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Soul/Trait Human Soul
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Alive
Theme Megalo Strike Back
My Last Charade
Bring It Onwards
Voice Actor Lumisau

Chara was the first human to fall into the Underground and, since Game Over Part 1, he is the main protagonist of the series, replacing Frisk after his death.

Throughout Season 1, he poses as the antagonist, though he is not inherently evil, only corrupted by HATE. During Season 2, before his return, he is trapped in the Void.


Chara is a light-skinned child, who's around 14 years of age in the series. He has dark brown hair with prominent bangs (previously lighter brown hair and a haircut similar to Frisk's). Like other humans with the Determination trait, his irises are bright red. He wears a green-yellow striped shirt, brown shorts (Season 1) / pants (Season 2), and dark brown shoes. Overall, his appearance shares many similarities with both Frisk's and Asriel's.

Chara is one of the few characters that is seen being possessed by HATE. Under the effects of this substance, the body becomes covered with pitch-black patches, lost body parts may be regrown and replaced, and contrasting facial features, such as eyes and the mouth, are shown using a red outline (this may not be a universal rule though; it is more likely that the red coloring is derived from his soul type). In Animosity, Chara demonstrates the ability to control the spread of this substance at will, particularly allowing it to cover his sclera.


Early Life

A long time ago, a human fell into the Ruins. Injured by its fall, the human called out for help. Asriel, the king's son, heard the human's call. He brought the human back to the castle. Over time, Asriel and the human became like siblings. The king and queen treated the human child as their own. The underground was full of hope. Then, one day, the human became very ill. The sick human had only one request: to see the flowers from their village again, but there was nothing the monsters could do. The next day, the human died. Asriel, wracked with grief, absorbed the human's soul. He transformed into a being with unimaginable power. With the Human Soul, Asriel crossed through the barrier. He carried the human's body into the sunset, back to the village of the humans. Reaching the center of the village, Asriel found a bed of golden flowers. He carried the human to it when suddenly, screams rang out. The villagers saw Asriel holding the human's body. They thought that he had killed the child. The humans attacked him with everything they had. He was struck with blow after blow. Asriel had the power to destroy them all, but he did not fight back. Clutching the human, Asriel smiled and walked away. Wounded, he stumbled home, entered the castle, and collapsed. His dust spread across the garden. The kingdom fell into despair. The king and queen had lost two children in one night. And so, the king decided that every human who falls into the underground must die. With enough souls, the barrier can be shattered forever.

This led to the queen abandoning her position and retreating into the Ruins, taking the human's body with her. There, she buried it at the spot where the human first fell. golden flowers soon bloomed around the grave. Over the years, the flowers cushioned the fall of six humans, all of whom had found death in the underground by the king's hand. One fateful day, another child arrived. His determination awakens the first human's spirit from death. The two traverse the underground, mending the monsters' wounds and keeping each other company. Their mercy saves them from the king's duty and soon, the barrier is broken. A small flower unleashes the power of the underground and shatters it. Everyone is finally free. However, a strange power fills the newly fallen child. The power of Determination. He unwinds time itself and tries again, seeking something unknown. Countless restarts later, the child finds himself in a hall filled with golden light, clutching a dusty knife, staring down the eye sockets of a short skeleton monster he once called a friend. The first human's spirit is not pleased.


In Season 1, Chara is at first disapproving of Frisk's actions and, after being corrupted by HATE, his goal becomes gaining as much power as possible. Near the end of the season, he explains his main motive, which is the destruction of the entire timeline under the reasoning that continuing will only make the glitches worse. Therefore, it is pointless to prolong it. However, he still loves Asriel, and this love is what ultimately saves him. In Season 2, he demonstrates this to the utmost, where instead of going after the villain, he chooses to save Asriel first.

Overall, Chara is shown to be very caring towards monster-kind, but has an acquired hatred for humanity. He also has unresolved business with Frisk; when the two briefly reunite in My Promise, he immediately punches him and then proceeds to insult him hard. After all, it was Frisk who originally corrupted Chara with HATE. However, Chara soon softens his stance after finding out how grave the matters have become. He still cares about Frisk, despite everything that he put him through. Ultimately, Chara shows nearly the same level of care towards Frisk as Asriel did towards Chara in Season 1's finale.

He also harbors immense disdain for Betty, as she represents exactly what he dislikes about humanity. His animosity towards HATE is essentially self-explanatory.

The rest of his characterization comes from Undertale's canon: Chara originally died in an excruciating way so that the monsters could be freed, and the flavor text shown during monster encounters reveals even more about him.

Powers and Abilities

Season 1

  • HATE Substance: The absorbed HATE is able to enhance Chara's attacks, and also capable of making a tentacle, as a way to place Frisk into the Determination Extractor. It can also regenerate Chara's body parts as they get damaged, though they do not return to normal. Rather, they turn black.
  • Glitch Teleportation: As first shown in *Determination, Chara is capable of glitch teleporting to avoid attacks and problematic positions.
  • Rainbow Knife: Chara utilizes a knife, of which he channels magic through (as well as unleashing the power of HATE). In Your Best Friend, using the leftover Determination from the Determination experiments, his knife is shown capable of utilizing all seven magic types:
    • Red: Utilizes explosive slashes and shields. These slashes can also be summoned stationary, and become moving upon command.
    • Orange: Summons blast slashes that can be directionally altered on command.
    • Yellow: Propels chargeable beam blasts outwards.
    • Green: Summons a protective shield.
    • Cyan: Propels a long string, which was used to rip Omega Flowey's arm off in Your Best Friend.
    • Blue: Causes the knife's blade to become much longer.
    • Purple: Summons purple slash attacks (only seen in groups of three) that prove remarkable cutting ability.
  • Refusal: Due to possessing a soul of Determination, Chara's soul is capable of reviving him after dying. This ability was shown in Your Best Friend.
  • SAVE, LOAD, RESET: After acquiring Frisk's Determination, Chara also gained access to these abilities. Though, Gaster keeps them blocked throughout the battle in Your Best Friend.
  • ERASE: In Continue, Chara can manifest a button that will permanently erase the timeline. However, he needs another person to push it to unleash its powers.

Season 2

  • Sword and Shield: This is an ability that Chara inherited from Frisk after absorbing his soul. The sword can perform ranged slashing attacks and directed explosions.
  • Knife: Referencing the Worn Dagger/Real Knife item from the original game, and later the multi-colored magic knife from Season 1, the knife is Chara's most distinctive weapon. In this instance, it is made out of pure Determination magic. It can be wielded simultaneously with the sword, as seen near the end of Game Over Part 2.
  • Regeneration: As a Determination user, Chara has the ability to heal his own wounds, just like Frisk and Undyne.
  • Animosity: During the events of Animosity, Chara was able to let in and "tame" HATE, which is referred to as Animosity. With Animosity, Chara is able to use HATE at his control.

Special Attacks

  • Special Hell: A special attack that covers the entire floor with red light and then releases an upwards stream of pure energy. It can also cause explosions.


Season 1


Chara is first seen glitching through Frisk's appearance as the genocide run progresses. At one point, during the battle against Sans, Chara assumes full control of Frisk's body and proceeds to power through the fight effortlessly until Frisk breaks free from the HATE bubble that Chara imprisoned him in. Sans then proceeds to absorb Frisk's soul and gets his revenge on Chara. Shortly afterward, Frisk begins his Hard Mode run and throws his HATE onto Chara, who becomes fully corrupted by it.


Due to a unique combination of glitches and Frisk's HATE, Chara is revived by the game and spawned somewhere in the True Lab area, where he discovers the Amalgamates and absorbs their determination, causing them to die. By the time that Frisk arrives at the scene, Chara had already become strong enough to match Frisk's Determination levels, disabling his RESET button. Using HATE, Chara shoves him into the Determination Extractor and starts the extraction process.

Flowey and Sans soon intervene, forcing Chara to seal the extractor in a ball of HATE. Once the extraction process is complete, Chara attempts to get his hands on the extracted Determination, but Flowey restrains his arm, giving Sans a window of opportunity to grab it. However, Chara cuts off a part of his arm in order to take it first. Sans and Flowey, along with Frisk, flee. Chara then establishes a save point.

Your Best Friend

Not too long after the events of the previous episode, Omega Flowey and Sans are ready for a rematch, along with Gaster, whose unique abilities hinder the RELOAD ability and prevent Chara from abusing it. They bring Frisk too. Chara takes Gaster down during the ensuing battle by redirecting one of his attacks towards Frisk. Sans attempts to take the hit for Frisk, but Gaster does. Sans then becomes angry and enacts revenge on Chara for this act by unleashing his Gaster Blastermination. The attack shatters Chara's soul, but it simply refuses. Finally, Omega Flowey falls as Chara uses his strongest HATE-powered attack against his strongest six-soul white light attack.
Chara ybf.png

Chara then prepares to cut Flowey down, however, at this moment, Frisk regains his Determination and shields Flowey, calling the six exhausted souls back into action, while adding his own to the mix. This allows Flowey to be reborn as his Asriel/God of Hyperdeath form.


While stuck in the pitch black meta space with Asriel, Chara tells him the truth about Frisk and how he was merely pretending to be innocent, when in reality, he killed everyone before, solely out of his own volition. Furthermore, Chara says that Frisk was also the cause behind the glitches and that he toyed with the timeline in ways he wasn't supposed to. He goes one to say that Asriel can't exactly do much in his current form without risking killing Frisk. Chara then summons an ERASE button, telling Asriel that erasing this timeline is the only way to stop these events. He needs Asriel to press the button, but Asriel refuses and shatters it.

A battle then ensues, throughout which Chara remembers snippets of memories from his past life with Asriel, and even sheds a tear after he destroys his own locket. Asriel proceeds to attack Chara with the traits of the Human Souls until finally, he finally convinces Chara to stop fighting. This makes Chara's HATE disappear, but unfortunately, his form begins to fade without HATE or a soul. Though, shortly before dying, Chara gifts Asriel the remains of his soul's vessel, allowing Asriel to harness the traits' power into a single new soul. Finally, Chara disappears, and due to Frisk rejecting him when he threw his HATE onto him, the game transports Chara into the Void.

Season 2

Chara didn't properly appear in Season 2 up until My Promise. However, there were several flashbacks and cameos in the preceding episodes.


Betty makes Asriel hallucinate about Chara to confuse him and obtain a window of opportunity to steal his soul.


Part 1

While confessing to Asriel the things he's done, Frisk mentions what happened to Chara and how he became corrupted with HATE, essentially confirming what Chara told Asriel in Continue.

Part 2

Betty uses the same trick as before, this time on Frisk. It is seen to be extremely effective, as upon witnessing Chara's cracking form, Frisk's own Determination begins to wane, symbolized by the crumbling of his sword. It was very effective on Frisk due to his guilt, since it was his own actions that caused Chara to die: banishing him from his soul and infecting him with HATE.

My Promise

Ever since his death in Continue, Chara spent his time in the Void, waiting. About a month later, he gets an unexpected visit from Frisk. Chara's first action upon seeing him there is to punch him in the face as revenge for everything stupid he has done to him, the timeline, and everyone in it. Frisk confesses that he is in no place to ask for favors, but unfortunately, the situation on the surface has become dire. Chara suggests that Frisk resets, to which Frisk explains that he cannot and that the button is now gone. Chara first humiliates Frisk by jokingly making him confess that he sucks, after which he finally agrees to help.

Frisk then tells Chara to take his soul and that the situation requires them to trade places. Following this, Frisk confesses one more thing. He is actually glitched and running out of time. Should he remain in the timeline, it might become corrupted and erase itself. Frisk summons a REPLACE button, a sort of alternative version of the SAVE button, which has the power to overwrite data completely. Frisk uses it to alter everyone's memories, to exclude himself from their recollection of history, and to place Chara at the center of it all so that his grief doesn't hold him back.

Chara obviously protests, even crying and screaming, but once the process is complete, he looks up, confused. Not even being able to see Frisk, who is standing right in front of him. Finally, Frisk transports Chara back to the overworld.

Game Over

Part 1

The episode's beginning showcases a snippet from a battle between Chara and Asriel in Animosity. Having woken up at Gaster's house, Chara returns to his home to grab Asriel's locket and then goes to the city with the others. The battle goes predictably unwell, as Asriel is possessed by HATE. Chara then attempts to use the locket to remind Asriel of their friendship. Asriel recognizes it as his locket and asks where Chara's is, having remembered that Chara destroyed it in their previous battle back in Continue. Asriel completely snaps and, catching Chara off-guard, stabs him with his sword and leaves him to bleed out on the street. When Chara wakes up, he finds himself in the Void again, specifically the "Game Over" screen.

One by one, images of the current timeline in front of him begin to fade as Chara attempts to do the impossible: reenter his own timeline. Having nearly disappeared, he finally musters enough Determination to come through the image, at the time of a few days ago, outside of Gaster's house. Finding a sleeping Asriel from Love Part 2 inside, Chara opens the window, sneaks in, and places Asriel's locket on a nearby cabinet, essentially duplicating it. This begins a whole new timeline in which Asriel equips the duplicate locket, while Chara once again goes back for the original one located in the Dreemurrs' house.

In this new timeline, just like in the previous one, Chara wakes up in a bedroom at Gaster's, slightly confused from the recent memory overwrite executed by Frisk. When Toriel enters the room, she immediately hugs Chara and comments that it feels like it has been forever since she saw him, and Chara feels the same. Asgore and Gaster then appear, and Chara tells Asgore that he thinks he knows how to save Asriel. He first needs to return home and grab the locket.

Part 2

Chara is first seen talking to Asgore back at their house. He's worried about Asriel, afraid that he might not want to hear him out. Asgore, however, encourages Chara to believe in their friendship, restoring his confidence. Later on, Chara, Toriel, and Asgore enter the arena, where Betty is currently battling Mettaton, Muffet, and Grillby. Chara temporarily strikes Betty down, though Asriel shields her from further harm. Their battle begins as the last scene of the episode plays.


At first, Chara and Betty skirmish, though Chara then trades places with Asgore and Toriel by unleashing his Special Hell attack upon Betty and ramming Asriel out of the arena.


Chara takes out the locket and tries to help Asriel remember their friendship. Asriel seems confused that there are still two lockets, despite Chara destroying one of them during their fight in the Underground (Asriel doesn't know about the failed timeline). The HATE momentarily overtakes his senses, and he almost ends up striking Chara, though this time around, he stops himself from doing so.

A new battle takes place, where Asriel unleashes his full power upon Chara, furious with him over the fact that Chara forced him to assist in his suicide plan and tried to make him kill humans for their souls, which resulted in Asriel's death and his unfortunate rebirth as an unfeeling flower. He uses Shocker Breaker attacks to bombard Chara, who struggles to block them, as painful memories and regrets flood his mind. Ultimately, while lying on the ground, he apologizes sincerely, with tears in his eyes. This strikes a chord with Asriel, and his HATE suddenly recedes.

Now crying too, he instructs Chara to kill him, because even if he frees him, the HATE won't go away, since it will just find another host and everything will repeat. As he says this, the HATE suddenly envelops him and pierces through Chara (it does this because Chara is a better host for it).

Chara finds himself in a strange, dark space, which results from HATE linking his Soul with Asriel's, allowing them to share their mind and memories. In it, he finds Asriel as Flowey. Asriel talks about himself in 3rd-person and explains to Chara that killing him is the only path forward. However, Chara disagrees and tells Asriel how much he matters to him, that it was him who gave him hope, and who made him as determined as he is and proceeds to let the HATE inside his own soul. This frees Asriel, while Chara, thanks to the events of the previous season and being so accustomed to HATE, successfully manages to get it under control and emerges from the HATE cloud as himself.
Chara taking hate.png

In the final scene of the episode, Chara uses his own body to shield Papyrus from being cut down by HATE, now possessing Betty's corpse. Chara heals himself using his absorbed HATE and finally challenges the creature to battle.


  • Chara is the strongest Determination Soul known to date.
  • Chara's actual eye color is brown, as seen in Continue after he shakes off the HATE. The fact that Chara didn't possess a soul at that moment made it possible to see the underlying pigment. Normally, the color is altered by the person's soul color (even if it's grey).
  • After Chara gives his soul to Asriel, the game sends him to the Void. Logically, he should have returned to Frisk's soul, where he previously manifested as a ghost. However, due to Frisk throwing his HATE onto him and Chara being soulless, yet still alive, the game chose this destination instead.




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Huh. so there's a comment section on the Wiki? :O That's cool, because I don't use discord, and YT seems to keep removing my comments, so I guess I'll talk about it here...

So Reading trivia it says "chara is the strongest Determination soul known to date." but I thought Copper would be the strongest Determination user, since he's grown up. Like, you wouldn't expect a child to be the stronger Determination person. I only have 2 theories on how Chara managed to achieve this: 1) Maybe Chara learnt from watching Frisk fight against enemies like Undyne, Asgore, Omega Flowey etc. in the previous timelines.

2) Or maybe, Chara simply cares about Asriel more than Copper cared about Amber... I'm not really sure. :p


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Yes, as Chandra said, DT's power is determined (Pardon the pun) on the will of the person, since Chara cares for and has will to save the monsters and some humans (Eg, Asriel, Toriel, Asgore, etc.). This same will isn't as prevalent as of the information we know about Copper, meaning Chara is the strongest DT user. In skill however, Chara is no where near Copper's skill level.


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