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Bête Noire
Bete Noire infobox.png
Soul/Trait Fear
Species Spell Construct
Gender None (Mentally Female)
Status Deceased (In Animosity)
Theme A Welcoming Smile
Bete Noire
Fearless Terror
Voice Actor Courtney

Bete Noire, often referred to as "Betty", is the main antagonist of Season 2. She is a physical incarnation of the soul trait: Fear, and was created to ensure that humans and monsters would never coexist in peace. She seeks to gain the power to fulfill her purpose and is a spell that lacks certain human emotions.



When Betty is first shown in My Sunshine, she appears as a normal young girl with pink eyes and a brown bob cut hairstyle, with pink highlights, and the left side of her hair covering half of her face. She wears a turtleneck sweater with the top half lavender, with the rest being light pink, a torn magenta skirt that reaches down to her knees (referencing Amber's torn skirt in Glitchtale Origins: The Black Beast), and bright lavender leggings, with brown knee-high boots. It should also be noted that when Betty feels immense fear, her hair turns fully pink.

Appearance Betty.png

When controlled by HATE, such as in LOVE Part 1, Betty retains radiating pink pupils that become brighter while dominated, and her white sclerae turn darker depending on how much HATE is being used. Her mouth additionally becomes crooked and fully black while the creature is in control.

Appearance HATE Bete.png


With Betty’s soul intact, her body is no longer empty and is filled with pink magic (originally Akumu). Her sclera becomes a dark shade of magenta and her pupils are a hot pink hue. With her body originally being Amber’s, it is fragile and can break down easily. The skin is fragile, allowing her to tear the skin when she opens her mouth as it becomes more crooked.

Animosity Bete.png


Betty, at first glance, is a curious little girl who is bursting with energy. She acts as a cheerful child and is quick to greet peers with a huge smile. Despite appearing sweet and innocent, Betty's personality quickly proves to be fake when she encounters Sans and Asriel in the security room. Gaster learned that Agate Lightvale sacrificed her soul to create a powerful creature. One that would make sure monster-kind and humanity never live together in peace.

Betty shows that she is a sadistic monster who has a lust for power. She appears to enjoy hurting her opponents before she kills them, feeding off of their fears. She can also be very manipulative, seeing how she outsmarted many characters again and again.

Betty believes that what she is doing is right, as shown in the line from Scared Of Me: "All humans and monsters are doomed to make the same mistakes." According to a post and a couple of lines from the previously mentioned song, she believes that monsters and humans living together is "like a time bomb waiting to go off." Therefore, she thinks that what she's doing is simply "speeding up the process". From essentially functioning as a reincarnation of Agate Lightvale, due to the application of her soul in the Bete Noire spell, Betty's consciousness, and hence views on humans and monsters living together, are identical. Additionally, Betty is capable of analyzing the negative memories of those she chooses, later utilizing such to her advantage.

Occasionally, Betty shows care for Akumu and talks to it as an acquaintance. For example, in Do or Die, she seemed concerned when Akumu was hurt in their battle with Gaster. Both Kumu and Bete treasure each other like their best and only friend, but regardless of this false hope, Cami said it was a kind of instinct since they need each other to live. As in, if one of them dies, the other slowly dies due to the lack of magic and inability to collect souls alone.

When Betty is in battle, she tends to underestimate her opponents and taunts them occasionally. She relies on brute force, meaning she seeks more power to defeat her opponents. She gets taken by surprise when she senses a power higher than what she's expecting. Likely due to her being very good at manipulating situations. Her personality remains the same when she is fused with Akumu.

While under HATE's control, Betty acts far more violent than she already is. In this state, if she gets into a battle, she attacks her foes with a twisted black smile on her face and fights more ferociously.

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Physiology: Betty, being the creation of a spell, displays capabilities beyond the average human level. She can see the soul of a human or monster, as seen in LOVE Part 1, and is capable of regenerating damage dealt to her. However, much like her other abilities, it requires magical energy.
  • Kumulings: As first shown in Do or Die, Bete is capable of creating pink creatures to attack and collect souls on her behalf. These entities can shapeshift, change their colors, remove souls from their victims, and transfer the magic of those souls to Bete herself over long distances. However, if the pink creature, that is storing the souls, dies, then the magic supply from those souls gets cut off from Bete.
  • Akumu: Akumu typically takes the form of a sphere that flies around Betty. It can take and preserve souls within itself and shares a magical connection to Betty, like the previously mentioned pink creatures. Akumu can shapeshift as well, usually transforming itself into Betty's shield or weapon, such as a scythe.
  • Soul Draining: As shown with Cam's soul in My Promise, Bete is capable of draining magical energy from souls, supplementing her own supply.
  • Spear: Betty is capable of summoning a spear with which she can pierce her opponents, in order to take their souls.
  • Illusions: Betty is capable of inducing a hallucination upon others. This is apparently limited to one person at a time. The target who has been placed under said illusion is unable to discern reality nor break free from the illusion on their own. It appears that the illusion only dispels when Betty initiates an attack on them.
  • Mind Reading: Betty can view others' negative memories through eye contact. This allows her to make her targets see their worst fears through illusions.
  • HATE Substance: Ever since Kumu ate the HATE vial in LOVE Part 1, Betty has had HATE, which enhances her strength immensely. She can also control parts of the HATE and control it to her will. This is shown in Love Part 2 when she uses the HATE to regenerate her body, uses it as a tentacle to attack Frisk, and gives Sans his body complexion again, while putting him under its control. She has done the lattermost with Asriel as well.


After fusing with Akumu, Betty is capable of utilizing all her previous abilities to more powerful extents, as well as a few others.

  • Shapeshifting: Betty can shapeshift her limbs into various shapes, such as extending spiked tentacles from her fingertips, claws, morphing her entire forearm and hand into spear-like blade, and even extending her forearm to great lengths with tentacle-like flexibility.
  • Fragokinesis: As of My Promise, Betty is shown capable of producing triangle-shaped projectiles that fly at high speeds and explode on impact.
  • Pyrokinesis: Due to Bete being the consciousness of Agate Lightvale, she is able to use and control fire magic. This ability was shown in Hate.

Special Attacks

  • Rhabdophobia: Betty's special attack allows her to generate a large shockwave of magic. Any magical construct within the vicinity is put under her control. This prevents the affected target from dispelling the stolen weapons but does not affect their ability to create replacement weapons. The original summoner's magic is used to supply the stolen magical constructs.


Glitchtale Origins: The Black Beast

Around a millennium ago, a girl named Amber Lightvale gets involved with her two siblings' (Agate Lightvale and Copper Lightvale) dispute over the barrier.

Copper wants to break the barrier and set monsters free from the Underground, whereas Agate said it was better not to break it in order to maintain the peace on the surface.

Both of them strongly believe that their idea is the right decision, which eventually leads to them battling it out. Amber watches from the sidelines as the two siblings fight. At the end of the battle, Amber witnesses her older sister flee from the kingdom, who lost her Bravery trait due to great humiliation.

Agate eventually returns to the kingdom and re-challenges her brother against his own will. Amber tries to escape during the fight, but her sister blocks her from escaping by using one of her magical blasts. To make Copper lose, Agate stabs and kills Amber in cold blood, thus making the older brother lose his trait. She then stabs her twin brother with her spear, murdering him as well.

After Agate wins the battle, she realizes that she is slowly dying due to her soul cracking after she inverted her trait. With her soul not being able to adapt to the sudden changes, she uses her soul and Amber's body for a spell that will create a powerful creature; one that would never let humans and monsters live coexist in peace: the Bete Noire. Agate proceeds to split this being into two halves, Bete and Akumu, wanting Bete to appear innocent and unthreatening in order to allow her to work unsuspected.

My Sunshine

Betty's first appearance is when Frisk saves her from getting run over by a "car" using his shield. At first, the two seem to get along, and Frisk continues his journey to the Anti-Monsters Department (AMD), HQ as Betty tagged along. Here, Frisk hopes to convince the AMD leader, Jessica Grey, to sign a peace treaty between monsters and humans.

After Frisk successfully convinces Jessica to give him a chance to show her that monsters are kind creatures, he took her and Betty to Gaster's Lab. Here, she meets Gaster, and he explains to Jessica how the CORE's expansion will help both humans and monsters.

MySunshine Betty.PNG

Next, Frisk takes Jessica and Betty to Toriel's school. Toriel uses one of her students as a volunteer to show off their magic. During the demonstration, however, a pink blob-like creature pops out of Betty. She then tells everyone that the creature was Akumu (or Kumu for short): her "overprotective" friend. After Toriel causes Jessica to remember her daughter, she runs off. Frisk then takes Bete to look for Jessica, when they find Sans and Asriel. Here, they question Betty about her soul and her magic. This forces her to tell them that her soul is no ordinary soul; it's pink. Upon learning about her unique soul trait, Gaster starts researching about Betty's soul.

Eventually, the conference erupts into chaos from the revelation that Asgore had murdered Alina, Jessica's daughter, twenty years ago, along with 5 other innocent children. After Jessica storms out of the HSO, a shadow-like creature (likely Betty) gives Jessica an offer; if she does exactly what she tells her to do, she will help her carry out her revenge on monster-kind.


After the episode's introduction, Betty appears when Frisk visits Gaster. They ask him if he found anything about her soul. Sadly, he has found nothing. Before they leave to see Mettaton's first live performance, Betty decides to come along with Papyrus, Sans, and Asriel to the show. When they arrive, Betty decides to talk to Mettaton, while Papyrus spots a girl stuck on a crane, that was holding slabs of concrete.

After Papyrus succeeds at moving the crane above the building's ceiling, the girl instructs him to press a button, resulting in him unintentionally dropping the concrete. Luckily, Sans uses his powers to stop the concrete in its place. Using this opportunity, Jessica Grey, who was waiting for this, shoots him with the Anti-Magic Ray.

Later, Sans and Asriel teleport to the AMD's recording room, where they investigate the camera's recordings, as Asriel believes that the AMD was involved with what happened. The two of them then see the recording where Frisk saved Betty from the car in the previous episode. Surprisingly though, instead of a car appearing, nothing is there, indicating that she was using powers to make Frisk see a car. The two also see a recording of her leaving Gaster's lab during the conference. With this, Sans and Asriel deduce that she is behind everything, including Papyrus dropping the beams.

Before the two can leave, Betty enters the room. She wastes no time revealing her true nature. She tells them that she wanted to keep it a secret longer and spoil it herself, but that it doesn't matter to her as she has all the information she needs. She then talks about Asriel's soul and its rarity, indicating that Akumu is hungry. She makes Asriel hallucinate into seeing Chara, causing him to freeze in his tracks. Betty tries to use this moment to try to kill Asriel with her spear, but Sans teleports in front of Asriel, sacrificing himself. She then takes his soul and feeds it to Akumu, turning him into dust. Asriel attacks her in grief, only for Akumu to shield her from the projectile attack. He prepares another attack before retreating and after remembering Sans telling him about warning the others.

Dust betty.PNG

Betty proceeds to order Jessica Grey to give her the HATE vial. When she refuses, Akumu brutally grabs her by the neck and slams her against the wall. Betty then conjures up an illusion, masquerading herself as Alina. She then ramps up the intensity of the hallucination by giving her demonic eyes, cuts, scrapes, and torn up clothes. The episode then cut to black, with Jessica's screams audible in the background and Betty promising to keep her end of the deal.

Do or Die

Near the beginning of the episode, Betty is shown waiting in an old house with Akumu. Soon, Akumu grabs her attention and shows her Sans' soul, having its magic drained. She realizes that the magic Akumu absorbed from Sans was enough to start her plan. Betty needs to drain monsters'/humans' magic to create more pink creatures that will collect more souls to further push her plan.

Then, Betty is briefly seen commanding pink creatures to kill Alphys. Next, one of them appears in front of Frisk, and then when Frisk tries to kill it, it became a hallucination of Sans that Gaster has to destroy for him. The pink creatures begin their "soul harvest".

Gaster, accompanied by Alphys and Jessica Grey, enact their plan to get rid of Betty, using the Nullifier Room as a battlefield. Gaster hopes to kill her himself and, if he fails, Alphys would activate the Nullifier Room, which he hopes will be fatal.

As the "soul harvest" continues, Gaster and Betty continue fighting. During their fight, the creatures manage to gather some souls from human children. Gaster doesn't know that Betty's special attack: Rhabdophobia, is almost charged up. During the fight, Gaster delivers a serious amount of damage to her. Before he can finish her, however, a pink creature attempts to kill a girl named Lily. Her brother, Cam, sacrifices himself, as the creature takes his soul instead. As a result, Betty manages to fully charge up Rhabdophobia. This allows Betty to take control of Gaster's Duality hands and giant Gaster Blaster. She brutally attacks him and attempts to kill him by stabbing him in the back with her spear.

DoD Bete.png

Jessica and Alphys come in just in time to save Gaster. Jessica shoots Betty, temporarily incapacitating her, after which Alphys gives Jessica a cyan gadget, which allows her to teleport back home with Gaster. Kumu attempts to attack Alphys, only for her to put up a shield around her, using a green gadget. She plans to use the Nullifier to kill Bete once and for all. She manages to activate it, and it attacks her.

Alphys' shield disappears when the Nullifier completes its task, but Betty impales her with her spear, revealing that Betty is neither a human nor a monster, which resulted in the Nullifier not affecting her.

Next, Undyne enters the room. She summons her spear and launches it at Betty; however, she was using her illusion on Undyne, who spears Alphys' soul instead, resulting in Undyne accidentally killing her. She then takes control of her spear and attempts to use it to kill Undyne too. However, she, due to her immense Determination, transforms into Undyne the Undying.


Part 1

This episode begins with Betty confronting Undyne the Undying. Thanks to her determination, Undyne easily overwhelms her. Eventually, Betty's patience runs thin. She charges up Rhabdophobia and attempts to use it on Undyne's spears. Undyne creates more spears, with high confidence, and attacks her with a far larger amount than Betty had. She finishes her off with a giant red energy spear that creates a massive explosion, blowing off the Nullifier chamber's roof and disintegrating most of Bete's body.
LOVE p1 Bete.png

Akumu, still alive, consumes the HATE vial, transferring its effects to Betty. Revived and intact, but visibly under the effects of HATE, Betty attacks Undyne again with more power and force. Later in the fight, she begins to cough up the HATE substance. This forces Betty and Akumu to retreat through the broken roof.

Later, Betty and Akumu are seen hiding in a rundown shed. Betty snaps at Akumu for eating the entire vial of HATE. She then apologizes and explains how she fears being fully possessed by HATE, knowing it has its own plans.

Kumu comforts her as the pink creatures she created to gather Human Souls from the school arrive. She explains to Kumu that she has done what she needed to do: make Frisk look for them. Akumu then consumes many souls collected by the pink creatures, making Betty confident in her victory and saying no one will be able to stop them.

Part 2

In the next part, Frisk is thinking about his upcoming fight with Bete, with Amber also making a cameo here.

Betty soon encounters Frisk at the Canyon, and the two begin to fight. During the fight, she manages to use Frisk's bad memories from his genocide route to deplete his Determination until it's almost gone. Later in the fight, Frisk is about to be killed, but Asriel saves him. Using her tricks, Akumu manages to kill Asriel and take his soul.

This causes Frisk's LOVE (LV) to increase to 19 and fight Betty with more determination. She is nearly, completely overwhelmed by his incredible power, which is slightly enhanced by HATE. So she "called for help". Betty pulls out Sans' soul from Akumu and fills it with HATE. HATE's regeneration ability brought back Sans' body and he could only obey Betty's commands.

Love p2 Bete.png

Later in the fight, Papyrus arrives to save Sans, which angers Betty since she has to fight Frisk alone again. Then she begins to notice Toriel, Asgore, and Gaster approaching. In an attempt to not let them interfere, she creates a giant HATE shield (like Chara did in Continue), which keeps Akumu, Frisk, Papyrus, and Sans inside, and everyone else out. Papyrus manages to take the HATE out of Sans, using love. Then, the HATE shield shatters thanks to a beam that emanates from Sans; thus, Betty is forced to retreat with Kumu.

My Promise

The beginning of the episode starts with Betty punching a wall in anger. She vents how humans and monsters should fear her, but instead, she is forced to retreat. She then forces Akumu to show her the souls that were collected from the soul harvest. Betty finds out that most of the souls are infected by HATE. She destroys the souls one by one, saying that she will not use HATE to accomplish her goals.

Betty stops when she starts to crack a rainbow-colored soul, remembering who it belongs to. She then moves to Cam's soul, from Do or Die, which was not infected with HATE, so she drains its power and then destroyed it. She tells Kumu to destroy the rest of the souls, except for the rainbow one, which belongs to Asriel, and infects it with HATE.

Betty then tells Kumu that she "never got used to being seperate anyways". She summons a pink spear and stabs Akumu with it, bringing it towards her chest and stabbing herself. She transforms into her actual form, giving her dark magenta eyes and a crooked mouth.

After finishing the process of bringing out her new look, Betty tells Asriel that they will go hunt down the people that hurt him so much.

Later, when Frisk, Asgore, and Toriel go to the arena, Betty decides to "go say hi". Frisk, noticing Betty about to attack them, uses a shield to defend himself and the Dreemurrs, only to be sent backwards from the impact. Asgore tries to impale her with his trident, but she effortlessly dodges it. She said that she was just going to fight Frisk, but Asgore and Toriel would get to fight somebody, their son, Asriel Dreemurr.

Betty swoops in behind Frisk, who tries to attack her. However, she blocks the attack. She claims that she's no longer scared of him because she knows all his tricks.
The Fearless Terror Bete.gif

After Asriel stabs Asgore and Frisk tackles him, Frisk tells Asgore and Toriel that they have to retreat. However, Betty doesn't want them to escape and makes Asriel attack Frisk with a Shocker Breaker attack.

Game Over

Part 1

Betty makes a short appearance near the end of the episode, standing on top of a building near the city arena. She is accompanied by Asriel, who was resting against a wall. She tells Asriel that "It's time", as an army of pink creatures enter the sewers, with another slithering towards Gaster's house.

Part 2

Betty first appears when the humans seal a barrier up to protect civilians at the arena. She first attacks the shield and shatters it, then smirks as she summons an explosive projectile and kills a man. She continues her rampage as she kills a woman with a magical machine gun, then a Justice-traited woman. Betty then notices Seth on the ground in fear and tells him how "it only hurts a little". As she's about to kill him, Mettaton shines his spotlight on her. She is shown to be disintegrating and struggling to break free. After some time, she destroys the spotlight with magenta tentacles from her hands and launches at Mettaton. Once she has him, Betty sends him through the roof of the arena and into the ground. She jumps down, ready to attack. As she's about to kill Mettaton, Isabelle throws him his 'NEO' briefcase, which he catches, and escapes Betty's attack. She attempts to attack Mettaton, but he grabs her arm and blasts his cannon at her face. Giant parts of her skin peel off, revealing she looks more like Akumu, having multiple sharp teeth and pink skin. She then comments; "Alright. That hurt a little".

Betty continues to dodge Mettaton's attacks, agreeing to "play" with him. He tries to sneak-attack her with his cannon, but she dodges. As she launches up to him, he attempts to kick her, but she grabs his leg. However, Mettaton pushes her away, forcing her to the ground. Betty then notices rubble on the ground and attempts to throw it at Mettaton. As he gets distracted by the rocks, she launches a spear at him, wounding his shoulder. She then launches up to him, ready to attack, asking: "You don't fight very often, do you?"

Betty throws Mettaton to the ground, severely damaging him. As Betty prepares to deal the finishing blow, Muffet ties her up with her webs and Grillby attacks with fire. Betty puts a shield up to block Grillby's fire, but she gets annoyed, saying; "I'm done playing with you". She throws Grillby into the wall and punches Muffet to the ground. As she prepares to kill Muffet, Mettaton returns the favor, shining the spotlight on Betty once more. However, Betty simply walks through it, showing no struggle, and launches an explosive projectile at him. She comments on how he ran out of energy and smiles at his broken body. She is then surprised by Mettaton grabbing her leg.
GameOver Bete.png

He refuses to let go. She then asks, with pity, why he tries so hard in a battle that he can't win. He responds and says that he just needed to buy some time. Chara then enters the area, ready to attack. Betty tries to run but is stopped by Mettaton gripping her ankle tighter. She is launched into the wall and attempts to get up. When she does, Chara orders her to stay down, shooting at Betty. As she is about to take the hit, Asriel jumps down to her defense and creates a star-shaped shield to block it. She then maliciously warns Chara that she isn't the only issue he should be worried about.

Betty begins to explain her motives, how she's only trying to stop history from repeating itself; "Sacrificing a couple hundred to save thousands". She then elaborates on how much magic and power she has, enough to wipe out the entire city. She plans to get rid of all the monsters and then make the humans fear her. She then questions why they're even trying to stop her anymore, saying how their efforts will be in vain. Betty then ends it by telling Chara it's "Game Over".


Betty first appears in this episode fighting Chara. Chara uses his Special Hell attack on Betty while Toriel surrounds Asriel in a wall of flames. Chara confronts Asriel, and Betty tries to intervene, but she is interrupted by Asgore and Toriel. They corner her as she gets impaled by Asgore's Trident.

Later, with Betty in the arena against Asgore and Toriel. She tells Asgore to think of the people who would be alive if he had just died. In response, Asgore claims that Betty's comments can't hurt him as much as he's about to hurt her.

Betty then starts to use the memories of the two against them, summoning a bow (which is supposed to resemble Roy's), which upsets Asgore and leads him to firing the first attack.

Asgore and Toriel attack Betty, but she fights back even harder. Toriel attacks Betty with fire magic, but she blocks it easily, segregates it, and then reflects towards them with more strength. (At that moment, Agate makes another non-physical cameo behind Bete)
Hate Bete.png

The attack causes the place to drown in smoke and dust, as Betty uses her illusions on Toriel. This causes her to see all of the previous six children that she had failed to save. Asgore tries to make Toriel snap out of it, but nothing he does works. As Betty taunts them both, she takes this opportunity to punch Asgore in the gut. Asgore then defends himself and shoots a flame at Betty, which causes her "skin" to disintegrate slightly, though she quickly heals the damage done to her. After this, Asgore does a lot of damage to Betty, which puts her in "trouble", but it just happens to be one of her tricks and strategies, which ends with Toriel shooting a powerful flame attack at Asgore.

The episode then ends with Betty saying she didn't expect such a hard hit and further asks Toriel, quite menacingly, if she hated Asgore "that much".


Betty is first seen casting a hallucination of Asgore on Toriel. She attempts to kill Toriel but is interrupted by Gaster, who cuts her arm off. Betty shields herself from any more of Gaster's attacks. One of them causes holes to appear in the arena's well, allowing her to escape through one of them.

Outside, she questions why Gaster is in the arena in the first place. Sans then suddenly shows up behind her, riding a large Gaster Blaster, and fires an attack. Annoyed, Betty mocks Sans and Papyrus, saying that they are merely a "jester and lackey". She tells them that she isn't scared of them, but gets punched by one of Gaster's Duality hands and is sent flying against a wall. Betty says that they have trapped her in a chain, but a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. She targets Papyrus and tries to hurt him, but he attacks her before she does, as a bone slams her into a building. One of Gaster's hands punches her again, and she flies through more buildings. Then Sans uses a Gaster Blaster to blast her into the ground. Betty lands on a wall and pushes herself to jump at Gaster, but she is then stopped midair by Sans, using telekinesis, and is slammed into a wall.

Betty tries to escape from the trio and shoots explosive projectiles at a building, causing debris to fall on the road and lessening the chances of any of them chasing after her. However, Papyrus rushes towards her, dodges all of the falling debris, and stops her using blue bones, preventing her from escaping. Betty punches Papyrus, sending him flying and making an impact on a nearby building's wall. Gaster and Sans target her with Gaster Blasters, and she puts her shields up to defend herself. Overwhelmed, Betty screams and unleashes two strong arrow attacks to cause Sans and Gaster to seize fire. Betty desperately tries to make the trio stop attacking her by grabbing Papyrus with an enlarged hand and tells them to stop. She squeezes Papyrus, but Sans quickly teleports behind her and attack her with a Gaster Blaster.

Angered, Sans tells Betty that he's had enough. He puts himself on top of a Gaster Blaster, and flies upwards. He says that they should just end everything right now as he snaps his fingers and summons a Gaster Blastermination. Betty is seemingly scared by this, so her hair turns fully pink. However, Gaster suddenly remembers her Rhabdophobia ability and yells at Sans to stop. Unfortunately, Betty uses her ability and takes all of the Gaster Blasters for herself. She fires all of them at Sans, but Gaster uses his Duality hands to protect Sans from the incoming fire. The blast causes Gaster's hands to break, and he passes out temporarily.
Animosity BeteNoire.png

Seeing how Gaster and Papyrus are vulnerable, Betty aims all of the Gaster Blasters at them. Sans teleports in front of them and summons another wave of Gaster Blasters to counter the attack, which end up overpowering Betty's.

Because Sans exerted so much of his magic into the attack, he eventually melts away and dies. Betty tries to attack Gaster and Papyrus by sending an arrow projectile at them, but Gaster blocks the attack. She tries to convince herself that things are in her favor since she is only facing a duo instead of a trio. Gaster tells her to come at him, and Betty takes this as him underestimating her power. In anger, she attacks Gaster from behind, but he blocks it with two green chroma hands and uses five red chroma hands to blast her away. Betty tries to attack him again by extending her fingers into the ground and all of them pop out surrounding Gaster. He counters this immediately and slices all of the tentacles in half with his blue razors, causing Betty to lose her fingers.

Gaster traps Betty in a cyan tendril and throws her against the ground. Gaster then sends yellow projectiles after her, but she dodges and blocks all of them.

Gaster eventually takes the initiative to finish her and uses Polychromatism against her. He uses his Duality hands to rip Betty's legs off, stabs her with multiple purple spikes, crushes her into the ground with his larger hand, and blasts her with a giant red Gaster Blaster. Surprisingly, Betty still seems to be alive after all of the attacks; thus, Gaster sends multiple blasts after her, disintegrating her into a hollow husk.

Dying Bete.png

After her death, she says that her enemies made a big mistake by killing her because, as a result, they let out the HATE that won't stop until it destroys everything. As HATE takes control over Betty's body and her trait powers, it transforms into a frantically powerful HATE monster.


Bete is first seen within a memory of Toriel's, within which, is recalled of admiring the former queen's hatred of Asgore.

She is later seen once again following Asriel's stabbing, in which he recalls previously failing to save Chara.


  • Bête Noire ("black beast") is a French idiom referring to something that is strongly disliked or avoided.
  • The way the Bête Noire spell works is: It turns the spell user's Inverted Soul into pink and converts the human corpse, that was chosen for the spell, into purely magic, while also giving it the pink color. After that, the user's soul merges with the magical corpse, in order for the soul to morph into the shape of the body chosen. In addition, this makes the body of the Bete Noire become the soul itself.
    • Bete Noires also retain the consciousness of the person who uses their soul, meaning that Betty had the consciousness of Agate Lightvale in this case.
  • The true color of the Fear soul is dark orange. Using the soul for the Bête Noire spell is what makes it pink.
  • Rhabdophobia is the "fear of magic".