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Continue is the 5th and final episode of Glitchtale’s first season. It was released on June 24, 2016.


Asriel, with the power of seven Human souls, fights a HATE-possessed Chara in a final showdown.


Sans is seen at the beginning of the episode, waking up near Papyrus and noticing the giant HATE ball surrounding Asriel and Chara.

Inside the HATE ball, Chara talks to Asriel and shames Frisk for their actions, as well as their denial of responsibility. Chara states the origin of the glitches and how Frisk is the true villain.

He then explains that due to the circumstances under which Asriel had obtained Frisk's soul, using his soul to shatter the barrier would kill the lattermost’s consciousness along with it. Chara, enhanced with his HATE and Determination's immense power, creates the ERASE button, a button permanently erasing the timeline. However, Chara is unable to press the button himself and requires someone else to. Chara asks Asriel to press it for him, but Asriel replies that, like everyone else, Frisk deserves a second chance. Asriel uses a lightning attack to destroy the ERASE button and begins to battle Chara.
Continue ERASE gone.png

However, after fighting for a while, Asriel notices that, just like himself, Chara is wearing one of the two heart lockets that they had made each other when they were younger. He apologizes to Frisk, as his emotions make him incapable of fighting his brother, but realizes that he may be able save Chara. In response to Asriel pointing out the heart lockets, Chara destroys his to prove that he doesn't care for it, but this is proven untrue when he begins to cry.

Asriel begins to use power from the other Human souls to fight Chara, causing positive memories from both of their pasts to flow through the latter’s mind. Asriel then transforms into his child form and tries to remind Chara about why he cares about everything. Chara tries to resist, but Asriel persists and hugs Chara, breaking them free of the HATE's control. However, due to the HATE holding the Determination sustaining Chara's existence being gone, Chara begins to die again. Asriel begs Chara not to disappear, but to no avail. However, before Chara leaves, they give Asriel their empty soul to act as a vessel for the other fragments of the seven souls.
Continue Rainbow soul.png

This allows Asriel to let all the other Human souls, including Frisk's, go free after destroying the barrier. Frisk's soul returns to his body, and the six souls soon shatter, moving on to the afterlife.

Asriel returns to his family. Then, the Monsters and Frisk, go to the surface to begin their new lives. However, on top of Sans not being oblivious to the existence of multiple timelines, he can now also clearly remember them due to a glitch. He asks Frisk how long it will be until he uses the RESET button again. Frisk tries to assure him that he won't, but Sans doesn't believe him and only asks that he warns him before he does. To prove to Sans that he will not use it ever again, Frisk destroys the button and states his intentions to only move forward. This convinces Sans that they truly are friends and that he can move forward too.


  • Breaking the RESET button also allowed Frisk to go to the surface with the rest of Monsterkind.