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Asgore Dreemurr
Asgore infobox.png
Soul/Trait Boss Monster Soul
Species Goat Monster
Gender Male
Status Alive
Theme Asgore, The Fallen King
Dreemurrs United
Voice Actor Rev897

Asgore Dreemurr was a member of the Wizard Council before the events of the Human-Monster War in which the monsters were sealed beneath Mount Ebott. After that, he became the monsters' king and ruled the Underground until the barrier was finally destroyed in Continue. After returning to the surface, he began to take care of the political meetings regarding monster rights.


Asgore is a Boss Monster with an intimidating stature. He has broad shoulders, a golden blond mane, two large curved horns, and a beard. He wears a suit of armor, a purple cape with golden pauldrons, and a crown on top of his head. The weapon he uses in battle is a long, red trident adorned with a flower.

Appearance Asgore Dreemurr.png


Asgore seems to have a very gentle personality, as seen many times. He shows regret for what he has done to the humans that fell into the Underground, yet he is a good leader and will do what he has to do for his people even if he doesn't want to.

Powers and Abilities

  • Pyrokinesis: Asgore has the ability to summon fire at will and use it to attack his enemies. While it sounds simple, he can use his pyrokinesis in innovative ways.
  • Trident: He can use his trident to attack and use blue or orange attacks. He can also envelop his trident in fire and use it to increase the power of his attacks, as seen in My Promise and Hate.


Season 1


Asgore appears as a shadow at the beginning of the episode. Later, he appears with all of Frisk's friends and is seen standing near Toriel and his son, Asriel.

Season 2

My Sunshine

Asgore is shown to be taking care of the political meetings after Frisk had second thoughts about being the ambassador. Unsurprisingly, Asgore seems to be under heavy observation by the Anti-Monsters Department (AMD).

Near the end of the episode, Asgore is at the HSO HQ, where people will sign that monsters can live with humans and have the same rights. Asgore was then questioned on how the barrier was broken. With sadness, Asgore reveals that he killed 6 children and used their souls to do so. One of those children was Jessica's daughter, Alina, which caused Jessica to be filled with rage and sadness and to not sign the Peace Treaty.

MySunshine Asgore.png


After being arrested, Asgore is shown to be behind bars for the murder of six humans. Asgore wasn't completely honest and told the AMD that he broke the barrier, when it was actually Asriel, in order to protect his son.

Do or Die

Asgore is still behind bars, but he is visited by Jessica Grey. Jessica tells Asgore that Sans died because of Bete Noire and that she wants forgiveness.

Later in the episode, Asgore is seen near the buttercups, liking the golden flowers so much that he didn't notice the racket of Gaster attacking Jessica with a gaster blaster. Papyrus protects her, however. Later, Asgore asks if he can come with Frisk and [[Asriel to the school. After being teleported by Gaster to the school, he quickly asks Asriel if he wants to play catch after doing what they have to do, with Asriel quickly accepting the offer. After that, they go inside the school to help eliminate the pink creatures.
DoD Asgore.png


Part 1

Asgore is at the school with Asriel destroying the pink creatures before he encounters Toriel, who is upset that he brought their son to a dangerous area. Asriel ends their argument after having enough of it.

Part 2

Asgore is seen watering a drooping flower in a pot with a green ribbon on it. As the next day arrives, Frisk attempts to go outside. While Toriel is arguing with Frisk on the idea, Asgore appears and asks if everything's alright. After more tension between Toriel and Asgore, Frisk slices Toriel's hand with Asgore worried for her and upset at Frisk's actions.

After Frisk's dilemma, Asgore and Asriel sit outside. Asgore offers to play a game of catch with his son, but Asriel refuses. Asgore then reveals that he just wanted to talk to him, though he won't force Asriel to talk back. He explains that he feels Asriel's past actions are haunting him and tells him that even good people can do bad things. Asgore begins to reminisce on his own past, showing a man with purple hair comforting a man with yellow hair, and then walking away.

He comments on how if he were to talk to him that night, things would be different in the present. He tells Asriel that the best thing that he can do for his friends is to be there for them and that it doesn't matter what mistakes he makes. What matters is how many he gets up from. He also mentions that he's facing the consequences of his own actions every day and tells Asriel he can do the same. Asriel, a bit teary-eyed, embraces his father and thanks him.

He then asks what his friend's name was. Asgore, bemused, asks why he wants to know. Asriel replies it's out of curiosity. Asgore then gives a small smile and looks up, answering that his name was Roy, and says that it would be a story for another time.

LovePt2 Asgore1.png

Asgore is seen again for a brief moment in Asriel's mind, re-iterating that he's still facing the consequences of his actions.

During Frisk and Bete Noire's fight, after Sans is revived under HATE's control, and after Papyrus leaves to find Frisk, Gaster calls on Asgore and Toriel's assistance. Gaster says that "he knows where Frisk and that thing is," and Toriel comes in and tells Asgore that she can't find Asriel and that he may have gone after Frisk. Asgore, wearing a determined glare, tells the group: "Let's go." They depart with Toriel telling Jessica to stay and watch after Undyne. The final time Asgore is seen is when Gaster and Toriel find where Frisk is fighting Bete.
LovePt2 Asgore2.png

My Promise

Asgore first appears throwing his trident at a pink blob who impaled Jessica Grey and worriedly telling Toriel to tend to her wounds. Gaster mentions he needs to leave to help Sans. Asgore tells him to do so and that afterward, they will all have to talk.

In the next scene Asgore appears in, he's sitting with Toriel while she's helping Jessica. A phone rings beside him after a few words are exchanged and it turns out to be Ronan Cass. The two talk for a bit, and Asgore mentions the city needs a countermeasure from the inside and asks Ronan if he could think of anywhere safe to bring the city's residents. After Ronan says there'll be a safe perimeter set around the school and arena, Asgore tries to agree, but Toriel steps in with her distaste for the idea. Asgore apologizes to Ronan, hangs up the phone, and stands his ground, using the fact that Toriel isn't a leader to the monsters anymore. He tells her she has no authority over the matter and Toriel snaps back at him After being berated by her, he looks despondent and tells her to take care of Jessica, then leaves.

MyPromise Asgore1.png

Later on, during the talk Asgore said was going to happen, Frisk tells everyone about how Bete Noire isn't actually a child. Asgore takes note of this and mentions that "it's the result of a twisted mind's spell". Gaster arrives and Asgore tries to ask how Sans is, but Gaster shuts him down, changes the subject, and begins his explanation on what should be done. Gaster tells Asgore and Toriel it's their job to break Asriel free from Bete's control. Asgore starts speaking up, mentioning how he spoke to Ronan, who is in charge of defenses.

It's concluded that highly-populated areas like the school or the arena is where Bete will most likely be targeting next. The party is split into groups before they get interrupted by a distant explosion and depart.

As Asgore's group heads into the city, they're confronted by Bete and Asriel. During this fight, Asgore tries his hardest to get through to his son and not fight him. Asriel shuts down his attempts every time in a series of flashbacks that make him hate his parents more and more. Asriel, then having enough, breaks through Asgore's armor and stabs him through the shoulder.

Asgore is briefly seen later, with Toriel healing his wounds, where he apologizes to her. He looks empty and sad, while Toriel responds that it should be her apologizing instead and that she can't lose their son again.
MyPromise Asgore2.png

Game Over

Part 1

When Toriel comes through the door to greet Chara, Asgore comes too. They talk about a strange lack of memory by Chara and Gaster, but Asgore says that the most important thing was that they were both okay. Asgore then insists on going with Chara to the arena to keep him safe.

Part 2

After Mettaton and Bete's fight, Asgore tells Muffet, with a broken Mettaton in hand, to find somewhere safe and that they had done enough already. He's briefly seen at the end of the episode, firing his trident.


Asgore and Toriel don't want to fight Asriel, so Chara switches opponents with them. Chara goes after Asriel and leaves Asgore and Toriel to deal with Bete Noire. Toriel is nervous and wonders if they can successfully kill it. Asgore wears a determined look on his face and tells her that they won't know if they don't try and launches his trident at Bete.

A few scenes later, back at the fight against Bete, Asgore is getting a cut healed on his back. Bete, trying to get into his head, uses his past and what he's done as a weapon against him. However, he tells her that he has come to terms with it and that nothing would hurt him as much as he was about to hurt her. She uses a different method then, talking to Toriel instead and saying that she'll end up dead, like most of who they care about. This sets him off with a flashback of Roy, and then he creates a row of tridents from his own. The fight escalates more after Asgore gets frightened by a flashback of the same woman he remembered when speaking about a "twisted mind's spell".
Hate Asgore1.png
After Toriel gets taken control of by an illusion, Asgore calls out for her before being punched aside by Bete. Before Bete can land another hit on Asgore, he blasts her back with his trident, but she manages to regenerate the damage dealt. He then gets ready to attack more. He hits Bete with waves of blue and orange attacks with his trident, sending her back once again. The scene then cuts back to Toriel. In her vision, she sees Asgore, from back in the Underground, where he murders the six fallen humans. Toriel, calls out for him to stop in the illusion to no avail.
Hate Asgore2.png

She then breaks free from the chains holding her back from saving the children and shoots him with a powerful fire blast. However, in reality, this was her protecting Bete from Asgore. After she does, a flashback is seen of the two of them from their younger days before panning back to him. Asgore's chest is completely burned and scarred, and he's lying on the ground, barely breathing.


In Toriel's induced illusion, where she desperately attempt to run away from what she'd done, "Asgore" appears as she turns a corner, asking her why she attacked him, only causing her to run more.

Back in reality, Toriel nearly gets beheaded by Bete, but is saved by Gaster's timely arrival. Soon after attacking Bete and having her run away, he spots Asgore unconscious on the floor and struggling for his life. This naturally makes him feel sad, so he asks Toriel to take care of him and act as if she cares for monsters for once.
Animosity Asgore.png


As Toriel attempts to heal Asgore from his acquired wounds, she begins to break down, explaining how she had been unable to recognize the broken nature of her own mind, and had resolved, following her abandonment of the kingdom, to remain by Chara's side, regardless of the consequences, including allowing the six human children past the Ruins. Toriel continues by stating that while her hatred seemed to be directed towards him, it was actually towards herself. Asgore then fully awakens. Toriel notices and expresses that she understands Asgore's potential hatred of her, stating that her actions had resulted exclusively from hopelessness and internal desperation.
Asgore Hope 1.png

She then adds that she had only recently recognized that he had acted exclusively upon the betterment of his kingdom. However, to Toriel's surprise, Asgore merely responds that nothing could've broken the bond that they had formed over their lives together, and apologizes for his own past actions. He states that losing everything he had loved most had provoked an immensely dark mentality. As Toriel attempts to dissuade Asgore's apologies, the male Dreemurr interrupts her, stating that he had never stopped loving her. He elaborates, explaining that he is aware the scars of their pasts will require a great duration to heal, but states that he desires to act as a friend to Toriel, helping her through her own struggles.

Toriel responds, surprised that Asgore doesn't hate her, to which he responds that he never did, concluding by stating that he's glad the two finally made up. The two are then called by an arriving Kindness wizard, who offers medical assistance. Not long after, however, HATE awakens, causing the sky to glow pink and a shockwave to resonate throughout the area. Regardless, the two Dreemurrs look towards the city, unafraid. While Asgore states that he's glad that they can face their fates together, Toriel dissuades his concerns, stating that she believes in Chara and Asriel to save them.
Asgore Hope 2.png

During the aftermath, Asgore is seen at Toriel's home, thanking her for being invited, to which she responds that he is always welcome.


  • Asgore loves golden flowers.
  • All six children that fell in the Underground were killed by Asgore.
  • Asgore was good friends with Roy Goldburn before the monsters were sealed Underground.
  • In My Sunshine, Asgore says that he killed Alina twenty years ago.
  • Asgore remembers Gaster even when he was transported into the Void, which deleted the memories of him from most. This is supposedly due to their close friendship, with Gaster even having stood next to Asgore when his wife left him.