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Wing Din Gaster
Gaster infobox.png
Soul/Trait Boss Monster Soul
Species Skeleton Monster
Gender Male
Status Alive
Theme Vantablack
Voice Actor Zedrin

Dr. Wing Din Gaster was a member of the Wizard Council before the events of the Human-Monster War in which the monsters were sealed beneath Mount Ebott. Wanting to free the monsters from their imprisonment, the royal scientist focused on soul experimentation, which eventually led to him falling into the Void. For an indefinite amount of time, he remained trapped in a limbo, forced to watch every timeline simultaneously until being rescued by Sans, one of his two children.


Gaster is a male Boss Monster that has a skeleton-like appearance. His two eye sockets have permanent scars coming from them. Gaster typically wears a large dark coat over a lighter shirt with darker pants and shoes. He sometimes wears a white lab coat when performing experiments inside his lab.

When triggering magic, his eye color depends on the status of his two children. When Sans and Papyrus are alive, he'll have both a red and light blue eye. If one is to die, that corresponding color will fade away. When both are dead, his eye color will return to its original purple.

Appearance Gaster.png


Gaster's personality was initially a cool, charismatic skeleton. He was a kind person who gave people respect and cared for his friends and family's well-being. He was a brilliant man, capable of calculating strategies to win battles.

When in the Void, Gaster's sanity plummeted to the point where he will kill anyone, including his own son, in order to return. After being rescued from the Void, many of his memories were repressed, causing him to entirely forget his time in the Void.

His repressed memories’ resurfacing adds to the deterioration of his mental state, as his insistence to avenge his son had resulted in constant failures, making things worse and worse for everyone. This buildup of rage and mistakes eventually leads to his breaking point in Animosity.

Powers and Abilities

  • Chroma Hands: Gaster has seven hands that are able to mimic one of the seven human traits at a time.
    • Red: Shoots a powerful red blast.
    • Orange: Spawns explosive orange bombs in the desired area that explode on command.
    • Yellow: Rapidly fires yellow projectiles.
    • Green: Summons a green shield which consumes magic to strengthen and maintain.
    • Cyan: Fires a string used for restraint, as well as flinging the captured victim around.
    • Blue: Spawns a buzz-saw flying out towards its directed area.
    • Purple: Creates purple spikes that damage the opponent while also slowing the effect of healing magic.
  • Gaster Blasters: Blasters that fire powerful energy from their mouth.
  • Healing: Gaster has the ability to cast healing magic on others and accelerate their recovery time.
  • Telekinesis: Gaster can move people and objects from a distance by grabbing and commanding their movements.
  • Teleportation: Gaster can transport himself and others from one place to another in an instant. This ability was lost in LOVE Part 1.

Special Attacks

  • Monotone: All of the hands focus on that of a certain color, amplifying the power of his next attack by seven.
  • Duality: Gaster's seven hands merge into two giant ones along with him obtaining a large blaster.
  • Polychromatism: The power of Duality, with the addition of seven smaller hands, is the most efficient and least taxing version of Gaster's full power.


Season 1

Yet Darker

Gaster notes the strange occurrences of this unique and glitched timeline. Seeing this as an opportunity, he hijacks Sans' teleportation, leading Frisk to Gaster's door. After blocking the RESET button, Gaster intends to steal Frisk's soul in hopes that it would give him the ability to return and be whole again. Even with Sans showing up to Frisk's aid, Gaster easily overpowers him. Willing to go as far as killing anything that stands in the way, including own son. Sans has the idea for Frisk to give him his soul just as he did in the previous timeline. However, Gaster takes advantage of Frisk's exposed soul and captures it after impaling Sans with a black tentacle.
YetDarker Gaster1.png
Before Gaster can steal the soul, Frisk refuses to be stolen, and the soul propels itself to Sans, allowing the skeleton to absorb it as they initially intended. The human/monster hybrid proves far too powerful for Gaster to handle, and he soon begins to dust away from his limited physical matter. Gaster desperately tries to kill Sans as the latter effortlessly avoids his attacks, leading to the power supplied to Gaster from the Void running out. A saddened Sans tells his defeated father that killing people isn't the right way to be restored. Gaster tries to stealthily attack Sans from behind but is impaled instead with bones through Sans' own attack. Gaster then dusts away, Sans resets the timeline, and Gaster is restored, albeit still trapped inside the Void.
YetDarker Gaster2.png

Your Best Friend

Finally able to perfect the machine in his lab thanks to the glitching timeline's errors, Sans opens a gateway to the Void and successfully restores Gaster to his former self. Gaster is overjoyed to have been freed and happily agrees to help the others defeat a HATE-influenced Chara. Keeping a drained Frisk protected in a shield, Gaster, Omega Flowey, and Sans all do their best against Chara, who now has the ability to mimic traits (similarly to Gaster) after absorbing the leftover Determination of the 6 human souls. Despite their best efforts, Chara effortlessly defeats them with his overwhelming power.
YourBestFriend Gaster1.png
Gaster is gravely wounded when taking an attack for his son, Sans passes out from exhaustion after using a lot of magic in his failed attempt to kill Chara with his Gaster Blastermination, and Omega Flowey reverts to his flower-form after matching one of Chara's massive attacks. Chara prepares to finish him off before Frisk (with his recently restored Determination) gives his soul to Flowey along with the other six human souls so that Asriel can return to his true form as the "God of Hyperdeath" to engage Chara.
YourBestFriend Gaster2.png


Gaster catches up with many monsters who came to see the commotion at the barrier and when Asriel broke it, he stepped onto the surface for the first time in many years with everyone else.

Season 2

My Sunshine

During the first month of the monsters' return to the surface, Gaster was recognized for his scientific works and began expanding the CORE. As he explains to Jessica, doing so would eliminate the need to pay for electricity ever again. While also being a non-polluting, independent energy source.

After the reveal of Betty's unique pink soul, Gaster begins researching in an attempt to identify it immediately but to no avail.


As requested by "Betty's parents", Gaster allows Betty to stay at his lab for a short time. He persistently continues researching the pink trait but is still unable to find any clue whatsoever. He decides to take a break and reads The Tale of The Twin Siblings. However, upon reading it, he stumbles upon the origins of the pink soul: a Bête Noire with the soul of Fear.

Upon finding this information, he is too late to warn the others, and Betty soon kills an already weakened Sans. Gaster sees everything from Sans' perspective before the moment he died and immediately sought vengeance.

Do or Die

After Sans' death, Gaster immediately looks for every piece of information he can find on the "Bete Noire" to avenge his son. Upon discovering that Determination is supposedly its only weakness, he went on a rampage within his lab, his outlook on life greatly affected after the death of his son.

Eventually, Frisk meets with him, and soon after, the lab is attacked by pink blobs that had been planted by Betty earlier on. After seeing Frisk struggle to defeat the blobs, Gaster believes Frisk will never be able to win against Betty and decided he would do it himself, despite lacking Determination.

With the help of Alphys, Gaster had reconfigured a machine, originally designed to eliminate dangerous particles from the CORE, with the new goal of eliminating any humans or monsters within the room. He explains to Alphys that the plan is to lock the doors and activate the Nullifier if Gaster loses the fight. Unbeknownst to Alphys, Gaster doesn't mean to kill Betty with the machine, but rather himself if he fails. Gaster soon battles with Betty in the Nullifier Room. He tests Betty's fighting prowess until he learns what she's fully capable of.
DoD Gaster1.png
He then puts her in a situation where she can't counter by separating her from Akumu and almost manages to kill her. Betty survives long enough to reveal a move she had been waiting to use until she had enough souls: Rhabdophobia. Using this ability, Betty brutally defeats Gaster by stealing his magic and using it against him. Defeated, Gaster looks to the spectator window before being stabbed with a spear. Gaster is saved by Alphys and Jessica, with the latter blasting Betty away with her gun and teleporting them both away with an artifact, leaving Alphys to deal with Betty alone.
DoD Gaster2.png


Part 1

Gaster experiences a brief flashback of his final moments in the CORE before falling into the Void. After a failed experiment, the CORE began to overheat, and the interior began falling apart. Gaster and an unnamed monster scientist struggled to stabilize the CORE's temperature when Sans arrived to warn Gaster to evacuate. Gaster refused to leave, telling his son that everything would be destroyed if the CORE didn't stop overheating. Despite Sans' pleas, Gaster stayed behind and was successful in preventing the CORE from melting down. Unfortunately, the CORE's interior was still damaged from malfunctioning, and a section of the platform that the other scientist was standing on shattered, sending him helplessly into the Void below.
LOVE p1 Gaster1.png

Gaster and Sans both ran to escape, but a damaged pipe broke from its constraints and fell towards them. Gaster was able to shove Sans out of harm's way, but couldn't save himself from being slammed off the platform into the Void. As he falls, the CORE begins to release blue plasma throughout the room from the experiment, granting both Sans and Gaster the ability to teleport. The Flashback ends with Gaster's perspective switching from falling into the Void and falling before getting blasted in the final moments of his battle with Betty.

Gaster soon awakens thanks to Papyrus using healing magic. When Jessica explained that Alphys had a plan to kill Betty alone, Gaster panics in a rush to get back. Gaster tries to teleport to the scene with his damaged soul, only to lose the ability to teleport entirely. He calms down after hearing that Undyne went to save her. Gaster looks down and is surprised to see his hands covered in blood. He realizes that although monsters shouldn't bleed due to their lack of physical matter, monsters living among humans and eating human-made food have allowed monsters to gain a more physical form. With this new information, Gaster believes Undyne might attain her "Undying" form without melting.

Later on, Gaster is recovering on a couch while Jessica uses his control panel to access the AMD's surveillance equipment. Gaster is upset by this and questions who allowed her to use his device, to which Papyrus responded that it was him who allowed it, annoying Gaster further. Gaster appears surprised and almost impressed when Jessica warns everyone in the city of the soul-stealing Fear blobs and tells the humans to seek aid from nearby monsters that could scare away the blobs with their magic.

Soon after, Undyne returns from her duel with Betty, appearing to be unharmed physically, but stricken with guilt from accidentally killing Alphys while under a Fear illusion. Papyrus takes her to a nearby room to tend to her, leaving Gaster and Jessica alone. Jessica tries to tell him that she might understand how Gaster feels and apologizes for her actions. Gaster refuses her apology and angrily replies that Jessica played a significant role in the demise of Sans and Alphys. He menacingly assures Jessica that the only reason she's still alive is due to her friendship with Frisk.
LOVE p1 Gaster 2.png

After Frisk returns from the school, he asks the two adults about the others. Despite partially being at fault for withholding information about the Nullifier, Gaster tells Frisk that Alphys was "in another body bag" because of Jessica. Frisk takes Jessica to a storage room to show her something as Gaster stays.

Part 2

Gaster is shown looking outside his window late at night, unable to sleep, reflecting on the previous day's events.

Later, Gaster secretly looks through Jessica's database and discovers that the AMD captured and contained the HATE substance that escaped sometime after the events of Continue. He goes to ask Undyne how she failed to exterminate Betty despite having Determination. Undyne explains that Betty consumed a black substance that boosted its power and regenerated before she could land the finishing blow. His suspicions confirmed, Gaster snaps his pen and prepares to attack her, but halts after his anger subsides. He tells her that if she had told them about the HATE vial, they could have prepared for it and things might have turned out differently. He then states to Jessica that he doesn't care about her excuses and wishes he had never met her, causing her to lose her trait.

Love p2 Gaster1.png
Papyrus finds Gaster alone in an empty room and sits next to him. Gaster asks Papyrus how he can forgive people no matter what they do to him and whether or not Papyrus ever cared about Sans. Papyrus tells Gaster that there wasn't a time of the day he didn't think about his brother and that he misses him very much, but he didn't want anyone to see him upset because others rely on him for comfort and he needs to try extra hard without Sans around. Papyrus gives Gaster a newly repaired "Bone Appetit" mug that Sans gifted to Gaster before it was broken when Gaster dropped it upon sensing his son's death. Papyrus tells Gaster that they shouldn't deny apologies from people when they have already made so many mistakes. A refreshed Gaster tells Papyrus he will give forgiving Jessica a shot.

Love p2 Gaster2.png

Later, Gaster feels Sans' sudden return and location when Betty uses HATE to revive him to fight the newly-powered, LV 19 Frisk. While he can't teleport, Papyrus knew where to go and rushes off to the scene, despite Gaster telling him to stay. Gaster then quickly gathers Asgore and Toriel so the three can follow Papyrus to rescue the others from Betty.

When the three Boss Monsters arrive at the scene, Betty uses a HATE dome to prevent them from interfering. Everyone witnesses Sans breaking free of HATE's control when the released magic destroyed the dome in the process. After Betty escapes, Toriel explains to a concerned Gaster that Sans is in some form of coma after having nearly all his magic drained and that he might never wake up. Papyrus assures Gaster that Sans is strong and that he will eventually awaken.

My Promise

The others arrive home to see Jessica and Undyne being attacked by a Fear blob that managed to break in. The blob manages to stab Jessica in the chest before Asgore kills it with his Trident. After hearing she'll live, Gaster and Papyrus take Sans to Gaster's laboratory in the Underground. Gaster initially has trouble remembering the password due to his memories being suppressed from his time in the Void but remembers after a quick flashback.

Gaster immediately runs tests on Sans' body to see how he can save him, but to his horror, his computer identifies Sans as "Fallen Down", which means that he will soon turn to dust. When Papyrus asks about what the results are, Gaster lies to him about Sans' state and orders Papyrus to stay with his brother as Gaster gets ready to return to the others. A concerned Papyrus repeatedly suggests other things he can do to help, but Gaster refuses, even going so far as threatening Papyrus with his Chromas out of stress. After apologizing for snapping, Gaster leaves Papyrus in the lab and changes into a darker coat before joining everyone else at the house.
MyPromise Gaster.png

Gaster brings a "Monster History" novel and begins explaining his findings, swiftly dismissing Asgore's concern for Sans' well-being. After giving Frisk a suspicious look, Gaster informs everyone that if a bond between Asriel or anyone corrupted with HATE was strong enough with someone trying to free them, the victim could break themselves free of its control. Gaster predicts that Betty will likely attack a highly-populated area like the school or the arena to gather more souls.

Asgore proposes Gaster and Undyne both go to the school to defend it, but he refuses, saying he would remain at the house because Papyrus was unfit for fighting. Unaware of her lacking confidence, Gaster believed Undyne would be more than capable of handling the school without his aid. Gaster and Frisk flinch when Asgore tells Undyne she could free Alphys from HATE's control, both knowing it wouldn't be possible as Alphys's soul had already shattered. Before Undyne could explain, an explosion erupts from the city, causing Frisk and the two Dreeumurs to go to save Asriel, Undyne going to the school, and Gaster staying behind.

While trying to find a way to reverse Sans' Fallen Down state, Frisk and Toriel enter the house with a severely wounded Asgore after the trio failed in their recent battle with the now Merged Betty and a HATE-controlled Asriel. Gaster is noticeably concerned for his friend's well-being before Frisk requests to speak with him privately.

Frisk approaches Gaster about wanting to reactivate an old experiment that will allow him to enter the Void to fix his "glitching" condition. Gaster agrees on the terms that Frisk donates samples of his blood to him so he can use it to save Sans. Gaster is hesitant in sending Frisk away with low chances of return but accepta after Frisk gives Gaster a reassuring thumbs-up. Gaster wishes Frisk good luck as he transports him to the Void.

Along with everyone else, Gaster's memories of Frisk are all switched with Chara after Frisk gives his soul to him and presses the REPLACE button in the Void, sending Chara back to the surface and erasing Frisk and the game itself from existence.

Game Over

Part 1

Asgore and Toriel had found Gaster and Chara unconscious in the lab, both of whom were unable to recall what they were doing before waking up. As he was beginning to discuss how they would deal with Betty and Asriel, Gaster notices the blood vial from the sample he took from Frisk and rushes to his lab to experiment with it.

Gaster tests Frisk's Determination with monster magic multiple times but keeps failing to stabilize the solution. Gaster has the idea to use Undyne's blood found in the Nullifier Room as a sample of DNA, perfectly blended with Determination and monster magic. Gaster believes that the resulting mixture will be a substance that will awaken Sans but not melt him from the overdose. Unfortunately, the solution only supplies a finite amount of Determination and will eventually run out. The injection leads to Sans' body mainly running itself on the temporary Determination instead of the magic provided to him by Gaster, thus resulting in the Boss Monster link between them cutting off.
GameOverPt1 Gaster1.png

Additionally, rather than Sans painlessly passing on, the Determination inside him will force him to experience every lingering moment of his death. Gaster becomes devastated upon realizing all he did was make everything worse again and that he lied to Papyrus for nothing.

Gaster arrives in the room that Jessica and the others are in, seemingly confused by her apparel. Papyrus volunteers to go with Jessica on her way to meet Rave Rutrow, but Gaster forbids him from leaving, causing an argument. Papyrus traps Gaster inside a wall of light blue bones so he will have to listen to him. However, trapping Gaster inside the bones reminds the doctor of his painful experience with Betty and causes a brief panic attack leading to Gaster injuring his son by slamming him into a wall. Gaster tearfully regrets his actions when he realizes he hurt Papyrus.
GameOverPt1 Gaster2.png

Papyrus tells Gaster that the attack hurt, but not nearly as much as it hurt that everyone treats him like he is blissfully unaware of the situation. Papyrus tells the older monster that he can do whatever he wants, but he refuses to let him go through his burdens alone and pleads with him to let him help. Gaster claims he didn't deserve Papyrus' help and that all he had done was make things worse through constant mistakes. Papyrus then embraces Gaster, telling him that the only mistake he could make is not asking for help.

Deciding that Papyrus is capable of defending the house without him, Gaster volunteers to accompany Jessica on her way to the city, which the younger skeleton happily accepts.

Part 2

On their way to the city, Gaster and Jessica both struggle to start a conversation. After an awkward moment, Gaster tells her that he has many things that he wants to say, but can't find a way to put them into words. He then tells her that he would like to take a small nap on their way to the city. Jessica asks if he could manage to nap on a moving vehicle, but he already fell asleep.

Gaster later eavesdrops when Ronan Cass explains Rave and Jessica's history to Undyne. He learns that the City's former leader was Noah Rutrow, Jessica's husband and Rave's older brother.
GameOverPt2 Gaster1.png

After Noah died, Jessica took over his position since Rave was too young at the time. Rave's family offered to take care of Jessica's daughter Alina, but Jessica refused. When her leadership duties interfered with her responsibilities as a parent, Alina ran away and never returned. Rave holds Jessica responsible for Alina's disappearance and holds a massive grudge against her.

Gaster is shown concerned about the ground shaking while patrolling the streets searching for Fear blobs. Meanwhile, Undyne is approached with news by Zachary, a blind integrity child with the ability to sense magical energy. Zachary informs Undyne of movement underneath the streets and that "dots" he had seen around the city were gathering in one place. The dots Zachary referred to are revealed to be all the collective blobs scattered around the district. The blobs all merge to form a gargantuan entity called "Kumuzilla," rising from underneath the ground and towering over a horrified Gaster and Jessica.

Upon seeing his Boss Monster soul, Kumuzilla recognizes Gaster as a threat and attempts to kill the frozen monster with a massive tentacle. Jessica grabs Gaster's arm and the two try fleeing to safety, but Gaster is forced to block the attack with his green Chroma hands. As Kumuzilla heads toward the school to collect more Human Souls, Ronan contacts reinforcements to help stop it.

Despite everyone's efforts, no one can manage to cause any substantial damage to the massive blob. Three of the backup troops are killed by smaller blobs dispatched from Kumuzilla, and Ronan is put in critical condition after taking a lethal attack meant for his son, Hugo. Realizing they stand no chance, Jessica contacts Rave and tells him he is authorized to use whatever he brought with him to help.

Kumuzilla smashes a building and Gaster tries to stop the broken sections of it from crushing them, but his chroma hands eventually give way, and the two are buried under the debris.
GameOverPt2 Gaster2.png

Gaster and Jessica wake up buried deep underneath the rubble, relatively unharmed, but Gaster is pinned under massive rocks. The roof begins to shake, indicating that it will soon collapse on both of them. Jessica reveals that she has one of Alphys' teleportation devices they could use to escape, but a disheartened Gaster informs her the device will only transport one person; and that she should use it and leave him behind.

Refusing to abandon Gaster, Jessica tries to release him from the rock while Gaster frantically tells her to leave it. Despite his pleas, Jessica stubbornly persists in saving him, even going as far as cracking her already damaged soul when trying to use her gun. Despite not being fully ready for it, Gaster tells Jessica that he forgives her for everything she's done in an attempt to get her to save herself.

These words have the unintended effect of restoring Jessica's lost integrity. She instead gives him the teleportation device, telling a shocked Gaster to make Betty suffer before sending him back to the school. Jessica soon dies after his departure.

Finding himself alone inside Rave's lab at the teleporter's destination point, Gaster weeps silently with the realization that yet another person perished because of him and was helpless to prevent it. He raises his head with a new resolve to not let the former leader's sacrifice be in vain and to get his revenge against Betty once and for all.
GameOverPt2 Gaster3.png


Rave discovers Gaster soon after he was teleported to his lab and recognizes him from a chapter of a seemingly monster-related novel regarding Chroma magic. Gaster implies Jessica's death to Rave by telling him he's been promoted to city leader, that he needs to keep it together, and will be allowed to mourn after the threat is gone. Gaster tells Rave he will assist the people in the arena so Rave can prioritize dealing with Kumuzilla. Noticing Gaster's broken leg from being trapped under the rock, Rave heals him with an Arnicite device that fixes the bone and injuries. Physically healed, Gaster goes to leave before Rave stops him and asks how he'll manage to take down the massive blob.
Hate Gaster.png

Gaster glances back and sees a younger and happier version of himself in Rave and tells the human scientist that he looks smart and can figure it out. With these final words, Gaster goes to confront Betty, leaving a confused Rave alone.


Arriving at the arena moments before Toriel can be killed, Gaster saves her by cutting off Betty's arm and separates the two with his Chromas. Knowing she can't defeat Gaster as she is now, and that HATE could take over soon without Kumuzilla supplying her magic, Betty flees. Gaster looks over to see a severely wounded Asgore lying on the ground. Concerned for his friend, but focused on the task at hand, Gaster proceeds to pursue Betty. Toriel asks Gaster where he's going and he tells her she can do more for Asgore than he can and also asks Toriel to at least pretend she cares for monsters this one time.
Animosity Gaster1.png

Papyrus and a newly awakened Sans arrive at the scene to assist in defeating Betty. Betty arrogantly challenges them before Gaster arrives and punches her away. Upon seeing Sans, Gaster is briefly saddened before growing a small smile from seeing his son once again and the three monsters briefly enjoy being reunited. Betty interrupts them and says although they have her trapped in a chain, it's "only as strong as the weakest link". She then rushes to attack Papyrus, but fails when the young skeleton launches her away with a bone. The three monsters prove to be too much for her to handle, and HATE slowly gains dominance over her with her magic running low.
Animosity Gaster2.png

Betty grabs Papyrus in a massive fist and starts to crush him in an attempt to keep the two back, but Sans appears behind her and blasts her away. Gaster begins to start healing a wounded Papyrus while Sans slowly takes off his hood. Seeing his brother injured, Sans rises in the air and summons a massive quantity of Gaster Blasters with his Gaster Blastermination.

Too late in realizing that Betty's plan all along was to anger Sans enough so he would use a powerful move against her, Gaster calls out to Sans to stop as Betty uses Rhabdophobia, turning the blasters against him. Refusing to lose his son again, Gaster uses his Duality hands to protect Sans from the blasters. The shields barely hold up against the onslaught while Gaster falls to the ground after the Duality hands break.

Papyrus rushes to Gaster's aid while Sans watches in horror. As Betty aims the corrupted blasters at Gaster and Papyrus, Sans teleports in front of them and counters the blasts with a second wave of Blastermination. The beams clash as Gaster regains consciousness to witness Sans melting from his Determination running out. Sans looks back to his family with a sad and confident smile and succeeds in winning the struggle. However, his Determination finally runs out, and he fearfully asks if the two are okay before dusting away, his soul shattering for good.
Animosity Gaster3.png

After Sans dies, Papyrus falls to the ground crying while Gaster stares blankly in silence. All the sleep he neglected, the failed experiments, and everyone that he hurt in his efforts to save his son wasted cause Gaster's psyche to shatter. He fearlessly approaches Betty and stares her down with the single intention of killing her by any means necessary.

Appearing to be draining Papyrus's soul of its magic, Gaster approaches Betty and taunts her to attack him. Angered by being seemingly underestimated, Bete attacks Gaster but is completely overwhelmed by the boss monster's assault. With the magic Gaster takes away from Papyrus, he temporarily achieves his full power of Polychromatism and proceeds to decimate Betty further while unaware he's killing Papyrus in the process. After immobilizing her and stabbing her with purple chroma spikes, which prevent Bete from healing, Gaster repeatedly blasts her with red chroma magic.
Animosity Gaster4.png

Gaster prepares the finishing blow, but before he can attack, Papyrus breaks Gaster from his trance by calling out to him, fearful that Gaster would die from the magic overflowing into his soul. Gaster halts his attack and leaves merely a shell of the now dead Betty remaining. Exhausted from his lack of sleep and efforts, Gaster passes out in Papyrus' arms. Papyrus proceeds to carry a passed out Gaster home.


  • Gaster was the Royal Scientist of monsters and humans.
  • Gaster is the only known monster ever to exist that has both chroma magic and blaster magic.
  • Gaster becomes fatigued when his chroma hands are forcibly broken; this is because he puts considerable concentration into them and they take significant magic away if he can't manually disperse them.
  • Gaster lost his Purple Chroma due to a tragic event in the past.
    • The Reason he was able to use it in Animosity, was due to using the drained magic from Papyrus' soul to temporarily restore it. However, once he re-established the Boss Monster link with Papyrus, he lost access to it again.
  • Two of the abilities shown in Yet Darker, those being the Void Substance and the unnatural Purple Chroma, are abilities Gaster obtained throughout his existence within the Void. However, Gaster no longer possesses these capabilities following his release from the Void in Your Best Friend. Though he does retain a portion of his formerly obtained Void powers, of which allow him to block game buttons, even while removed from the Void.
    • Despite the similar appearance, the Void Substance is not actually HATE.
    • The unnatural Purple Chroma, that was capable of duplicating Sans' attacks, is much different from his normal Purple Chroma.
  • Because a large amount of Gaster's memories were suppressed after his experience in the void, he didn't recognize the illusion of Agate when she dropped Betty off at his house in Dust.
  • If he was aware of Betty's ability to use Rhabdophobia, it's unlikely he would have lost in his first fight with her.
  • When Gaster's magic was stolen by Betty in their battle in Do or Die, the reason he couldn't summon more was that Betty was still using his own magic to supply it, leaving him helpless.
  • Gaster would have likely forgiven Jessica later on, but he wasn't ready when he said it to her near the end of Game Over Part 2.
  • Excluding the nap in Game Over and the time he spent unconscious, Gaster hasn't slept once throughout Season 2.
  • Gaster could have still defeated Betty without draining Papyrus' soul, but he was so outraged after Sans died that he wasn't thinking of the side-effects.




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