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*Determination is the 3rd episode in Season 1 of Glitchtale, and was released on April 3, 2016.


Due to the glitched state of the timeline, the previous reset by Sans causes Chara to return and try to steal Frisk's Determination, forcing Sans and Flowey to team up to stop him.


The episode begins in Hotland at Sans' Hot Dog Stand, in a new timeline, following Sans' reset from Yet Darker. Frisk tries to balance several hotdogs on his head before collapsing and falling, causing the hot dog tower on his head to collapse.

After confirming Frisk is alright, Sans warns him that they shouldn't reset anymore, as it could have unwanted side effects. He tells Frisk to keep an eye out for anything "odd" before teleporting away. Meanwhile, a black column appears in the True Lab before disintegrating, revealing Chara. He then proceeds to kill an amalgamate. Frisk notices that the doors of the Lab, and later, the True Lab, have been disfigured.

Frisk enters them both before accidentally stepping on the dust of an amalgamate and stopping for a second. Continuing, he enters the room where the Determination Extractor is located and finds Chara. Chara explains that one only needs Determination to exist in this world and that the amalgamates, who he calls "weird melted monsters", gave him enough to exist. When Frisk tries to reset, the button sputters out and doesn't work. Chara explains to Frisk that the Determination he gained was enough to match him.

Flowey then appears in the lab, wondering why Frisk is taking so long. He peeks around the corner to witness Chara grabbing Frisk and throwing him into the Determination Extractor as Chara states that Frisk's Determination will make Chara's situation a lot easier to handle. Flowey remembers what Chara did to him in the Genocide Route and decides to help Frisk by rushing to Sans. Flowey tells Sans that Chara has returned and captured Frisk. At first, Sans is rather skeptical at why Flowey is telling him this, but agrees to help after Flowey tells him that no one will survive if Chara obtains control over the timeline.

Sans and Flowey arrive at the True Lab, where Chara is extracting Frisk's Determination. Chara places an oval-shaped enclosure of HATE over the extractor and examines the situation: calling Sans a comedian, Flowey a traitor, and acknowledging himself as a "megalomaniac". He then fires a blast of Determination at the duo to start the battle.

Sans, Flowey, and Chara exchange ranged attacks. Sans manages to graze Chara with a bone attacking him from behind. However, Chara is unrattled and casually brushes the injury off. Chara then strikes his knife into the ground, which causes the floor to glow red as Chara says: "Welcome to my special hell".

Sans teleports himself and Flowey away, higher up in the air on a blaster, and counters the attack with lasers from his blasters pointing downward, before teleporting the duo back down again.

While Sans is on his hands and knees from the intensity of blocking the last attack, Chara blames Flowey for the situation they're in. He tells Flowey that if he hadn't betrayed him in their plot to get the six human souls, then none of this would have happened. He goes on to say that he won't show Flowey (and, by extension, Sans). He quotes Flowey's line: "It's kill or be killed." At that moment, the Determination Extractor finishes extracting Frisk's Determination, resulting in the HATE enclosure disintegrating and a ball of Determination appearing.

Sans attempts to stop Chara from getting the ball, first using a bone to attack and then teleporting to the ball. However, Chara deflects the bone and puts up a temporary shield around the ball to stop Sans and force him to teleport away.

As Chara is about to seize it, Flowey uses a vine to grab his arm in order to allow Sans to teleport to the ball and get it first. However, Chara uses his knife to cut part of his restrained arm off and grab the Determination ball before Sans. Sans and Flowey, seeing they've lost, get Frisk from the extractor and teleport away.

Chara's arm regenerates and is now completely black (due to using HATE). His save file then appears, bearing his name. In the center of the save file, "*Determination" is written in red. With that, the episode ends and the credits roll.

After the credits, at Sans' workshop in the basement of Sans' and Papyrus' house, Flowey asks Sans' if Frisk will be alright. Sans assures him he will be and then gets ready to fix a machine in order to bring back and recruit Gaster to confront Chara again.