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Asriel Dreemurr
Asriel infobox.png
Soul/Trait Boss Monster Soul (Formerly)
Human Soul
Species Goat Monster
Gender Male
Status Alive
Theme Hopes and Dreams
Save The World
Our Theme
Hopes and Dreams Will Save The World
Corrupted Hope
Saving The World
Voice Actor Adox0graphist

Asriel Dreemurr was the first monster to meet Chara when he fell into the Underground. After a failed plan to free the monsters, he died and was resurrected as a soulless flower and later given a soul with all 7 traits from Chara near the end of Season 1, which returns him to his original form.



Asriel is a male Boss Monster that has a goat-like appearance. He wears a green and yellow-striped shirt, with brown pants and dark brown shoes. His eyes are naturally green. When in battle, he taps into his "Hyperdeath" powers. His sclerae turn black, his irises turn white, and a black face marking grows on his face.

Appearance Asriel.png

When under HATE's influence, Asriel's irises turn pink and the black face marking grows towards his eye, showing his increase in power due to HATE's enhancements.

Appearance HATE Asriel .png

God of Hyperdeath

Upon the manifestation of Asriel's God of Hyperdeath form, large horns emerge from his head, and an appearance resembling that of Asriel's battle mode, consisting of black face markings, white irises, and black sclerae, becomes of prominence. Additionally, the Dreemurr's body transforms to bear a purple and golden cloak, as well as forming the proportions of an adult-like body.

Appearance GoH.png


Asriel is a kind-hearted pacifist who is determined to do the right thing. Much different from the soulless version of himself, Flowey, Asriel values his feelings and trusts them to guide his actions. Going as far as to bottle up any negative thoughts in fear that they would burden others, even if they are constantly eating away at him.

When corrupted by HATE, his empathy is removed and any negative thoughts he previously kept to himself are now unhinged and, because of his belief to follow his feelings, are his driving force.

Powers and Abilities


  • Pyrokinesis: Asriel can manipulate and create a fire that flashes colors of each of his traits. He can also summon flaming bullets that home in on his target and, therefore, aren't usually aimed.
  • Star Blazing: Asriel can summon stars from wherever he wants. This is typically used in the form of platforms or shields.
  • Chaos Saber: Asriel can summon a pair of white swords and, when combined with their fire magic, can ignite an explosion.
  • Shocker Breaker: Asriel summons a powerful blast of lightning, marked with a square with an exclamation mark, moments before impact.
  • HATE Substance: In My Promise, Bete corrupted Asriel with the HATE substance, making him more aggressive and strong. He also followed Bete's commands, which caused him to attack his own friends and family. However, during Animosity, Chara managed to free him from the HATE by letting it into his own soul.
  • Refusal: Through unleashing the true power of Asriel's new soul, the Dreemurr is capable of refusing death, as shown in Hope, subsequently evolving his body into his God of Hyperdeath form.

God of Hyperdeath

Through either absorbing seven humans souls, or unleashing his soul's true potential through mannerisms such as those demonstrated in Hope, Asriel is capable of evolving into his God of Hyperdeath form, of which entails several unique abilities, as well as an extreme power boost. However, it is additionally important to understand that the latter technique mentioned will compose a form far weaker than its seven-souled variant.

  • Chaos Buster: Asriel summons a blaster that rapidly shoots out small, diamond-shaped bullets. It can also be charged with a rainbow beam that fires a powerful laser.
  • Hyper Goner: This attack appears similar to that of a Gaster Blaster. It sucks everything around it into itself and is seen as Asriel's strongest attack.


Season 1

Your Best Friend

After absorbing all 7 Human Souls, including Frisk's, Asriel is able to confront Chara in his "God of Hyperdeath" form, wielding nearly infinite power.


With the help of the souls he absorbed, he saves Chara from HATE. As a final act, Chara gives Asriel the remaining shell of his soul as a vessel for the traits he had accumulated, allowing Asriel to remain himself instead of reverting back to Flowey. With this new soul, he is able to break the barrier without having to use Frisk's.

Season 2

My Sunshine

Because of the glitch that allowed Sans to remember all timelines, Asriel feels the need to resolve past tensions between them. They both agree, despite having no justifications for his actions as Flowey, to move forward and begin to hang out for the rest of the day as friends.


After spending more time with Sans and growing closer as good friends, an incident causes Asriel to suggest the idea to check the AMD's cameras for a wider perspective of said incident. After discovering Betty was the cause, Betty enters and tries to take Asriel's soul, with Sans sacrificing himself instead. In anger, Asriel taps into his Hyperdeath powers before ultimately deciding to escape and warn everyone else in order to respect Sans' sacrifice.

Do or Die

Asriel makes it back to the Dreemurr household, where they inform Frisk about Betty and the loss of Sans. Frisk and Asriel then both go to Gaster's Lab to inform Gaster and Alphys, where everyone eventually gathers to enact a plan. As a part of said plan, Asriel goes with Asgore and Frisk to defend the inhabitants of the school.


Part 1

While fighting alongside Asgore to defend the school, they run into Toriel who immediately gets angry at Asgore for bringing Asriel. Asriel watches in silence as the two of them fight, keeping his feelings to himself, before snapping at them.

Frisk, beginning to distance themselves, shows hostility towards Asriel's pleas for Frisk's safety, and then reminds him of his actions as Flowey.

Part 2

Asgore notices Asriel is feeling down and has a talk with him. They reveal to the audience that Asriel has refused to answer any questions regarding his time as Flowey and, as a result, has been bottling many feelings to himself. Asriel's refusal to talk about said problems prevent any of them from being resolved.

Asgore also goes on to bring up one of his greatest mistakes from his past and how he faces the consequences of his actions, believing that Asriel can too. This brings Asriel to confront the darkest part of himself that he constantly shuts out, Flowey.

Flowey criticizes Asriel for letting his emotions get in the way of true power, while Asriel takes a stand and insists that kindness is the way to go and that things will get better if he stays true to those feelings. He ultimately decides that he won't shut the Flowey part of his mind away anymore, but rather work with it for a better future.
LovePt2 Asriel.png

Asriel seeks out where Frisk is fighting Betty and runs in just in time, as Frisk is giving up. Although his soul is taken by Betty, it's just the motivation Frisk needs to get back up. Even if a small loss, Asriel saves the timeline from a "Game Over" and, furthermore, erasure.

My Promise

When Asgore, Toriel, and Frisk come looking for Betty, they find that Betty revived and corrupted Asriel with HATE. Because of HATE's removal of empathy, Asriel no longer holds back the painful feelings he had kept inside for so long. Because of this, no amount of happy memories are enough to free Asriel. He then criticizes Toriel for abandoning Asgore and the entire monster-kind kingdom in the past. He then hits her with a shocker breaker attack. Later on, he critizes Asgore about the fact he killed the six children that fell into the Underground. He tells his father that he'll show him how cold blooded he is, by stabbing him into the chest with a sword.
MyPromise Asriel.png

Asriel then gets ready to cause more damage to his father, but Frisk comes in to save Asgore, by knocking Asriel away. Frisk, Asgore and Toriel then get ready to leave, but before they can escape, Asriel hits Frisk with a shocker breaker.

Game Over

Part 1

Asriel is seen with Betty, overlooking the arena, at the end of the part.

Part 2

Asriel remains on the sidelines while Betty attacks the arena, only jumping in when Chara arrives.


At the arena, Asriel once again confronts his parents in battle while Chara fights Betty. The Dreemurrs enact their plan to switch opponents. Chara goes off to try to save Asriel, while Toriel and Asgore keep Betty from interfering.


Asriel and Chara fight in the streets until Chara pulls out a locket. This confuses Asriel because Chara was supposed to have destroyed it during their fight in the Underground (Asriel doesn't know that there was a failed timeline where Chara didn't have a locket to show). While trying to figure out what's going on, good memories begin flooding back to him and the HATE begins to cover Asriel and increase its influence as an attempt to keep him from breaking free. Chara and Asriel continue fighting, but this time, Asriel is internally fighting the HATE to try to protect Chara. While Asriel prevents Chara's death multiple times, he refuses to let go of the HATE, knowing very well that it will just go somewhere else, begging Chara to kill him while he holds it off.

Animosity Asriel.png

Instead, Chara takes the burden of holding the HATE themselves and with Asriel's encouragement, Chara is able to tame the HATE into what is known as Animosity. Asriel then goes with Chara to confront HATE after Gaster kills Bete.


Asriel first appears with Chara in the city, standing against the opposing HATE. Quickly evaluating their circumstances, Asriel and Chara start to argue the best course of action, HATE notices a distracted Chara, utilizing its advantage to unsuspectingly attack. As Papyrus uses his telekinesis to pull the Determination human away from the attack, Asriel steps in, quickly blasting the creature across the street with a fireball. Subsequently, Asriel agrees to evacuate the skeletons, stating that he'll return to Chara immediately after. Following his brother's agreement, the monster Dreemurr summons a star to transport Papyrus and Gaster out of the area.
Asriel Hope 1 .png

Later at the canyon, following the awakening of HATE's Determination form, as Chara is slammed across it, Asriel arrives and catches him just in time. The two Dreemurrs, quickly acting in synchronization, summon their blades and charge towards a prepared HATE, who easily deflects their blows, subsequently launching Chara into the air, and blasting him back into the ground.

As the creature charges down, intending to finish off Chara with its greatsword, Asriel charges a burst of magic. He soars across the canyon, grabbing a barely conscious Chara out of harm’s way. Upon reaching the ground, HATE forces Asriel into the air by erupting the canyon floor, rendering the brothers defenseless. As the creature once again charges towards them, Asriel lets go of his brother, and attempts to attack HATE with his saber. However, his weapon is destroyed, and he is brutally stabbed, to Chara's horror. As the two brothers both begin to die, Asriel from his wound and Chara from his Animosity, the former recalls the last time he had attempted to save his brother, and had failed in the same manner. Following this, Asriel's soul shatters.

As Asriel's body begins to dust, he is suddenly able to unleash the true power of his soul, transforming into a weaker variant of his God of Hyperdeath form, and blasting HATE across the canyon. As the two brothers once again strike back together, they are able to outmaneuver and overpower HATE through cooperation and strategic attacks. Ultimately, Asriel manifests the culmination of his complete magic supply into his ultimate attack, Hyper Goner, which is nearly able to pull HATE into it. Chara quickly follows up, applying the last of his enhanced magic to send a barrage of Determination slices crashing into the creature and, consequently, the Hyper Goner, causing the construct to erupt.
Asriel Hope2.png
Following this explosion, the Dreemurr brothers awake, and Asriel is quickly attacked by a disintegrating HATE, attempting to take him down with it. However, before HATE is able to attack, Chara jumps in the way, causing the creature to halt its offensive, casting a somber glance before completely fading away. Chara and Asriel, slowly processing their victory, collapse to the ground in relief, intending to rest before returning to the city. Chara conclusively thanks Asriel for being his brother, causing the two Dreemurrs to both begin sobbing.
Asriel Hope 2 .png

Much later, during the aftermath, Chara is seen concluding a call with Ronan. Following Toriel's questioning, Chara responds that the man had intended to recruit the Determination soul for the district's new Wizard Council. Toriel responds, understandingly, adding that Chara had grown immensely, subsequently questioning if the child would consider the man's request. Upon hearing this, Chara initially casts an uncertain glance, before being reassured by Asriel that the two would make the world a better place.

Later in the night, Chara and Asriel are seen alone, talking to each other. Chara explains his subtle worries of the future, stating that he hadn't previously enjoyed his life on the surface, and questions if he deserves an optimistic fate after all that he had done. Asriel responds cheerfully, stating that Chara does deserve a happy life, adding that he should try to believe that, himself. Asriel reassures Chara about the future, stating that the two can make their lives whatever they want them to be. Chara responds, stating that, while he still lacks certainty about what he wants his life to be, he finally has hope towards the future.

Chara and Asriel are both seen happily sitting near the district's Wizard Council during the ceremony.


  • Asriel's soul, being a perfect balance of all 7 traits, is almost a full-on Determination Soul, but it doesn't fuse into full red since Asriel is a monster. However, the capabilities and limits of Asriel's unique soul are entirely unknown.
  • Although Asriel's current soul is much stronger than that of any other monster, he lacks experience with his new form and powers.