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Dust is the 2nd episode in Season 2 of Glitchtale, and was released on November 30, 2016.


After the events of My Sunshine, Jessica begins her plan to get revenge on the Monsters for killing her daughter. Mettaton holds his first show on the surface, but things go horribly wrong. Sans and Asriel go to investigate the situation and they find the true mastermind behind the show incident.


At the beginning of this episode, Frisk reflects on the previous day's incident, with Asgore being arrested and the tension between the two species growing. He then arrives at Gaster's lab and learns that Bete plans to stay there for a few days. Gaster reflects on how his efforts to find anything on Bete's soul were in vain, but tells Frisk that he will keep searching regardless. As Frisk prepares to leave for Mettaton's first live performance on the surface, Gaster alerts him of the AMD suddenly keeping close track of the area.

After meeting with Sans, Asriel, and Papyrus, Frisk leaves for Mettaton's show, along with Bete. However, at the performance, Papyrus sees a girl trapped on the top of a crane. In his attempt to save her, Papyrus is manipulated into dropping the contents of the crane onto the nearby visitors. Sans holds the contents up with his telekinesis, but Jessica uses a weapon, known as the Anti-Magic Ray (AMR), to nullify his magic, despite the risk of it damaging her soul in the process. This causes the crane's contents to crash to the ground, hurting many in the area. Papyrus is then arrested.

After this incident, Frisk, Sans, and Asriel discuss the situation, as Bete watches. Frisk proposes the idea of finding a way to RESET to fix the issue, but Sans is immediately angered by Frisk's reluctance to tackle any difficulty without the button. Sans is enraged that Frisk made him think he had a chance at a real, full life, only to rip it away from him. Now acting distant towards his former friend, Sans teleports himself and Asriel into the AMD camera room to search for any footage to help clear up their questions.

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As Sans and Asriel begin to search through the footage, noticing various strange events involving Bete, Gaster begins to read The Tale of The Twin Siblings, and soon learns the origins and purpose of the Bete Noire. As the three of them realize that Bete was responsible for the incident, she enters the camera room and prepares to attack Sans and Asriel. Sans attempts to teleport away but is shot by the AMR again, as Jessica walks out from the shadows. Bete then uses an illusion on Asriel in an attempt to claim his soul, using Akumu as a spear. However, Sans teleports in the way and takes the hit.
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Sans' soul is claimed and Gaster feels his link with his first son shatter. Asriel prepares to fight against Bete and Jessica, but realizes that he needs to alert everyone else of Bete's true self. Asriel escapes and Bete demands the HATE vial from Jessica due to not obtaining Asriel's powerful soul. Jessica refuses to hand it over, resulting in Bete using an illusion of her daughter, Alina, to torture her and take it by force. Bete then promises Jessica that she will still eradicate Monster-kind.


  • During the episode, Gaster reads The Tale of The Twin Siblings, a book that was used to discover Bete Noire's true identity. Despite attempting to provide a detailed explanation of the true events between the siblings, the book contained many major inaccuracies that resulted in an inaccurate storytelling. The true events of the battle between Agate and Copper are explained in Glitchtale Origins: The Black Beast.
  • Sans is shown to create his own Determination in this episode. This is how he was able to teleport in front of Asriel, despite being shot by the AMR moments earlier.
  • Even if Frisk succeeded in using the RESET, it would permanently collapse the entire timeline.