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HATE infobox.png
Soul/Trait Inverted Variants
Species Magical Substance
Gender None
Status Temporarily Vanquished (In Hope)
Theme Hatred Horror
Voice Actor None

HATE is a dark substance that is the true main antagonist of both Season 1 and Season 2. It possesses a heavy connection to Inverted traits and Determination, as well having a sentient existence. As a substance, HATE functions as a possessive enhancer.



Upon HATE's initial generation, it is manifested as a black blob, which possesses the primary desire of obtaining and influencing a valid host. Both Humans and Monsters possessed by this form of HATE gain a black sclera, and as HATE begins to gain more control, the body of the host becomes more covered in black.


Following the consumption of Bete, HATE possesses a shapeshifting, black humanoid form with pink spots. Its face does not contain any human facial features except for two pink eyes and a mouth. It can morph its size and appearance, splitting and reforming itself as necessary regarding both mobility and offensive application.

Animosity HATE.png


Following prolonged existence in HATE's consumed form, its body will gradually evolve into a composed, stable form, possessing the single power of astronomical Determination. In this form, HATE has a more humanoid shape, but its only facial features are two red eyes. It also wields an enormous broadsword.

HATE appearance.png


When HATE begins to take control of its host, they act more violent, psychotic, brutal, begin to lack self-control. They may even become horrifically sadistic, and have no remorse for their actions. An example of its cruelty is when a HATE-fueled Chara ruthlessly tears off Omega Flowey's arm in Your Best Friend. Another example is when Asriel, being corrupted with it, stabs his own father, Asgore, almost killing him.

Powers and Abilities


  • Influence and Corruption: HATE can control its host's body, emotions, and can influence the host to make decisions that they normally wouldn't. HATE can also eventually possess its host. In this state, the corrupted host's power is enhanced massively in comparison to their uncorrupted variant. HATE blinds its corrupted hosts with bad memories to attack their opponents. However, the corrupted host can be freed from HATE's influence through love. When a corrupted host is close to becoming freed, HATE begins to cover their body more.
  • HATE Substance: HATE's host, if the substance is let into their soul, can utilize HATE in whatever way they please. It is used primarily for offensive and defensive purposes, but can also be applied in more tactical ways.
    • Power Enhancer: When HATE exists within a host, that host's power is enhanced immensely, becoming far stronger. Small amounts of HATE can be handled by Humans as enhancers, as Frisk did in Love Part 2.
    • Regeneration: If the host is damaged, the magical substance is capable of regenerating what is injured or lost. If the body is primarily magical, like a Monster's, the regenerated piece will appear normal. However, if it is primarily physical matter, such as with a Human, the regenerated piece will appear black, just like HATE. It can even completely revive bodies made of magic if the soul is intact, like with Sans. In the case of Humans, it can be noticed in the episode, *Determination, with Chara.
    • Trait Inversion: The host's soul trait can be inverted when HATE is allowed into said soul. This, however, is dangerous and irreversible; An example being the Fear soul.


If HATE exists within one's soul, it can eventually grow to consume them entirely. When this happens, it becomes a being like that showed at the end of Animosity.

  • Shapeshifting: HATE is capable of morphing its own body, which helps with both mobility and offensive purposes.
  • Inverted Traits: This stage of the entity retains all the trait abilities of its previous Inverted hosts. During Hope, many abilities were presented in this phase.
    • Inverted Bravery: At the end of Animosity, HATE was shown to be capable of summoning a large illusion-inducing dome, which inflicts astronomically realistic deceptions among desired individuals within it. HATE can also form a claw with fingers charged with Fear magic, subsequently erupting upon being triggered.
    • Inverted Justice: HATE is capable of charging a powerful beam of Inverted Justice magic, slicing through almost any present obstacle.
    • Inverted Kindness: While it did not appear to utilize any Inverted Kindness ability, it does have the potential to use it, as it has all Inverted traits.
    • Inverted Patience: As demonstrated in the canyon, HATE is capable of utilizing Inverted Patience tendrils, carrying a tremendous amount of force to crash through present obstacles.
    • Inverted Integrity: HATE has the ability to inflict telekinetic force upon the desired opponent, thrusting them towards the indicated direction. Besides that, HATE is also able to use Integrity platforms to blast momentum towards opponents. This move was used to send Chara to the canyon.
    • Inverted Perseverance: An Inverted Perseverance claw possessing exceptional piercing capabilities.
  • Special Hell: Directly, inherited from Chara, HATE is capable of concentrating magic into the floor, then detonating it.


Ultimately, as HATE's existence as a full being lengthens, it gradually evolves into its most powerful state, which is a being of Determination.

  • Broadsword: HATE is capable of summoning an enormous Broadsword, and utilizing it with incredible force.
  • Energy Manifestation: It's also capable of concentrating magical energy through its sword and into objects. This attack bears a striking resemblance to Chara's Special Hell.


Before Season 1

It is unknown who HATE's first host is or how it was created. However, HATE is used in the Inversion Spell, the first user known being Agate Lightvale, who used it around a millennium ago. Right before Season 1, Frisk generated HATE and threw it onto Chara.

Season 1


Chara, corrupted by HATE, temporarily takes control of Frisk's body to try to kill Sans after Frisk decides to press the RESET button. Chara shows increasingly violent and brutal behavior while possessed.


Asriel uses love to finally free Chara from HATE.

Between Season 1 and Season 2

When the barrier broke, HATE escaped from Mount Ebott, but was seized by the AMD and trapped inside a vial. Jessica Grey began a hidden research project on what HATE was.

Season 2


Jessica loses the vial of captured HATE to Bete when the latter forcefully steals it by torturing her with an illusion of Alina.


Part 1

When Bete is almost killed by Undyne, Kumu eats the HATE vial to save her. This allowed Bete to become a host and completely regenerate. While possessed by HATE, Bete continues to fight Undyne. However, the HATE begins to consume Bete during the fight, which she breaks free from before it's too late. Frisk later mentions to Asriel how he threw HATE onto Chara.

Part 2

Bete begins a fight with Frisk, and in a last-ditch effort to win the fight, she uses HATE on Sans' soul, reviving him under the control of it. However, when Papyrus enters the battle, he uses love to remove the HATE from Sans, forcing Bete to flee once again.

My Promise

Bete uses some HATE on Asriel's soul, reviving him after looking into his memories and seeing that he has a good reason to hate everyone who loves him. Later, Bete makes Asriel battle Toriel and Asgore. Toriel and Asgore desperately try to save Asriel from HATE by showing their compassion to him.

Unfortunately for them, it fails due to HATE reminding Asriel of bad memories involving his parents. Frisk, Toriel, and Asgore are forced to retreat since they eventually realize they can't win against both Asriel and Bete under the circumstances.
MyPromise HATE.png


Chara manages to take the HATE out from Asriel's soul and lets it into his own, forcing the HATE under his control by overwhelming it with his will. Soon after, Bete is killed by Gaster, allowing HATE to consume her soul (which is also her body).

HATE manages to cast an illusion, of Gaster’s body dusting away, on Papyrus and tries to attack him, only for Chara to intervene and take the hit instead. Chara then tells the creature that he will show it his Animosity.
Animosity HATE itself.png


Following the true awakening of HATE, a single, decomposing blob near Ronan and Rave rapidly transforms into a larger, black form. The creature immediately attempts to stab Rave, sensing his Dual-Traited soul, but instead plunges into Ronan, who takes the blow for his friend.

Now possessing Ronan, the blob utilizes his body to assault Rave and the nearby Kindness wizards, who barely remain untouched. Before the creature is able to use Ronan's body to attack again, it is restrained by Tobias, who manifests a shapeshifting shield to hold the figure in place. However, the blob carelessly snaps Ronan's arm, breaking it, and subsequently causing the shield to be removed.

Meanwhile, within Ronan's internal complex, the HATE blob, utilizing inherited Fear qualities, conjures an illusion of which Ronan possesses manifested presence in. Within this illusion. the blob utilizes Ronan's regrets of abandoning his dead wife, Zoe Phenix, to ultimately restrain him from regaining bodily control, despite initial temptation.

Within the real world, the HATE blob continues to utilize Ronan's body, ultimately destroying Rave's generated shield, ripping fatal wounds throughout his body. Following this, Ronan, ultimately concluding the severity of the present situation too important to abandon, resolves to escape the illusion. However, before he is able to act, the blob is able to successfully restrain Ronan against his own will, due to the presence of astronomically buried negative emotions.

As the battle continues in reality, the blob endures difficulty in successfully eliminating Rave, Raven, or Tobias. Suddenly, Hugo and Undyne arrive at the park, the former calling for his father. The creature, still possessing control of Ronan's body, charges an attack to eliminate the two. However, at the last moment, Rave gathers the will to leap up from the ground, diverting the blob's attack and head-butting it from Ronan's body. The blob, having consumed much of Ronan's magic, now stands as an extremely large and powerful creature against Ronan and Rave. However, before it is able to attack, Undyne is able to manifest the last of her Determination to erupt the blob.
Hope HATE Blob.png

The true manifested form of HATE appears later within the episode, preparing to battle Chara and Asriel. As the brothers discuss the current circumstances, Chara diverts his attention from HATE, allowing it to unsuspectingly attack. However, just in time Chara is pulled away from HATE as an Inverted Perseverance claw slams into the ground, the creature subsequently being blasted back by Asriel.

As Asriel evacuates Papyrus and Gaster, HATE assaults Chara with an explosive Fear claw, puncturing the child's summoned shield, and detonating the magic while within it. However, just in time, Chara is able to erupt his magic blasting the claw away from HATE and into the air, subsequently exploding. Following this, HATE splits its bottom body to form legs, and activates Special Hell on Chara, who is narrowly able to summon a shield to endure the blow.

As the Determination human attempts to travel to an open area for battle, HATE follows in rapid pursuit, momentarily shattering its outside layer to reveal a roaring Determination beast. The creature then fires an Inverted Justice beam, which is successfully dodged. As Chara attempts to briefly rest, HATE utilizes Inverted Integrity to telekinetically slam the child into the ground, before blasting him out of the city using a magical platform. As HATE charges towards the canyon, where Chara had fallen, the Determination child prepares to retaliate, ducking underneath the creature's attack and slicing across its arm.
HATE Hope.gif

As HATE attempts to utilize an Inverted Patience string, Chara is successfully able to latch himself to it, being thrown into a perfect position to attack HATE with his knife, subsequently unleashing Special Hell within its body.

However, despite momentary relief, HATE quickly reappears from Chara's crater, presently bearing extreme Determination, as well as a red greatsword. As it reveals its soul, it thrusts its greatsword towards Chara who slams his blade against the attack, quickly counterattacking, slashing HATE's face. The creature, attempting to retaliate, crushes Chara's sword before slamming him across the canyon. However, Asriel arrives just in time, saving Chara, and preparing to battle HATE together.

As the two brothers land around HATE, the creature is successfully able to deflect their every attack, ultimately blasting Chara into the air before erupting him into the ground. Attempting to finish the child, HATE dashes down towards the ground with its blade. However, Asriel, at the last moment, manages to dash past the falling creature while grabbing Chara, saving him. However, HATE proceeds to concentrate magic within the canyon floor, forcing Asriel to blast into the air, to which HATE attacks, destroying the monster's saber and stabbing him in the chest.
HATE Hope stab.png

However, as Asriel is about to dust, he is successfully able to unleash the true power of his soul, unlocking a weaker variant of his God of Hyperdeath form. With this, Asriel subsequently shatters HATE's sword, blasting the creature across the canyon. It immediately retaliates, leaping upwards, back into the air, and wrestling against the force of Asriel's fists. Ultimately, HATE loses the struggle, its right arm being pushed back before being severed by Chara. Asriel instantly counterattacks, ramming the creature back into the ground.

As the brothers reunite at the canyon floor, HATE attacks, slamming its sword against the Dreemurrs' blades. Chara subsequently detonates a concentration of magic within his weapon, blasting HATE back. Asriel and Chara then work in a synchronized manner to surround and restrain the creature, ultimately partially dismembering it. The brothers then utilize a decoy attack, of which blasts HATE towards Asriel's ultimate attack, Hyper Goner. The creature, desperately attempting to escape the pull of the magic, is slammed into the weapon by the remainder of Chara's power, erupting.

Following this, as Chara and Asriel recover, HATE begins to disintegrate from enduring excessive damage. However, before dying, it attempts to finish off Asriel. Chara, realizing this, jumps in the way of his brother, acting as a body shield. HATE, witnessing this, suddenly resolves to halt its assault, momentarily manifesting a somber expression before completely disintegrating, its physical form once again being wiped from the world.


  • Animosity is "tamed" HATE, as Chara can put his will over HATE's goals.
  • The more that a host uses HATE as an enhancer for their abilities, the harder it will become to regain control of their body.
  • HATE can grow in a Traited soul until it takes over the entire body.
    • However, for HATE to truly enter the soul of its current host, it must first be given permission.
  • When HATE finally consumes its host, it takes the trait magic they were using and adopts it as its own abilities.
  • Monsters cannot handle HATE inside of their souls or generate it.
    • However, if a Monster does get their soul covered in HATE, it controls them faster than with Humans.
  • HATE has one weakness: Love (the emotion). Asriel and Chara are able to use love to purge it from each other, and Papyrus uses it to free Sans from Bete's control.
  • If a HATE host's soul shatters, the HATE within said soul will be killed simultaneously.
  • HATE can replicate the body of a Monster, but it cannot replicate the entire body of a Human. This is because the body of a Monster is made up of magical properties, while a Human's body is made up of physical matter.