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Soul/Trait Human Soul
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Erased from the timeline (In My Promise)
Theme Bring It On
Voice Actor Strelok

Frisk is the main protagonist of Season 1, and the first five episodes of Season 2.


Frisk is a young child around 13 years of age. He has yellow skin with shoulder-length brown hair. Due to possessing a Determination soul, his irises are red. He wears a blue and purple-striped shirt, brown shorts (Season 1)/pants (Season 2), and dark brown shoes.

Frisk appearance.png

Early Life

The details of Frisk’s past before his appearance in the underground are largely unknown, and they have not been established nor revealed in Glitchtale. Thus, the reason he had appeared in the underground is also unknown. What is known is that he spent a significant amount of time underground by repeatedly resetting the timeline. He had experienced many different outcomes before starting his first genocide route, where Glitchtale Season 1 begins. As stated in Love Part 1, Frisk has explored every variable and has seen every piece of character dialogue by the time Megalomaniac occurs.


Having the ability to undo his actions via resetting the world, and doing so for a considerable amount of time, has shifted his personality by the time Season 1 begins. Although, it is not clear how specifically his personality has changed. At some point before the events of Season 1, Frisk had a friendship with Chara.

Frisk has shown to be extremely curious by nature, having little hesitation before entering an unknown situation. He possesses a great dedication to achieving his goals, and his determination to explore the unknown without caution borders on madness. It may also suggest a sort of perfectionist or completionist mentality. Despite this, he seems to be fully aware of his own mistakes and shortcomings.

Although often perceived as a good person by others, Frisk's morality has been called into question by Chara, as he was responsible for subjecting him to HATE. He has also displayed a deceitful side, as he explains to Asriel that he had lied to Sans in Continue.

However, he does seem to care for others to some degree. According to Frisk in Love Part 1, the purpose of all his resets was to find a "perfect ending" for everyone. Frisk has gone as far as erasing his own existence and becoming forgotten by everyone to protect the world and those who inhabit it.

Powers and Abilities

Season 1

  • SAVE, LOAD, RESET: A series of buttons that allow Frisk to create "checkpoints" in time to return to, or restart the timeline entirely. However, it has been shown to be possible for others to disrupt his ability to use these buttons. In Continue, Frisk breaks the RESET button and renders himself unable to use it from then on. The other buttons have also never been shown again, suggesting that they are all linked.
  • Refusal: Due to possessing a soul of Determination, Frisk's soul is capable of reviving him after death. In Yet Darker, his soul is able to move without his body.
  • A Little Help: Frisk seems to be capable of rejuvenating Human souls that have exhausted their magic. However, he requires Determination in his own soul to use this ability.

Season 2

  • Sword and Shield: Frisk can summon a sword and a shield made of Determination magic. He can summon one at a time if he desires.
  • Energy Manifestation: Frisk is able to manifest his magic to cause an explosion, as seen in Love Part 2.
  • Regeneration: Since Frisk is a Determination user, he can heal his own wounds if determined enough.
  • HATE Substance: In Love Part 2, Frisk generated a small amount of HATE, which he used to enhance his attacks against Bete.
  • REPLACE: In My Promise, Frisk uses a newly introduced button called "REPLACE". This allows him to replace his own existence in the world with Chara's, resulting in other’s memories of him to be altered so that they won’t remember his existence.


Season 1


At the beginning of the episode, Frisk is seen battling Sans in the Judgment Hall. However, after failing to defeat Sans several times, he accepts defeat. He transfers the HATE he had accumulated from killing monsters in this timeline to Chara. However, before Frisk can reset, the now-corrupted Chara restrains Frisk and commandeers his body to fight Sans.

Frisk breaks free from his confines and takes an attack meant for Sans. He tells Sans that he's sorry and requests for him to take his soul and fix his mistakes, before disappearing and leaving it behind. Sans promptly absorbs the soul and defeats Chara, before using the RESET button himself.

Frisk megalomaniac.png

Following Sans' reset, which allows Sans to remember this timeline's events, Frisk finds himself not at his usual main menu screen. Instead, he is at the character naming screen. It is here that he inputs his own name, "Frisk", and enters Hard Mode.

Yet Darker

Despite being in Hard Mode, Frisk ventures past the Ruins and meets Sans at his Waterfall sentry station. They agree to go to Grillby's. However, something interrupts Sans' shortcut and transports Frisk to a place in Waterfall instead. It is here that he finds a grey door, which he had never seen before, nearby. Frisk enters the room and encounters a mysterious figure, who tells him that he's been watching him and that he desires his soul. Frisk finds that his RESET button has been blocked and attempts to escape through the door. However, black tendrils have blocked it, preventing his escape.
Frisk yetdarker.png

Gaster then attempts to kill Frisk using a series of Gaster Blasters. However, Sans arrives to save him. Sans then discovers that his teleportation has also been disabled, so he uses a blaster to destroy the door entirely. With Gaster in pursuit, the two exit the room and into Waterfall. Sans suggests that Frisk gives him his soul once more; however, Gaster attacks them both. Gaster attempts to take his soul, but Frisk manages to break free and give Sans his soul. With their combined power, Sans manages to defeat Gaster. Sans then tells Frisk to take his time in the Ruins on the next run and resets the timeline.


Frisk meets Sans at his Hotland hot dog stand this time. Sans expresses his concerns to Frisk regarding the resets, telling him that tampering with the timeline runs the risk of causing unexpected occurrences. Frisk agrees to keep an eye out for anything that might seem odd and proceeds to enter the True Lab.

Inside, he notices that the True Lab door is open and that black vines are extending out from it. Frisk decides to investigate, only to encounter Chara, who has his own body thanks to HATE. Chara tells him that he had killed the Amalgamates and acquired enough Determination to equal Frisk's. Frisk is then captured by Chara, who uses a tendril made from HATE to put Frisk into the Determination Extractor. Meanwhile, Flowey discovers this and alerts Sans. The two arrive to confront Chara in battle. As they fight, Frisk's Determination is successfully extracted by the machine and Chara narrowly takes it for himself. Sans and Flowey retrieve the unconscious Frisk and retreat.
S1ep3 frisk.png

Your Best Friend

Frisk wakes up in Sans' secret workshop and watches as Flowey and Sans fix a strange machine. Sans uses the machine to return Gaster from the void. Although Frisk is at first wary, Gaster insists that he has no intention of being their enemy. The four then retrieve the six Human Souls that Asgore had collected before they leave again to challenge Chara.

Flowey (who has absorbed the six souls), Sans, and Gaster engage Chara in battle. Sans orders Gaster to protect Frisk while also keeping the RESET button blocked. During the fight, Frisk is temporarily left unprotected. Chara uses this opportunity to attack Frisk, but Gaster intercepts a fatal strike meant for the boy.

Due to this, Sans decides to summon his "real special attack" - Gaster blastermination, which obliterates Chara's body. However, Chara refuses death, uses HATE to reconstruct his body, and attacks the exhausted party once more. Taking down Sans, and then Flowey soon after. Before Chara is able to kill Flowey with a final blow, Frisk calls for help from the Human Souls, to no avail. So, Frisk decides to protect Flowey himself with a shield from his refueled Determination. Once again, he calls for help from the six souls. They answer and with Frisk's own soul, they fly towards Flowey, which then transforms him into Asriel.
S1ep4 frisk.png


Within a large black sphere, Chara tells Asriel about Frisk's true nature and his actions. Chara reveals that Frisk was solely responsible for the genocide route, as well as and how he only stepped into the picture when Frisk lost the courage to finish what he started. Chara also explains the origins of his HATE and the fragile nature of their current timeline: if Asriel tries to break the barrier, Frisk will die. Resetting the timeline will only cause further damage to the it. Chara then proceeds to summon an ERASE button and tells Asriel that their only option is to erase everything. However, Asriel chooses to forgive Frisk's actions and destroys the button, and with that, Chara and Asriel begin fighting each other.

However, it becomes a stalemate as neither appears capable of actually defeating the other. Eventually, Chara's HATE grows to cover his entire body. However, both Asriel and Chara notice a locket that Asriel had made for him during their first lives. Chara then destroys the locket before his eyes start to water. Asriel concludes that Chara can be saved, but he needs Frisk and the other 6 Human Souls. Eventually, the HATE is expelled from Chara's body, but this results in Chara's form beginning to fall apart. Before dying, Chara gives Asriel a hollow shell of his soul and the traits he used to free him from HATE. The shell and the traits combine into a brand new soul. With this, Asriel has enough souls to destroy the barrier without ending Frisk's life.

Frisk continue.png

After observing the sun, Sans confronts Frisk on the surface and asks him when he will reset again. Frisk tries to assure Sans that he won't, but to no avail. Later, Frisk stands in front of the RESET button. To Sans' surprise, Frisk destroys the button, rather than using it. He promises Sans that he won't reset again and that from now on, he only wants to continue. Sans then proclaims Frisk as his friend.

Season 2

My Sunshine

Following the events of previous episode, Frisk explains via narration that a month has passed since the barrier was destroyed. The majority of humans have come to accept monsters amongst themselves. Frisk also found himself to be the only person with a Determination Soul in the world. Although he is technically an ambassador, matters are primarily taken care of by Asgore. At the moment, a peace agreement is supposed to be signed that will ensure the prosperity of monsters. To ensure this agreement is put into action, he tries to convince Jessica Grey, a prominent political entity and the AMD director, to sign the agreement. On his way, Frisk encounters a girl, as she is about to be hit by a car. Frisk summons his shield to protect her, and once the dust settles, the girl introduces herself. Betty is very interested in Frisk and what he's doing. Frisk decides to invite her to his meeting with Jessica.


At the meeting, Jessica is reluctant to accept monsters. Frisk insists that monsters are a peaceful species and implores her to hear him out. He asks that Jessica allows him to prove his point, to which she hesitantly agrees to. The two, along with Betty, then travel to Gaster's surface laboratory and Toriel's school. During a display of magic at the latter, Jessica suddenly leaves. Betty also reveals the existence of a creature living with her, Akumu. Toriel suggests to Frisk to check on Jessica.

While searching for her around the city, Frisk encounters Asriel and Sans, before introducing Betty to them. After a short conversation, Betty reveals that her soul is colored pink, and appears to be a one of a kind like Frisk's. All four then head to Gaster's lab, where Frisk learns of Sans's and Asriel's prior conversation and decides to make a bracelet for Sans as a form of friendship.

The next day, at the HSO building, where the peace agreement is to be ratified, Frisk discovers that Jessica is present. Jessica tells Frisk that she has decided to sign the agreement. She believes her daughter, who disappeared 20 years ago, would want this. During the conference, Asgore is questioned about the barrier. To avoid complications and possible risks, Asgore claims that he used the six Human Souls to destroy the barrier and that all of them were children. After being asked, he also describes the last child who fell. Frisk realizes that the last child was Jessica's daughter. Jessica accuses Asgore of murder and storms out of the building in tears. Frisk, who is horrified by this sudden turn of events, doesn't seem to give chase.


Frisk explains that after the previous day's events, Asgore was arrested for murder and that the matters between humanity and monster-kind are currently very tense. Frisk visits Gaster and discovers that Betty spent the night in his lab. He asks Gaster whether or not he discovered anything about Betty's soul yet. He was unable to find anything other than one story about the creation of the barrier. Frisk prepares to leave, but Gaster tells Frisk to be careful when going outside, especially when accompanied by a monster. He voices his concerns about the recent increase in activity of the security cameras scattered across the city. Frisk takes Betty to meet Papyrus, who is at his house with Sans and Asriel. The five leave together to attend Mettaton's first live broadcast. At the event, Papyrus causes several steel beams to fall from a crane. Frisk tells Sans to stop them in their fall, which he does, but a blast from Jessica's AMR causes him to lose control of his magic. The beams fall, injure many, and Papyrus is quickly arrested afterward.

Frisk, Asriel, Betty, and Sans later gather at Sans' and Papyrus' home. Sans is slowly, but surely, regaining his magic. It's still weak, however. Asriel suggests they sneak into the AMD and examine the camera footage to discern the cause of the incident earlier that day. When Sans asks for Frisk's opinion, all he can suggest is resetting the timeline. Sans challenges him on this, as even if it was possible, it puts their entire world at serious risk. There is no guarantee that even Asriel and Gaster will be brought back again. Despite Frisk's urging, Sans denies the idea, even threatening Frisk's life to the point where Asriel has to intervene. Sans then teleports with Asriel to check the cameras as planned, leaving behind Frisk's bracelet.

S2ep2 frisk.png

Do or Die

Frisk practices an apology to Sans in front of a mirror. However, when Asriel suddenly returns alone and exhausted, Frisk realizes that something has happened to Sans. Frisk nearly collapses from the sudden loss of Determination and weeps. Asriel says they have to warn everyone.

Frisk and Asriel arrive at Gaster's lab, where they find Alphys cleaning the room after Gaster's outburst. Frisk finds Gaster in the backyard, staring at the late-afternoon sky. Gaster explains that he discovered that only one Fear soul and one Determination soul can exist at any given time and that the two can only be defeated by each other. He also says that Frisk is too weak to fight Betty in his current state. However, Gaster also tells Frisk that his determination gives him unlimited potential.

As the two talk, they are suddenly attacked by amorphous pink masses. Alphys and Asriel are also attacked inside the building. Frisk is unable to destroy the entities, before Gaster explains that he isn't attacking with enough strength. Frisk hesitates as one of the creatures transforms to resemble Sans, but Gaster destroys it anyway. He then suggests that Frisk check on the school as the blobs, judging by the sounds of the police sirens, are likely appearing all over the city. He plans for himself and Alphys to destroy Betty and end the ordeal.


Shortly after, Undyne, Asgore, Jessica, and Papyrus arrive before Gaster teleports Frisk, Asriel, and Asgore to the school. From there, Frisk provides aid to the people under attack in the school.


Part 1

Frisk reconvenes with Asriel, Toriel, and Asgore, visibly distraught at how he couldn't protect the children. He informs Asriel that there are no more survivors to be evacuated. Despite Asriel's urging, Frisk says he's leaving and remarks that he's not a babysitter. Frisk returns to Gaster's lab and learns that Alphys is dead. He then meets Jessica and leads her to his room. He returns her child's belongings to her (the tutu and the ballet shoes). Jessica thanks him, but Frisk refuses the kindness, saying he can't afford to be nice anymore. He then takes Asriel outside to speak with him in private.

Frisk explains to Asriel that his promise to never reset and breaking the button was a lie and a mistake, respectively. He had been hoping to reset ever since he broke the RESET button, as he expected something bad to happen eventually. He also mentions that Sans knew about this, which was the reason for his anger and violence.

Frisk then tells Asriel that he's the only one capable of defeating Betty, however small the chances may be. Nonetheless, he plans to fight her alone so that no one else is put in danger. Asriel urges that they wait and regroup, but Frisk has made up his mind already. Frisk verbally attacks Asriel, prompting Asriel to do the same with him. Frisk then calls Asriel a coward, causing him to leave in tears. Frisk's LV then increases to 2.

Part 2

The next day, Frisk immediately heads outside. Toriel tries to stop him, but he attacks her with his sword and tells her he's not her child, and that she's not his mother. Frisk's LV raises again after he leaves.

Frisk encounters Betty in an open canyon. Frisk is relentlessly attacked and barely manages to keep up. Betty then places an illusion on Frisk, causing him to see the people he killed during his genocide. She then makes him remember what he did to Chara, weakening him further. He manages to break free, just before being attacked again.

Asriel arrives to aid Frisk, despite the latter's warnings. Betty quickly subdues Asriel, however, and takes his soul for herself. Frisk suddenly stands up and proclaims that he will kill her no matter what the consequences are. His wounds heal as his LV jumps to 19. He is easily able to turn the tide of battle against Betty with his increased power. To regain her advantage, Betty retrieves Sans' soul, using the HATE that she acquired during her fight against Undyne, to resurrect him under her control. Frisk struggles to defeat Sans, but Papyrus arrives to assist him. Toriel, Asgore, and Gaster arrive, but Bete creates a HATE barrier to keep them from interfering.
Frisk lovep2.png

Through the power of love, Papyrus frees Sans from his situation, forcing the HATE to return to Betty. Betty is forced to retreat while everyone is distracted by Sans' unconcious body. While Toriel attempts to heal Sans, Frisk questions Papyrus on how he can maintain his optimism. Papyrus explains that even if he cannot solve all situations with kindness, sometimes a little hope can be extremely important. Frisk then declares that now, he knows how to save Asriel.

As everyone leaves the canyon, Frisk's body begins to glitch out, and he realizes that he has limited time left.

My Promise

Everyone gathers at Gaster's lab once more. While Papyrus helps Gaster bring the unconscious Sans to his underground lab, Frisk apologizes to Toriel and Asgore for his behavior and failure. Shortly thereafter, Gaster returns with a book about monster history in his hand. Frisk notices the suspicious looks that Gaster seems to be giving him now. After a short discussion, Asgore, Toriel, and Frisk depart. Upon encountering Asriel, Toriel and Asgore try to reason with their child, but their attempts don't have any affect. Betty and Asriel force the three to retreat while Frisk shields the two from behind.

Upon returning to Gaster's lab, Frisk tells Gaster he needs to speak with him. They travel to his underground lab, where Gaster first asks for a little bit of his blood. Afterward, Frisk asks him about one of his failed experiments and whether it will be possible to replicate it with his Human Soul. Gaster isn't sure, but he understands that Frisk needs to fix his "glitching condition" somehow, so he agrees. The experiment is a success, and Frisk reaches the Void. Here, he finds Chara.

Chara is quick to punch Frisk, before berating him for his past transgressions. Frisk is unable to counter and admits that "he sucks". Afterward, Frisk requests Chara's help, as the situation on the surface will only worsen otherwise. Chara accepts, demanding a further explanation once he has returned. However, Frisk explains that he's glitched and is going to die before long. If he returns, the timeline itself would be in danger, just as Chara predicted in Continue. Frisk then summons a REPLACE button and plans to replace his own existence with Chara's. All of the memories in the world that contain Frisk are altered or erased so that no one could remember that he had existed in the first place.
Frisk mypromise.png

Chara initially refuses the transaction, but Frisk completes the process anyways. Chara is transported to the underground lab where Frisk was, while Frisk remains in the void. As he begins to fade, he laments himself for the fact that he couldn't give everyone the happy ending he had promised. Eventually, he fades away from existence completely.


  • Frisk is the player in Glitchtale. The hints towards this are numerous: The fact that his body disappears in Megalomaniac when dying instead of simply collapsing, how he can "name the fallen human", the way Gaster takes his soul in Yet Darker, Frisk mentioning his "black screen" and being "stuck in the world" in Love Part 1, being able to glitch and modify his own stats, and so on. He's not a player like us though; he only exists as an entity within the world itself.
    • Along with this, there is a theory about Frisk's origins in Glitchtale: He did not fall into the underground, but was instead created on the spot. The origin of the theory comes from Undertale, where one can notice little facts about Frisk, such as them not being seen actually standing up from their fall, and being heavily connected to the game itself. There is one hint towards this in My Sunshine, where Gaster briefly mentions that the surface is new to Frisk.
  • After Megalomaniac, the world enters Hard Mode. Since the reset in Yet Darker was not a "true reset", Frisk can't leave Hard Mode. Thus, ever since Yet Darker, all the way to the present, the world runs under Hard Mode conditions. This explains many things, mainly the rise of various villains, such as Gaster, Chara, and Bete Noire.
  • One thing Sans was wrong about in Continue regarding Frisk, is that he falsely assumed he will always be bored no matter what. In reality, certain key goals finally convince Frisk to stop, namely saving Gaster and Asriel.
  • In Love Part 2, a red aura can be seen around Frisk. This is an example of a magical aura, which all Traited users possess.
  • The reason why Frisk's LV only went to 19 and not 20 in his battle with Bete, is due to the fact that the highest LV he ever reached in past timelines was 19 (which was in Megalomaniac).
  • Before My Promise, Frisk's and Chara’s pronouns used to be they/them. The change was made, according to Camila, to settle the endless debates in her inbox.
  • After My Promise aired, Camila removed Frisk from all of her DeviantART drawings.
  • In Hate, Sans seems to recall another kid aside from Chara, though he quickly dismisses the thought. The bracelet that Frisk made for Sans is also seen among the debris.