Amber Lightvale

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Amber Lightvale
Amber infobox.png
Soul/Trait Human Soul
Kindness and Integrity
Species Human
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Theme None
Voice Actor ProjectSNT

Amber Lightvale is a side character in Glitchtale, introduced in the prequel short, Glitchtale Origins: The Black Beast. In the animation, Amber's body is used by her older sister, Agate Lightvale, to create a vessel for the Bete Noire spell. Thus, Bete retains Amber's appearance, barring the pink resulting from the usage of the Bete Noire spell.


Amber's usual outfit consists of a collared green sweater, with the top half a more yellow-green hue, and the bottom half a darker green. Her skirt is a bright aqua color and she wears light blue boots to compliment. She has green eyes and light blue hair, matching her traits.


Besides having the traits of Kindness and Integrity, Amber has been shown to have immense love and care for her siblings and dislikes it when they argue. For most of Amber's childhood, she was seemingly a very joyful and bright child, spending lots of time with her family and wanted nothing more than to live happily with them.


Glitchtale Origins: The Black Beast

At the beginning of this episode, the Lightvale siblings' mother dies soon after Amber's birth. Amber is then shown as a child spending time with her siblings over the course of several years throughout multiple scenes.

However, one day, while Amber is reading a book, she hears a commotion from outside her room. Investigating, she finds her siblings arguing about the fate of the barrier. Copper wants to destroy the barrier and let the monsters go free, while Agate wishes to keep the barrier standing to maintain peace. Amber watches her two siblings duel. In the end, Copper wins. This causes Agate to be humiliated, causing her to lose her trait, and run away, which immensely saddens Amber.

After some time, Agate finally returns and her family welcomes her back with open arms.
GT Origins Amber.png

Agate, with her trait now inverted, challenges Copper to a second duel. Her brother initially refuses, but when Agate turns to threaten Amber, Copper knew he had to protect her by fighting back. Amber attempts to flee the battle, but Agate uses blast magic to trap Amber inside and uses her spear to murder her, causing Copper to lose his Determination.

When the battle ends, Agate performs the Bete Noire spell, using Amber's body as a vessel.


  • Due to Amber dying at a young age, her abilities were never shown and are, therefore, unknown.
  • In a split-second frame during Love Part 2, while Frisk recalls the many times he died in his fights within the Underground, Bete Noire and Akumu appear with menacing smiles, and between flashes, Amber herself appears, instead with a concerned expression contrasting Bete's.


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