the Determination Human is launched through the city barrier, and crashes in the canyon where Frisk fought Bete.

As HATE leaps toward him, Chara prepares to attack, summoning his blade and charging towards his attacker. As the creature slashes at Chara, the latter swerves underneath and cleanly slices his blade into HATE’s arm. The creature rapidly moves to the other side of the canyon, then immediately summons an inverted Patience string. It lashes at Chara, who summons a shield to defend, before grabbing the tendril in order to be thrown directly behind HATE.

Charging all of his Determination and Animosity together, Chara stabs HATE in the chest, activating Special Hell within its body and brutally erupting it. Following this, Chara is exhausted and lays in the canyon as the sky returns to a natural night look. However, moments later, the creature, dawning an even more stable form, rips itself from Chara’s crater and summons a large broadsword formed from pure Determination. A red soul becomes visible within the being, as cracks begin to rip across its chest. Chara, afraid, summons his weapon and activates his Animosity once more.

As HATE thrusts its blade forward, Chara slams against it, quickly maneuvering to slice it across the side of its head. As he prepares a second attack, HATE’s arm grabs Chara’s sword and crushes it. Before the Human is able to react, HATE’s leg strikes out, momentarily flipping Chara upside-down. As HATE strikes Chara with his large sword, the human summons a shield to absorb the blow. Regardless, the force sends Chara flying across the canyon, where he is caught by an arriving Asriel. The two brothers quickly give each other a look of relief, before refocusing on the enemy.

As HATE awaits an attack, Chara and Asriel summon their blades, quickly launching themselves towards the creature. However, HATE is easily able to deflect the brothers’ attacks, eventually sending Chara launching into the air. The creature then leaps above him, charging an attack that shatters Chara’s damaged shield, sending him crashing into the ground. HATE charges downwards with its broadsword to finish him, but Asriel manages to rapidly dash across the canyon to pull Chara out of the way just in time.
Hope HATE vs Brothers.png

HATE, with its sword remaining in the ground, concentrates energy across the floor of the canyon, forcing Asriel launch himself and Chara into the air. HATE quickly charges toward the two, forcing Asriel to defend. Letting go of his brother, Asriel summons his saber and charges toward HATE, only to be completely countered and slashed across the body. HATE pulls back its sword and proceeds to rip it into Asriel’s chest.

As Chara and Asriel stare in horror, and the latter slowly begins to dust, he remembers how he attempted to save Chara from Bete before, and how he didn’t want to fail again. He realizes that he still had yet to accomplish anything since. Suddenly, Asriel’s soul shatters as Chara’s Determination fades, causing his Animosity to begin consuming him.

However, as Asriel is about to dust, his soul refuses death. Activating his true potential, Asriel shatters HATE’s sword. He then transforms into a variant of his God of Hyperdeath form. Before the opposing creature is able to react, Asriel grabs its face and charges an attack, blasting it towards the other end of the canyon. HATE rams into the ground, but immediately leaps back up, slamming its hands into Asriel’s. As the two wrestle for power, Asriel is able to push HATE’s right arm away, which is then dismembered by a Determination slash from Chara. Before HATE is able to retaliate, Asriel dashes behind it, utilizing his saber to slam it into the canyon ground.

The two brothers then reunite on the ground, awaiting HATE’s next move. As the creature once again stands, it dashes towards its opponents with its sword. However, Chara and Asriel, utilizing a knife and saber, respectively, slam against HATE’s blade, effectively halting it. Chara blasts HATE back by charging an explosion within his knife, and Asriel immediately reacts in coordination, propelling a saber towards HATE, who narrowly avoids it. However, Chara acts quickly as well, and dashes behind HATE to catch Asriel’s weapon.
Hope Asriel Chara vs HATE.png

Asriel then summons a star within HATE’s arm, restraining it. As Chara leaps upwards, intending to slash HATE’s head, it twists itself away and causes his blade to sever its trapped arm. Freed, the creature quickly twists around. It reforms its left arm, materializes its sword again, and slams Chara away. Asriel rushes toward HATE with a charged Chaos Buster, ducks under a slash intended for his head, and blasts the creature away. As HATE once again stands and reforms its body, Asriel summons an enormous star attack above the creature. It quickly reacts, charging towards the magical formation with its sword, only for Chara to slam through the decoy attack, his knife aimed toward HATE. The creature reacts instinctively, only allowing Chara to penetrate its hand, and ultimately be blasted back to the ground.

However, this time, as HATE reaches the canyon floor, it is immediately sucked toward a summoned Hyper Goner. With all of Asriel’s magic manifested within one structure, HATE is unable to escape the force. It latches itself onto the jaws of the attack, desperately clinging for life. However, Chara utilizes all of his remaining magic as well to summon a massive quantity of Determination slashes. Directing the attacks forward, the powerful concentration slams HATE into the Hyper Goner, resulting in an enormous explosion across the entire canyon.
Hope HyperGoner explosion.png

As Chara and Asriel awaken, the two notice HATE sitting in the center of the canyon, finally and slowly disintegrating from all the accumulated damage. However, before the creature fully ceases to physically exist, it charges at Asriel to take him down with it. However, Chara instinctively reacts, firmly standing in front of his brother. HATE halts its attack upon this sight, merely watching the ground, before shattering apart.

Chara and Asriel stare together, momentarily perplexed, before chuckling in pure relief. Collapsing to the ground from immense exhaustion, the two agree to rest before returning to the city. As the two lay on the canyon floor, Chara thanks Asriel for being his brother and the two Dreemurrs cry happily together.

Three days later, Rave wakes up in a hospital bed. Sitting up, he sees a preoccupied Ronan, who quickly notices him. After being notified of the city’s survival and ongoing reconstruction, Rave endures immediate guilt for sleeping through everything as district leader, stating that the city requires his presence. Ronan disagrees, however, stating that he already handled most of Rave’s matters, and asks him to keep resting.

Rave responds by questioning Ronan’s presence, quickly realizing that he had remained next to him the entire time. Ronan states that he hadn’t minded doing so and that Rave required someone to watch over him. Rave, still not understanding, states that others, such as Raven and Tobias, could’ve done that instead. However, he quickly realizes that Ronan had felt the responsibility to do so due to his guilt of causing the mayhem at the park. Ronan, mutually understanding Rave’s thoughts, merely responds that he’s glad his friend is well.

Following this, Ronan exits Rave’s room to request a nurse. However, as Rave continues to lay in bed, he catches a glimpse of his mother, Grace Rutrow, stepping throughout the hospital. Wanting to speak to her, Rave exits his room and follows Grace, the latter quickly noticing his presence. She immediately orders Rave to resign from his position as district leader. Her son, clearly agitated, responds that he has already accepted leadership, and handled the situation. Grace, however, belittles Rave for his numerous failures throughout the plan, stating that excessive death and destruction were consequences of his incompetence.
Hope Rutrows.png

As Rave retaliates, Grace screams in anger that his plan had almost gotten himself killed, causing her son to lose his will to argue. Meanwhile, as Grace continues to belittle Rave, stating both him and Jessica as incompetent, unreputable leaders, Ronan notices the commotion and quietly enters the hallway. Ultimately, Grace concludes her speech by stating Rave only had the position of district leader because nobody else qualified remains. She adds that Noah was the only the person who truly deserved the seat, deeply wounding Rave.

Before Grace is able to leave, a furious Ronan steps in front of Rave and begins to scold her, stating that her son had been successful in protecting many from death. Grace calmly responds, stating that the situation only become of astronomical danger due to Rave’s incapability. Ronan retaliates, stating that Grace hadn’t seen anything that her son did. He adds that Rave single-handedly saved everyone’s lives. Grace attempts to combat this argument, only to be interrupted once again by Ronan, who proclaims Rave’s intense care towards his people and district. He goes on to state that he would much rather have him as their leader than someone like her, and that her perception of a strong leader is inaccurate.

Grace, defeated, silently exits the hospital. As Ronan turns to face Rave, the latter is exhausted and collapses into his arms. As Ronan carries his friend back to his room, he states that he’ll be willing to assist Rave through all of his matters as district leader and promises to forever act as his friend. Rave warmly agrees.

Meanwhile, in another room, Gaster awakens in a bed. Sitting upwards, he watches a resting Papyrus, who also quickly awakens and notices Gaster conscious. As Papyrus states that he now feels far more energized than before, Gaster immediately apologizes for his past actions, stating that he had hurt his son, despite having the responsibility of protecting him. Papyrus, however, dismisses the apology, stating that many issues arose due to his incompetence involving his own lack of violent intent. He explains that, if he had been more willing to inflict harm upon his enemies, Sans could’ve lived longer.

As Gaster listens to Papyrus’ words, he experiences a memory from his past, regarding an incident in which he had once attempted to utilize violence to solve his problems. Accepting his responsibility as a father, Gaster speaks to Papyrus, stating that everything he had done had only ensured the safety and wellbeing of others, adding that his kindness had allowed Sans a final opportunity to see their family together.

Gaster continues by explaining that, although Papyrus does not possess exceptional power, his true strength derives from his voice of reason, and that he would always be present to assist his friends and family whenever necessary. He adds that Papyrus has been the sole reason that Gaster had managed to escape his darkness. Gaster concludes by stating that he’s proud of who Papyrus has become, requesting for his son to never change his ways. Papyrus, overwhelmed by emotion, subsequently rushes to tearfully hug Gaster, who easily accepts.
Hope Gaster Papyrus.png

Much later, at a house near the outskirts of the city, Asgore is visiting the home for dinner and seats himself at a table with Toriel, who humbly allows him to visit any time. Meanwhile, Chara concludes a call with Ronan, who is supposedly attempting to recruit Chara for the district’s new Wizard Council. Toriel compliments her adoptive son, stating that he has grown significantly, and questions if he intends to consider the man’s offer. While Chara initially portrays unease, Asriel reassures him, promising that they’ll make the world a better place.

Hours later, as Chara and Asriel gaze at the night sky, Chara expresses his nervousness regarding the future, stating that he had never expected for him and Monsterkind to be living happily together again. Expressing immense guilt for his past actions, Chara questions if he deserves a good fate. Asriel responds, stating that if he believes Chara deserves a better future, then he should believe so as well. Chara uneasily accepts this.

Asriel expresses his optimism for the future, stating that he and Chara could live happily. Although Chara’s unease persists, he agrees, stating that, for the first time in an extremely long while, he has hope.

As the credits roll, multiple scenes, taking place across a significant time period, are presented, including lighthearted interactions between many characters. Eventually, the credits focus on the constitutional ceremony of the district’s Wizard Council, consisting of Hugo, Robin, Seth, Zachary, Lily, Abigail, and a currently unknown Traitless girl. Following the children’s official enlistment, the scene shows Chara and Asriel at the ceremony. It concludes with a close view of Chara’s heart locket, displaying a portion of the Deltarune.
Hope DT Council.png

Following this, an after-credits scene is presented. Gaster, alone in a room, appears to be suffering from mental instability. As he looks up towards the room’s mirror, a monstrous figure begins to form behind him. It clutches his shoulders, as the mirror begins to crack. In the final moments of the scene, a physically un-composed creature resembling Gaster is shown to be glitching above him.


  • Due to Tobias pushing beyond his current storage of magic, Ronan destroying his shield resulted in his soul cracking.
  • Before turning into its final form, HATE is capable of utilizing the magical abilities of its former hosts.
  • Asriel’s soul possesses the capability to refuse due to essentially functioning as an equivalent to Determination.