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Color Orange
Race Human
Magic Type Fragokinesis/Pyrokinesis

Bravery is one of the 7 Human Soul traits.

Basic Information

Bravery is the only trait that can be divided into physical and moral aspects. This is usually balanced in each wizard, but there would rarely be a subject that possesses more or less of one aspect compared to the other. Physical Bravery resists everything very well: physical pain, hard work, exhaustion, the possibility of receiving injuries, or even death. Moral Bravery allows you to act correctly despite the dishonor, shame, or social rejection you might receive from your decisions. These aspects do not define a wizard's magic power, but it might be an issue for the subject's magic if it affects them personally. This would only happen if the two aspects aren't well balanced. However, as mentioned earlier, it's improbable to happen.

- M-BK Volume 1

Powers and Abilities

  • Fragokinesis: Bravery grants the ability to summon magic that explodes on impact, as seen with Agate.
  • Pyrokinesis: Bravery can also possess orange fire, made out of their magic, like Agate.
  • Weapons: Depending on the wizard, they can make special weapons, such as Agate's spear.
  • Enhancements: Due to physical Bravery, the user's aura, stamina and endurance are enhanced.


  • Bravery magic can be so unstable that it harms the user.
  • The ability to make magical fire to great extents is only possible for powerful users. Depending on the user and their magical prowess, they might not manifest fire or not be able to conjure much of it.