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Hate is the 7th episode in Season 2 of Glitchtale, and was released on December 1, 2019.


Chara confronts Asriel again, as Toriel and Asgore fight Bete in the arena. Papyrus and Sans head to the arena to assist, while Undyne tries to come to terms with her past actions.


The episode begins with Papyrus remembering how he has been thought of as weak by the others due to his kind nature. He wants to prove to them what he can be and that he can fight too. He then wakes up in the rubble of the house after the blob attack, and realizing that he failed, begins to cry. He believes that everyone was right about underestimating him. However, as Papyrus continues to cry, Sans teleports to the surface from Gaster's lab, and notices his brother.

Papyrus' expression quickly changes to shock and momentary joy, as he realizes his brother is alive. However, his happiness fades when Sans tells him that he won’t be back for much longer. While Sans is being caught up on the situation, he asks where the "kid" is, to which Papyrus replies that Chara is at the arena. Sans feels that something is off about this, questioning if there was another "kid", but is unable to ponder further due to everyone's memories of Frisk being completely erased. He dismisses it, and Papyrus utilizes a massive blaster as a vehicle to propel the two skeletons off towards the arena.
Hate BlasterRide.png

At the school's safe perimeter, Rave receives the call from Jessica in Game Over Part 2, telling him that he has permission to use his magical technology. Before Rave is able to understand the situation, he hears a building collapse over her and does not receive a response. He attempts to communicate with Ronan, but is also only met with silence. Heading outside, he notices The Kumuzilla wrecking havoc in the city. Rave's attention is then alerted to Gaster, who has been teleported to the school after using the teleportation device. Rave, recalling Gaster's identity from a history book, informs him of their location and questions the whereabouts of Jessica, to which Gaster heavily implies that she’s dead.

Gaster then decides to head to the arena to confront Bete Noire, but Rave first assists him by using a magical healing device using a metal called Arnicite. A metal that can store and utilize magic. It heals Gaster's broken leg.

After Gaster leaves the area, Rave, as the new leader of the city, decides to form a plan to distract The Kumuzilla for as long as possible in order to allow the rest of the city to evacuate. Rave notifies Battalion II, consisting of multiple Kindness wizards, to bring a device known as The Avalon to a nearby park. This device would project a large magical shield, which Rave would use to lure and trap The Kumuzilla for as long as possible. After sadly glancing at a picture of his family, Rave heads out to confront the beast.
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Back at the arena, Chara, Toriel, and Asgore battle against Bete and Asriel before forming a plan. Distracting Bete Noire by using a Special Hell, Chara works with the other Dreemurrs to get Asriel out of the arena, allowing Chara to confront him alone. Bete attempts to pursue, but Toriel and Asgore work together to hold her at bay.

As Undyne carries Ronan's bloodied body to a safer area behind a building, she tells Hugo they need to get to the school to get Ronan medical attention. Undyne states the difficulty in avoiding the pink blobs across the city, but Hugo proposes fighting through them. However, Undyne uneasily explains that she doesn't want to risk it and can only carry one of the two. Ronan, surprising the other two, replies that Undyne should leave him to die to protect Hugo, despite his son's protests.
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Directly following this, a combination of events causes The Kumuzilla to collapse a massive building on the trio. Hugo escapes from Undyne’s grip, as she watches in horror, and jumps into his father's arms. Undyne is then reminded of Ronan comforting her and telling her that she should use her pain as energy to fight for others' betterment. She then musters up her courage, summons multiple spears, and sends them flying upwards, holding the falling rocks up. However, the rocks' massive weight begin to crack the spears, and Undyne is shown clearly struggling to maintain them for as long as possible.

Undyne, in her mind, begins talking to Alphys and realizes that she has drifted from what Alphys loved so much about her. Being enthusiastic, optimistic, and having a strong desire to do anything to help others. Gaining motivation from the discussion with her lover, Undyne musters up her Determination, transforming back into her Undying form. Sending a storm of spears upward, she annihilates the entire collapsing building. Ronan and Hugo are shocked by Undyne's immense power, as she tells them that they need to focus on getting themselves to a safe place and assures them that she'd somehow deal with The Kumuzilla afterward.

As they’re about to leave, Rave arrives. Undyne asks if he can bring Ronan to a hospital, but Rave instead produces the previously used healing device and explains how it works to Undyne. Rave soon questions, with uncertainty, how Undyne plans to destroy The Kumuzilla, but is quickly shocked when he learns that she was responsible for destroying the building. With the knowledge of her great power, he asks if she can cooperate with his plan. He proposes that while the Avalon traps The Kumuzilla inside, she attempts to destroy it with her magic. She confidently agrees, despite her worries, and follows Rave to battle the creature.
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At the arena, the two Dreemurrs continue their battle with Bete Noire. When Bete demonstrates her ability to use Pyrokinesis, Asgore recognizes the consciousness of Agate Lightvale within her. Asgore ends up fighting Bete alone due to the latter casting an illusion on Toriel. Bete forces her to watch the six Human children being killed all over again. Just as it seems Asgore is gaining the upper hand on Bete, Toriel sees Chara in her place. Asgore then readies to attack, but Toriel sends a massive fireball with all her rage, blowing him up, and leaving his body covered in severe wounds. Bete then watches as Toriel realizes what she has done, and collapses to the ground in tears.


  • Just like Toriel in Game Over Part 1, Sans doesn’t remember Frisk and only feels something is off.